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Oct 17 stinkbug commented on John Oliver Shreds Third Party Candidates Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Joe Exotic.
@4: This wasn't about "the arguments against third (and fourth and fifth...) parties", it was about third party choices for President of the United States. I'm guessing that he, like Dan and others, can see a value in third parties being on city council and various local offices. But to think that a plurality of voters will out of the blue vote for a third party person is a bit silly, no?
Sep 24 stinkbug commented on Your Guide to Seattle's Best Thrift and Vintage Stores.
"Beside the University Book Store, Buffalo Exchange..."

I think the UBS reference was supposed with the Crossroads Trading Co. mention in the same paragraph. Buffalo Exchange isn't next to UBS.

Aug 31 stinkbug commented on The Morning News: Thousands Show Up for Trump in Everett, Man Found Stabbed Near City Hall.
Trump claimed that there were 8,000 people waiting outside who couldn't get in.

Is that accurate? Since it's Trump I'm guessing no.
Aug 31 stinkbug commented on The Vandalized Bettie Page Mural Will Come Back Bigger and Better Than Before, This Time With Drag Icon Divine.
Add me to the "I like Divine but this doesn't quite look right" camp.

The red distracts from the simple/strong black and white of Miss Page. And it looks like Betty is about to get sucked into Divine's upskirt.
Aug 12 stinkbug commented on The Morning News: University of Washington Station Is The Epicenter of Seattle's Transportation Future, Turbulence on a Motherfucking Plane.
In your Burke Gilman trail photo there's a bicyclist riding on the new pedestrian sidewalk. Ugh. (p.s. I'm both a cyclist and a pedestrian).
Jul 15 stinkbug commented on The Morning News: Death Toll Rises in France, Seattle Police Arrest 204 "Johns," Equitably Paid Employees Buy CEO a Tesla.
hey slog, Roosevelt and 50th is not "Ravenna". Where did you get that idea?
Jul 13 stinkbug commented on Meet Sonic Boom Records’ New Owner, Mike Pitts.
"Actually, the first thing I'll do is ask the employees what kind of changes they'd like to see. They're an A-list team here and they know better than I what can change for the better."

If the changes work out really well I hope they'll be getting bonuses for their in-house consulting work.
Jul 5 stinkbug commented on FBI: Clinton "Extremely Careless" With Classified Material, But No Charges.
Where is "Roosevelt Avenue Northeast"? If there's a WAY (get it?) to show ignorance of Seattle outside of Capitol Hill, The Stranger will find it.
Jun 27 stinkbug commented on The Morning News: Supreme Court Gets Rid of Texas' Abortion Restrictions, Jesse Williams' Powerful Awards Speech, and Pride.
The Stranger: "The laws...had caused about half of the state's 41 abortion clinics to close, the New York Times reports."

The NYT: "The ambulatory surgery standard could have caused 10 more clinics to close, leaving only about 10 open."

Those aren't saying the same thing.

Jun 21 stinkbug commented on On That Bettie Page Mural.
Who is the idiot who first claimed that this happened in the "Ravenna neighborhood"? KOMO?

Same thing happened with the Cafe Racer shooting. Instead of deciding if the area was Roosevelt or U-Dist, media just seemed to go with Ravenna.