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Jan 18 stinkbug commented on Are These Stickers That Promote White Supremacy Showing Up in Your Neighborhood?.
Back in the fall racist fliers appeared in Ballard, Udist, etc but the Stranger didn't feel a need to cover it.

This page links to a map showing the locations of those flyers:.…

Jan 17 stinkbug commented on Uber Sues Seattle to Try to Stop Unionization Law.
Is it rude to ask one's Uber driver about their views on this matter? Or will it make the passenger seems like some anti-union spy gathering data?
Jan 10 stinkbug commented on Food News: Do You Want the Good News First, or the Bad News?.
@2: lol, do you realize that places like Spaghetti Factory and Icon Grill are closing because jumbo buildings are going up in those spots? And you think it's due to minimum wage increases? C'mon.
Jan 10 stinkbug commented on Food News: Do You Want the Good News First, or the Bad News?.
speaking of Rancho Bravo, can anyone tell me the story of Ballet? Apparently it's closed now? I know the Rancho Bravo guy bought it and ran it as Buddha's Kitchen for awhile, but then what happened?!
Jan 6 stinkbug commented on The Only Washington Republican Who Voted on Gutting the Ethics Office Voted Yes.
You should investigate his involvement with this story:…

"...a private meeting of House Republicans Friday morning where several members registered their displeasure with the painting, including Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Wash.), a former county sheriff."

Dec 27, 2016 stinkbug commented on Carrie Fisher.
Nov 30, 2016 stinkbug commented on Recycling My Back Pages: A Music Writer/Collector Reflects on Disposing of His Magazine Archive.
Very sad. And wasteful.

You had other choices beyond donating them to UW (who likely wouldn't have wanted them) and listing them one by one on eBay.

You could have spent two minutes putting a "Free - must take all" posting on Craigslist. You could have sat them outside. You could have easily donated them to a a wide variety of places.

Several years ago at Short Run Peter Bagge had a "garage sale" at his table where he sold a lot of old comics and magazines he no longer wanted. I ended up buying a bunch of issues of Spy. There are people that would have wanted your Creems and Forced Exposure and other mags.

Oh well.
Nov 15, 2016 stinkbug commented on Guest Editorial: Now More than Ever, Seattle Must Welcome Upzones.
It's not as simple as Upzone / Don't Upzone. Some people believe in upzoning, but don't believe an entire district should be upzoned at once.

Nov 14, 2016 stinkbug commented on A Swastika Appears in Capitol Hill: "The After Effects of Trump Are Real".
A bunch of racist flyers and stickers appears in parts of Seattle between August and October, but I don't think the Stranger ever covered it. The map linked to on this page shows the locations and photos of the flyers:…
Nov 14, 2016 stinkbug commented on Seahawks Beat Trump-Supporting Patriots, So Why Isn’t Everything Better Now?.
@2: "everyone knew the Clinton was going to win and she didnt"

No, everyone didn't know or expect that. Even places like 538 gave him a 30% or so chance of winning. Polls showed tight races in battleground states (and with the margin of error a toss up). Sure, she was ahead in national polls, which MSM loves to report on, but those as you know are meaningless in an EV world. The "shocking upset" wasn't really all that shocking.