Mar 22, 2013 muggims commented on This Morning a Man Told Me to Smile....
I work with the public for a living. I get paid to smile. Hours and hours of smiling at people even when they are hideous, rude, vile beings. When I'm off the clock and finaly alone with my thoughts you need to be truly loved by me or have a 20 dollar bill or a cocktail in your hand if you're asking me to smile for you.
Mar 13, 2013 muggims commented on We Can't Make Gay Marriage Legal Because Then Gay People Will Start Having Sex.…
Baptist minister with theatrical aspirations before he was "called by god". Yay for ignorance!
Aug 25, 2011 muggims commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Some Videos Are Better Left Un-Posted?.
The entire family...Kaytelin1996 on you tube...someone call cps please.
Aug 19, 2011 muggims commented on This Has Been Bothering Me for Three Months Now.
That photo makes her look a little like Grace Jones.
Jul 25, 2011 muggims commented on Who Do You Side With? The Slackliner or the Tree Protectors?.
I suggest the slackliners use the telephone poles on Broadway. It is also public property and the danger of falling into trafic would up the thrill factor tenfold. Perhaps they could ask those pesky Green Peace pushers to hold the ends of their ropes and give them something contructive to do. So many more options than maring innocent trees.
Nov 8, 2010 muggims commented on Christian Mad Libs.
Someones invisible sky friend.
Oct 27, 2010 muggims commented on "They Sinned And Killed Thereselves".
If you get easily offended being called an ignorant piece of shit then don't tell anyone you are an ignorant piece of shit.
Oct 15, 2010 muggims commented on Savage Love.
My magic sky friend can beat up your magic sky friend!