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Apr 14 Tracy commented on The Nine Pieces That Made Jen Graves a Pulitzer Prize Finalist.
How exciting and well deserved. Congratulations!
Apr 11 Tracy commented on Scarlett Johansson, Predator.
Ohhh. I just read Faber's novel last week. It was given by a friend and ignored on my shelf for about a year. i had NO IDEA what I was getting into, but I was sucked into the world.

Film sounds really interesting, too. Also Paul, appreciate your care in providing an interesting and informative review without giving any spoilers. Well done.
Apr 10 Tracy commented on A Cockroach in the Restaurant: WWSD?.
Yeah, after a roach ran across our table (our table!!) at one of my fave ID places, I haven't been back. Like the letter writer, I also didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to ruin the restaurant's reputation. That may be naive of me. But when friends suggest that place, I always volunteer something else instead. I know that they exist and are a battle in food service. But it was super unsettling. It's been 9 months and I can't quite go back yet.
Apr 9 Tracy commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
70. Wow, I feel the need to share this with everyone, but at the same time, to never tell a soul.
Apr 8 Tracy commented on Seattle Youth Commission Reminds Us How Bus Cuts Will Affect Seattle's High-Schoolers.
Ug. Had an appointment in Bellevue last night. So many "No on Prop 1. No to $60 car tabs" signs. Forgot how much I hate the selfish entitled Ayn Rand eastside.
Apr 3 Tracy commented on Entertainment Weekly Circles the Drain.
For film, there's nothing better than Empire Magazine from England. It's snarky but careful reporting. True fans of film. Lots of information and very entertaining. Available at Bulldog Newstand, and even some of the Barnes and Noble magazine section. (Or you can get a subscription, which is cheaper, obv).

It will be useless for keeping up with most US pop culture, but it's a true delight to read.
Mar 26 Tracy commented on Bumbershoot to Move Mainstage Back to Memorial Stadium.
Hooray! Seeing shows outdoors feels so much more Bumbershoot. Entering the dark cave and long hallways of Key Arena was always so removed from the festival. We hated it, but sometimes needs must. It will be interesting to see the new stage layout.
Mar 25 Tracy commented on Seattle's Most Terrifying Coke Machine Gets Some Time in the Vice Spotlight.
Holy crap. How was your article from 2002. Where has the last 12 years gone? I swear, I think about it whenever I see this machine.
Mar 13 Tracy commented on Hey, I Finally Heard From the NAACP!.
Oh, that's a shame. Always bummed when organizations won't engage with The Stranger.
Mar 12 Tracy commented on Movie Star Has a Promising Future as a Book Critic.
What little I know of Shailene Woodley comes from author John Green's updates during the filming of movie adaptation of his book "The Fault in Our Stars." And it's all made me think highly of her. This quote continues that impression.

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