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Oct 8 Lord Basil commented on Washington GOP Chair Claims Trump Was "Channeling Bill Clinton" During Comments about Groping Women.
The first polls in following Trump's "naughty word scandal," and the hypocritical outrage by Marxist Fascist leftists are in, and guess what? Trump is still winning. Bill Still explains:…

Practice saying President Trump.
Oct 7 Lord Basil commented on Rape Culture Is Running for President.
@41 Hillary personally threatened her under the guise of a firm handshake while she said, "it's very great to meet you." She has talked at length on Hannity about it. You should check it out. It's mind blowing.

The Clinton's are as viscious as mobsters. They killed Kathleen Willey's cat and sent a jogger to tell her about it. Just Google it!
Oct 7 Lord Basil commented on Rape Culture Is Running for President.
You liberal fascists are all in a tizzy because an alpha male like Donald Trump likes having sex. Go hit yourselves with your man purses, and let REAL MEN run America.
Oct 7 Lord Basil commented on Rape Culture Is Running for President.
HIllary defending and enabling Bill's multiple rapes alone disqualifies her for the office of POTUS (not to mention leaving four brave Americans to die in Benghazi), and today's Wikileaks bombshells certainly don't make her look like a piker. Real Americans have had enough with the corrupt Clinton family, and all their mafia-like maneuvers (see Foster, Vince), and they will be heard on Election Day.

Practice saying President Trump!
Oct 6 Lord Basil commented on As Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Tops 100 in Haiti, Do's and Don'ts for Americans Who Want to Help.
I really question how bad this storm is. Drudge tweeted earlier today about how the government may be exaggerating how bad this storm is so they can invoke their favorite religion - globull warming.

The deplorables are starting to wonder if govt has been lying to them about Hurricane Matthew intensity to make exaggerated point on climate

— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) October 6, 2016

Hurricane Center has monopoly on data. No way of verifying claims. Nassau ground observations DID NOT match statements! 165mph gusts? WHERE?

— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) October 6, 2016

Oct 3 Lord Basil commented on Newly Obtained Returns Show Trump Probably Hasn't Paid Federal Taxes In 18 Years.
Killery used the same tactics Trump did, but you liberals won't say anything about it because you're all snowflakes and hypocrites.

And this won't change the mind of Real Americans and loyal patriots, who are witnessing Trump's surge in the polls, like the LA Times/USC Poll. Here's some great commentary for you libards. Watch and learn:…
Sep 24 Lord Basil commented on Five Dead in Shooting at Skagit County Mall, Police Still Searching for Shooter.
@28 ISIS is the nerve center of radical Islamic terror right now which wants to turn the world into a Sharia Law caliphate, where among other things, women must be veiled, have four witnesses to prove a rape, they can be murdered for adultery. You can't get more misogynistic than that.
Sep 24 Lord Basil commented on Five Dead in Shooting at Skagit County Mall, Police Still Searching for Shooter.
@4 What you suggest - making shopping malls gun free zones - is precisely the thing that encourages mass shooters. A good guy with a gun could have stopped this freak.
Aug 20 Lord Basil commented on Lashing Out at Buses and Bicycles Is Not the Traffic Fix You're Looking For, Seattle Times Writer.
Mass transit is social engineering run amok. I remember when the great Washington State patriot Tim Eyman ran an initiative that would have gutted mass transit and earmarked its funding for road building.

There is nothing more American than the freedom to get in your car and go wherever you. The fact that mass transit advocates want you out of your car tells you all you need to know about them - that they are fascist liberals who want to control your every move.

This is why the framers included the 2nd Amendment into the constitution. They foresaw the fascism inherent in liberal Marxist thinking.
Aug 19 Lord Basil commented on I, Anonymous.
Have all the sex you want, don't ask me to pay for your birth control. That's one of the reasons the country I fought for in Vietnam is gone unless Donald J. Trump is elected POTUS.