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Software Engineer for the Space Telescope Science Institute, at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland Self-educated… more »

Nov 10, 2015 Bruce Garrett commented on Required Viewing: Maddow On "Kill the Gays" Pastor and the GOP Candidates Who Love Him.
This video does not play. I've watched the gDamn minute long Binge Eating Disorder ad about a dozen times now trying to get the Maddow segment to play and all it does is twirl a little circle in the middle of the screen for a bit and then nothing happens. When I go to the NBC Maddow site it says the content is not available.
Oct 10, 2014 Bruce Garrett commented on Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Tells Women to Have "Faith That the System Will Actually Give You the Right Raises".
"Life in Hell"..."The Nine Types of Bosses"..."The Slippery Eel"..."How To Handle"...
Aug 25, 2014 Bruce Garrett commented on The Morning News: Mark Driscoll Takes a Break from Mars Hill, Burger King Wants to Avoid US Taxes.
"...maybe it will take this time: do you see how to get that hydrogen, you need an established source of energy, which is used up?"

Batteries not required. Solar panels can do the job too. All you need is electricity to crack the water molecule. The problem with hydrogen is it's very flammable and very hard to contain. But getting it out of water just takes electricity.
Aug 18, 2014 Bruce Garrett commented on Ron Paul Is the Best Actor in the Atlas Shrugged: Part III Trailer.
If only we could transmit the trailer to Ayn Rand beyond the grave, so she could see the guy they picked to be John Galt. Ayn Rand's body spinning in her grave could be...could be...could be...The Motor Of The World!

And it would Never stop!
Jan 18, 2014 Bruce Garrett commented on "The God Hates Fags Church Makes Amazing Vines".
The usual Firefox plugins stop it. Adblock freezes in Google Chrome when you try to stop least on the Mac.
Jan 18, 2014 Bruce Garrett commented on "The God Hates Fags Church Makes Amazing Vines".
That was the most obnoxious thing I've seen posted on SLOG. Can't turn the fucker off, even though I have javascript blocked. Amazing. I'll try adblock...
Jan 14, 2014 Bruce Garrett commented on One Million Moms Endorses a Bigoted Version of the Boy Scouts.
Why are they bothering...the various Like The Boy Scouts But For Jesus subsidiaries of the various denominations already out there not doing well? I can't imagine why.

Those have been around for decades. When I was a kid back in the 60s I got corralled into this thing called the Royal Ambassadors. They had the uniforms, the patches you could earn, a pledge... They're still out there I see...still offering themselves up as an alternative to the BSA. Why are Baptist parents that hate Teh Gay going to opt for this new thing and not the thing they were probably in themselves when they were kids?

There are probably a bunch of these already in place and none of them doing much business beyond the poor little souls trapped in the kinds of families that only read christian books, listen to christian music and watch christian TV. At some point you have to know your potential market is already over tapped.
Feb 11, 2013 Bruce Garrett commented on Television Station in Indiana Edits Report In an Apparent Attempt to Make Bigoted Special Ed Teacher Diana "Gays Have No Purpose" Medley Seem Less Hateful.
They changed the headline in the online version of the story too. It originally read, “Local Students And Staff Want Gays Banned From Prom” and this morning it read, “Local Students Want ‘Traditional Prom’, Gays Banned”.

Lets hear it for Journalism. But at least other news outlets picking this up are still headlining the fact that at least one teacher on staff is involved in it and wants gay kids banned from the prom too.
Jan 26, 2013 Bruce Garrett commented on Never Heard of 'Em: King Crimson.
Three separate times, I listened to it on the bus and had the exact same moment where I realized that I was still on the first track and three neighborhoods had gone by already.

I had the same experience trying to listen to Bruckner's eighth symphony on a bus once. It was horrible.
Dec 10, 2012 Bruce Garrett commented on How to Kill Your Child and Not End Up in Prison.
@35: What you have on the Sig, as I read the literature, is decocking lever in lieu of a safety, and once that is used, according to the literature I read (I do not own one of those), the weapon is then "drop safe", meaning the firing pin is blocked from striking a round unless the trigger is pulled. Blocking the firing pin from striking unless the trigger is pulled is a very common mechanical means of preventing accidental discharges on modern firearms. And after the hammer is decocked you would need to do a double action pull to get it to fire...which I would imagine is kinda hard to do "accidentally".

But never you say, he violated three of the four rules for gun safety, but it's rule #2 that I'm going on about here because there seems to be this widespread misconception about the ease of which guns can go off by accident that allows people to get away with blaming the gun for their own stupid carelessness...when it's even that. No: he would have had his finger on the trigger. That was no accident, any more then turning the key in your ignition drunk is an accident. It was carelessness, and it got a kid killed.