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Sep 24 Lord Basil commented on Five Dead in Shooting at Skagit County Mall, Police Still Searching for Shooter.
@28 ISIS is the nerve center of radical Islamic terror right now which wants to turn the world into a Sharia Law caliphate, where among other things, women must be veiled, have four witnesses to prove a rape, they can be murdered for adultery. You can't get more misogynistic than that.
Sep 24 Lord Basil commented on Five Dead in Shooting at Skagit County Mall, Police Still Searching for Shooter.
@4 What you suggest - making shopping malls gun free zones - is precisely the thing that encourages mass shooters. A good guy with a gun could have stopped this freak.
Aug 20 Lord Basil commented on Lashing Out at Buses and Bicycles Is Not the Traffic Fix You're Looking For, Seattle Times Writer.
Mass transit is social engineering run amok. I remember when the great Washington State patriot Tim Eyman ran an initiative that would have gutted mass transit and earmarked its funding for road building.

There is nothing more American than the freedom to get in your car and go wherever you. The fact that mass transit advocates want you out of your car tells you all you need to know about them - that they are fascist liberals who want to control your every move.

This is why the framers included the 2nd Amendment into the constitution. They foresaw the fascism inherent in liberal Marxist thinking.
Aug 19 Lord Basil commented on I, Anonymous.
Have all the sex you want, don't ask me to pay for your birth control. That's one of the reasons the country I fought for in Vietnam is gone unless Donald J. Trump is elected POTUS.
Aug 19 Lord Basil commented on What's So Funny About the Naked Trump Statue?.
I doubt anyone will do a statue of Hillary Clinton in an orange jumpsuit, because that's not politically correct!
Aug 19 Lord Basil commented on SPD Chief Kathleen O'Toole Meets With Hillary Clinton in New York.
I bet she will be arresting #crookedhillary. Hannity exposed hot new allegations about her pay for play scheme with the Clinton Foundation, and Comey left the door wide open for an indictment over her home brew server, so I see this as a very positive development.

Trump has more ammunition than ever to go after her, and turn this election around. I suspect he's been doing a little rope a dope, and once September and October come around, he's going to crush it. In fact, Kirby Wilbur reminded me of a very important fact this morning - Reagan trailed Carter by as many as 25 points!
Aug 17 Lord Basil commented on Today In Stupid: Enter the Void.
Heh! But...all the attempts at showing Trump and his supporters to be a bunch of rubes only helps him.

Here's what I mean:

Most of the "Trump is toast" talk is manufactured and intended to dissuade his supporters into thinking it isn't worth the effort to support Trump.

It isn't that Trump has made a series of gaffes so much as it is the media trying desperately to avoid talking about Hillary's criminal actions.

For Hillary, the less she says, the better. When she opens her mouth, her support plummets.

Were I a Trump advisor, I'd suggest that he continues to attack her constantly - specifically with regards to her criminal past, her lies, her ties to Obama and her "pay to play" actions, as SOS, where donations to the Clinton Foundation resulted in her taking favorable actions while SOS.

I'd also have him make the point that when it comes to deciding who is fit to have the "nuclear keys" Hillary chose to give the nut-jobs in Iran access to nuclear weapons.

I'd also insist that Trump continues to talk about the horrible Obama/Clinton economy, and his plan to make our economy great again.

I'd be fine with Trump talking about the biased media and how they're hiding the facts, about Hillary, from the public. I'd urge him not to make that the key point of his campaign though, as people want positives.

My single biggest push would be having Trump speak volumes about the blatant double standards when it comes to our laws and politicians not abiding by those laws. I'd have Trump talk about that every single time he was in the public and I'd insist that he made it a point to tell the public that once he was president, he'd do everything in his power to make sure the politicians were held to the same standards that we citizens are.

Of course I'd have him pound the illegal alien thing too - that resonates with the average citizen.

I'd caution Trump to avoid a war of words with the Republicans who are trying to tear down his campaign - pointing out the fact that once he has won, those Republicans are done and won't be a factor.
Aug 3 Lord Basil commented on It Would Be Helpful If Hillary Clinton Stopped Lying.
Here's the thing about Trump:

He is not politically correct. The pundits twist in agony every time Trump says something that they don't approve of, but there's an explanation for that.

The people have made it clear that they're sick of the establishment politicians and equally sick of political correctness (which is a tool used, by the left, to silence opposition). The problem with all that is... we the people aren't always ready for a politically incorrect response.

For decades we've been conditioned to blindly accept politically correct speech and actions. Words have been bastardized and with it individual freedoms: all because the precious little snowflakes on the left cannot accept real diversity, no matter how loudly they proclaim otherwise.

Even conservatives aren't entirely immune from the vile efforts to stop conscious thought. We're bombarded with political correctness and loudly attacked anytime we don't tow the official line. Whites are told, constantly, that their life is one of privilege and made to feel guilty for so-called crimes that we never committed. Black conservatives have it even worse, as the left considers themselves to be the official keeper of the slaves and has no tolerance for those who dare to take a step off that plantation.

