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Jun 3, 2013 michelle updated the link to his or her website.
Jun 3, 2013 michelle commented on School District May Transfer Teacher Whose Race and Social Justice Curriculum Drew Controversy.
Without Mr Greenberg, and all of his efforts this year, I do not think my child would have graduated with her class. He kept her interested in school and kept me informed at every turn. I wish more teachers were like him.
Mar 8, 2013 michelle commented on Controversy Grows Over School District Stopping Race and Gender Curriculum.
@commenter #12- This particular teacher has been excellent at communicating with parents. In fact, I have an email from him every week regarding what they are doing and what needs o be turned in. Before all of this, I have mentioned quite a few times how I wish all teachers kept in touch with parents as well as he does. He is actually very on top of it from my perspective, and I currently have a child in his class.
Mar 8, 2013 michelle commented on Controversy Grows Over School District Stopping Race and Gender Curriculum.
I have a bright teenager that is pretty bored with her last months of high school, down to 2 classes a day, and the only thing that I've seen her get really excited and fired up about in school is this class. She has been pretty upset that they put the brakes on, without warning as well as several of her friends. I think it is good there is a public school class that makes kids think and participate. And these kids are all either 18 or almost 18, we are not talking about a bunch of 11 year olds. The ideas and speaking topics she has come home with have been exciting and wonderful to see as a parent. I think this teacher is really opening their eyes to the world they are about to graduate into.
Jan 29, 2013 michelle commented on Photographing People Who Look Alike Oddly Makes Them Look Less Alike.
Helps makes daytime TV (doppelganger/evil twin) story-lines more plausible? Maybe?
Jan 29, 2013 michelle commented on "There are two forms of feminism, and it actually has to do with a division of how attractive a woman is.".
"Selfish, narcissistic, family-destroying whore" The real question is, can I get that on a business card and what font should I use?
Aug 8, 2012 michelle commented on In Praise of Candy That Tastes Like Medicine and Cleaning Supplies.
Oh, how I love spice drops! The only thing missing from your list is the Brach's Cinnamon bears. So good!
Nov 5, 2010 michelle commented on People....
I just hope I don't have to meet any new babies named Emma. There was quite the Emma streak for a while there.
Sep 29, 2010 michelle commented on New Posies Song: "Licenses To Hide".
The record came out yesterday and it is great!
Apr 20, 2010 michelle commented on Alex Chilton Didn't Have Health Care.
This is just so unbelievably heartbreaking for so many reasons.

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