Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Jul 17 spock commented on Drunk of the Week.
@3 - according to this web site you are A-OK. It looks like the cleanest spot is the westernmost site ("Duck Island Launch") because it had no FC bacteria measured? If I am interpreting the table correctly.
Jun 28 spock commented on Guest Editorial: Hasn't Brian Williams Suffered Enough?.
Sponsored by the American Council for Watching Suits on TV.
Jun 18 spock commented on To Ride or Not to Ride: The Fremont Solstice Cyclists.
What, you have to buy a ticket for the solstice fair now? How long has that been going on?

LOL, the Times says they bumped the ticket price $5 this year so they could book PUSA. This calls for a haiku:

No ticket for me
No guy jumping up and down
Sunshine is still free…
Jun 15 spock commented on My Struggle... with Erectile Dysfunction.

Good point @11 - Refractin is not a thing. But are they all satire, or is this one a fake sponsored story which satirizes the real sponsored stories? Why do I care? Shit.

In a real drug ad the health warning would be way longer.
Jun 14 spock commented on My Struggle... with Erectile Dysfunction.
This one is extra sneaky, because if you view the story as its own page (as someone would do after a web search), there is no indication that it is sponsored content. "Sponsored by Refractin" only appears in the headline if you are looking at the Slog flow.

This goes beyond previous practices: the Chunky soup story was clearly identified as sponsored content on the story's own page.

Also, my pearls!!!
Jun 2 spock commented on Drama! Pamela Banks Slams Kshama Sawant for Fundraising in New York Over the Weekend.
@29 - good plan except the Seattle City Council elections are in 2015.
May 8 spock commented on Bertha Running Into that Steel Pipe Was the State's Fault, Dispute Review Board Says.
The amazing thing to me is:

Say they fix Bertha and finish the tunnel and everything is fine.

Then the plan is to close and demolish the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Instead of the viaduct we now have 2 holes in the ground connected by a freeway. One of these holes is at South Lake Union which is already a traffic nightmare before the tunnel portal is even open. And it costs maybe $5 to drive on this 2-hole freeway.

How stupid is this tunnel plan going to look then? Will future politicians suddenly discover the viaduct retrofit plan we should have had all along? Stay tuned and watch the fun. And remember, that is assuming the rest of the tunnel dig goes perfectly...
Mar 30 spock commented on Lynn Shelton's New Project Is Set in Seattle. She Can't Shoot It Here..
Charles Mudede argues for trickle-down economics! (Sponsored story by Comcast.)
Mar 27 spock commented on Police Reports Illustrated: The Man in the Red PT Cruiser.
So you're saying the other cars all look good?
Feb 4 spock commented on Creationists Upset About the Appearance of a "Biological Fact" in a Super Bowl Ad.
It turns out the ocean is 3.5% salty and blood is 0.9% salty.

The percentage of petroleum in the bloodstream varies by individual.

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