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Feb 13 stinkbug commented on Girls Season 6 Premiere Recap: “That’s Sun in Her Pussy!”.
This counts as a recap?
Feb 11 stinkbug commented on Guest Editorial: Why We Must Save Washington State's Film Incentive.
All I know is that it seems every other movie I go to nowadays has a Georgia peach logo in the end credits. It's depressing that WA doesn't have more films shot here (although I get why not).
Feb 4 stinkbug commented on Kellyanne Conway is an Idiot But We Will Always Have the Bowling Green Massacre.
Ok, lets assume she "misspoke" and meant to say "terrorists" instead of "massacre" .

So the sentence would have been: "....and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green terrorists." Explain how that makes sense. Why would you describe two people as being the masterminds behind themselves?!
Jan 28 stinkbug commented on Sound Transit Must Give Answers For Not Stopping At SeaTac During Muslim Ban Protest.
See some of Dow's tweets at

Don't blame higher ups at ST. Sounds like lower peeps there listened to Seatac police without checking internally.
Jan 26 stinkbug commented on The 2017 Oscars Nominations Are Not So White.
20th Century Women was robbed.
Jan 18 stinkbug commented on Are These Stickers That Promote White Supremacy Showing Up in Your Neighborhood?.
Back in the fall racist fliers appeared in Ballard, Udist, etc but the Stranger didn't feel a need to cover it.

This page links to a map showing the locations of those flyers:.…

Jan 17 stinkbug commented on Uber Sues Seattle to Try to Stop Unionization Law.
Is it rude to ask one's Uber driver about their views on this matter? Or will it make the passenger seems like some anti-union spy gathering data?
Jan 10 stinkbug commented on Food News: Do You Want the Good News First, or the Bad News?.
@2: lol, do you realize that places like Spaghetti Factory and Icon Grill are closing because jumbo buildings are going up in those spots? And you think it's due to minimum wage increases? C'mon.
Jan 10 stinkbug commented on Food News: Do You Want the Good News First, or the Bad News?.
speaking of Rancho Bravo, can anyone tell me the story of Ballet? Apparently it's closed now? I know the Rancho Bravo guy bought it and ran it as Buddha's Kitchen for awhile, but then what happened?!
Jan 6 stinkbug commented on The Only Washington Republican Who Voted on Gutting the Ethics Office Voted Yes.
You should investigate his involvement with this story:…

"...a private meeting of House Republicans Friday morning where several members registered their displeasure with the painting, including Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Wash.), a former county sheriff."