Political correctness has taken hold in every possible aspect of modern life. We're bombarded with it on television, the internet and especially so in the few remaining newspapers. Our kids are taught sheer nonsense and made to fear the taunts of those who refuse to think for themselves. We see it in our representatives; people elected to end the abuse of illegal alien Obama's vile regime, but rendered into cowering servants; fearful of their master's condemnations lest they fail to carry his water. They'll do practically anything - even condoning his unconstitutional actions - for fear of being called a racist.

It has gotten so bad that we're now being trained to think ruthless thugs are victims of a system designed to screw over all but the privileged whites. Our Constitution has been shredded, our laws ignored or purposely distorted into gross caricatures of their former selves.

And it's all done so some precious little snowflake doesn't get his/her feelings hurt. Well that's the excuse anyway. The real purpose is to shut you down and up.

Then along comes Trump and he says things that millions (and millions) of real Americans think but cannot say. He isn't afraid of being ridiculed by the leftist stooges. He isn't afraid of being taunted by his lessors. He shoots from the hip and he hits the target more often than not. And the left loathes him for it.

And we cringe, almost as though we're expecting a blow across our shoulders. We're so used to political correctness that we've all but forgotten what it was like to have men in our society - real men who didn't give a damn if some pansy got his feelings hurt and had to have himself a good cry.

America desperately needs a leader. A real leader, not some metro-sexual freak who worries about hurting the feelings of some pajama-wearing moonbat living in his Mom's basement. Real leaders don't give a damn if the truth hurts someone's feelings and they don't care if the media has hissy-fits because they didn't tow the politically correct line of BS.

Trump isn't perfect. But he is a leader and he isn't afraid of hurting the left's feelings.

America needs a lot more of that and a lot less of the freaks who make up the Democrat party.

And we (the citizens) need to come to grips with the fact that the darkness of political correctness is about to be exterminated.
Aug 3 Lord Basil commented on It Would Be Helpful If Hillary Clinton Stopped Lying.
It would be, but that would be her only chance of winning.

Because that is the Democrat Party's only hope of winning, because that is all the Left does - lie.

Case in point:

At the Republican convention, Pat Smith (mother of a Benghazi victim) spoke about her son's death and the fact that Hillary lied to her.

The media attacked Pat Smith and claimed she had ruined the convention. Many (in the media) claimed she was a liar.

Several who actually fought in Benghazi spoke about their experiences.

The media attacked them and claimed that they were liars.

The parents of a border agent killed because of the Kenyan Marxist homosexual's gun running scheme (Fast and Furious) spoke about their son's death.

The media attacked them and claimed that they were liars.

Sheriff David Clarke spoke about his beliefs and experiences.

The media attacked him and claimed he is a liar.

At the Democrat convention, featured speakers were the parents of thugs who had died.

The media championed this effort to portray the dead thugs as something other than the thugs that they were and downplayed the Democrat's implied anti-cop stance.

Democrats built an 8 foot tall fence to keep Bernie supporters out of the convention and required photo Identification for all who wanted to enter.

The media ignored the Democrat's hypocrisy and did their very best to not report on that hypocrisy.

Democrats featured a Mr. Kahn as a keynote speaker. The father of a fallen soldier, Mr. Kahn launched into a baseless attack against Mr. Trump - apparently unaware of the fact that Trump, unlike Hillary, did not support the war that his son was killed in. Mr. Kahn's senseless attack on Trump stems from his (Mr. Kahn) fraudulent take on immigration policies and the US Constitution.

The media ignored the fact that Mr. Kahn's attack was senseless and without merit; instead concentrating on Trump's response when questioned by yet another biased "journalist." The media also ignored the fact that Hillary supported the war that killed Kahn's son (while Trump did not support that war). The media never once mentioned the fact that Kahn was completely wrong in his claims regarding the US Constitution, or the fact that Kahn himself makes a living by way of selling visas to Muslims. Nor did the media mention Kahn's many ties to radical Islam and direct sponsors of terrorism.

I see a pattern.
Aug 3 Lord Basil commented on Donald Trump Reportedly Says 'Why Not?' to Use of Nuclear Weapons.

Trump can't win, they claim.

And yet he defeated 16 others, garnering more votes than any Republican in history.

Meanwhile the shoe-in, can't lose, it's hers for the asking, candidate barely defeated a 74 year old Communist, and then only by way of cheating.

She's spent ten's of millions attacking him and the race is even (or he's slightly ahead). He hasn't spent anything to speak of (yet).

The media is completely in the tank for her; ignoring her criminal actions, her many scandals, her ineptness, her poor job performance... her blatant lies, her treason.

And yet she can't put the election away.

She has a 20 point advantage - just because of media bias - and the race is even.

I think the mantra should be altered:

Hillary can't win - unless she cheats.

And that is the only way she can win.