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Aug 15 Tracy commented on In Calvary, a Priest Prepares for His Own Murder.
This was my favorite film from this year's SIFF. Gleeson is a powerhouse, and I also was captivated by Kelly Reilly's performance. I thought the theatricality worked.
Aug 12 Tracy commented on What the Hell Does One Do in Juneau?.
@6 has some great advice. The glacier is my favorite thing, for sure. I spent a week in Juneau, helping my cousin with her new baby, and stopped by the glacier daily.

Silverbow bakery is tasty and has a fun PacNW vibe. The salmon lox bagel sandwich is delicious!!

The Shrine of St. Therese is really lovely, as well. You can wander around the grounds, just be respectful of any group who has rented the cabins. But you can walk out to the little "island" with the church. Often you can see otters nearby or whales further out.
Aug 1 Tracy commented on It Could Happen to You: King County's Plague of Excessively Sticky Election Envelopes.
Yeah, it was super yucky tasting envelope to lick. But I'm surprised people were motivated to contact the elections board over something like that. I just made a note to use a wet washcloth next time I vote.
Jul 25 Tracy commented on Xfinity Wi-fi Hotspots Are a Hot Mess.
On hold with tech support (after being transferred 3 times. noone seems to know what i'm talking about)
Jul 25 Tracy commented on Damn the Weather Is Damn Good.
(By which I meant I found your "aside" about russian sage delightful)
Jul 25 Tracy commented on Damn the Weather Is Damn Good.
Delightful aside learning about Russian Sage. Thanks "(Russian sage, come to find out, is not actually in the same genus as sage, is not from Russia, and looks more like lavender. The internet is divided on whether it's poisonous or not; it doesn't seem to be.)"
Jul 24 Tracy commented on Go Boating with Clyde This Weekend in the Arboretum and Run Into Secret Bands Playing in the Woods.
Okay, per the event page, floating in inner tubes is suggested, as well. Do we need to bring paddles as well? Or will floating in our river tubes and using our arms/hands to "paddle"/steer occasionally be sufficient?
Jul 14 Tracy commented on The Sounders Are Everything the World Cup Was Not, Which Is Awesome.
"and of course standing for the full ninety minutes." Sadly, I experienced a WAY different thing in the upper 300 levels last night. Most everyone was sitting, which was a bummer. Then everyone was sitting, except for a couple 6 seats away from us. The folks behind them were super rude about these two. The man asked the couple to sit. The woman explained she was a diehard fan and she was giving her Full-90 (as the Sounders ad campaign encourages us to do). The man seated behind them instantly started swearing at her. The couple remained standing, and one other guy next to them stood in solidarity. Apparently the man behind continued to verbally abuse, and then started throwing quarters at them. Somehow, security was alerted, and a stadium employee climbed up. She removed the abusive man and his son (it's unclear whether he was ejected or just moved to a different section of the stadium). stadium employee spoke with the other folks seated behind the standing couple to see if they wanted to be relocated, but they said they were fine.

But then, 20 minutes into the second half, stadium employee returns and demands that the standing couple SIT DOWN OR BE EJECTED FROM THE STADIUM. What?!? The whole rest of the stadium stands, but because the majority of folks in the cheap 6-pack 300level seats are seated, you get thrown out if you stand for the Full 90. This was terrible. Several of us started asking what exactly was the rule supporting this, and saying that it didn't seem right. But stadium employee didn't care. Her word was law.

it just was so unlike all of my previous Sounders experiences. Such a shame. (I'm not a season ticket holder, but through the small packages and individual tickets, I make it to about 8 games a season. This was shocking). Especially as we were only a few sections away from the Timbers Army (who stood for the whole match).
Jul 14 Tracy commented on The World's First Tumblr Convention Was a Disaster.
Depends on the organizers. Vidcon (for youtube creators/fans) has grown and grown over the years, and always seems like a huge success.

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