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Oct 26 King Rat commented on Here's Why Equal Rights Washington Says It Endorsed Pamela Banks Over Kshama Sawant.
Sawant was the only council candidate who wouldn't schedule time with Erica Barnett either.
Oct 12 King Rat commented on When Five Restaurateurs Own 40 Restaurants, What Does That Mean for Seattle's Dining Scene?.
So I went to King County to look up how many restaurants are in Seattle, because these 40 restaurants are probably a near monopoly:

"Error: The number of records matching the search criteria is too large to be displayed in the web browser. Please narrow your search criteria and try again."

*THEY* don't want you to know.
Sep 18 King Rat commented on Take the Seattle Public Library Survey About Their New Logo and "Brand Statement".
The 1970 Seattle Times is online, through an SPL database. The P-I, however, is not.
Sep 4 King Rat commented on Where to Get Vegan and Gluten-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches.
"Where to Get Vegan and Gluten-Free Ice Cream Substitute Sandwiches"

There, I fixed it for you.
Jul 1 King Rat commented on Oh, Look. The City's Finally Giving Out Those Minimum Wage Education Grants It Promised Months Ago.
Oh boo hoo, it took a bureaucracy 7-8 months to evaluate who to give $1,000,000. It's good that the city is actually following a process.
May 6 King Rat commented on What Two Programmers Have Revealed So Far About Seattle Police Officers Who Are Still in Uniform.
"Editor's note: This story has been updated since it was originally published."

Updated how?
Mar 6 King Rat commented on An Explanation of Why Soccer Almost Didn't Happen (and Why Sounders Will Play Sunday After All).
The Stranger is so cute when it tries to do sports. You've fixed a couple of errors. I wonder if anyone cares about the rest.
Sep 30, 2014 King Rat commented on SDOT Apparently Gives a Shit About Bikers.
"Meaning, they'd think real long and hard before casually blocking them."

Since when do they think long and hard before blocking vehicle lanes either? Construction crews are dicks. Probably more dickish bicycles, but pretty fucking dickish to everyone.
Sep 25, 2014 King Rat commented on Helmet Machines Will Not Be Ready for Seattle Bike Share Launch.
I'm still pissed they axed the only Eastlake station that would be useful for residents because of NIMBYs.