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Mar 15 stinkbug commented on University District Dive-Bar Cafe Racer Is Up For Sale.
What is the "Ask" about in the photo credit?

@2: Other articles mentions that it's an absentee landlord. Although looking up the property info gives the name of a local property management/developer person (Michael Nelson), so I'm kinda confused. (Last bought in 2006 for $398,000.)

In related years, it's kinda sad that the Stranger didn't cover the closing of the Knarr. I guess that's too far from capitol hill though to be on the radar.

Mar 5 stinkbug commented on Kent Sikh Man to Police: White Man Said "Go Back to Your Own Country" and Shot Me.
@5: Perhaps look up what "many of" means. Also, look into the concept of copycat crimes.
Feb 28 stinkbug commented on The Most Unforgettable Oscars in the History of the Human Race.
One of my favorite little bits from that mix up is watching La La Land producer Fred Berger. He KNEW something was up yet still proceeded to go up to the mic and thank his friends and family. He's the one who ended with "We lost, by the way."

I don't know whether to be impressed that he decided to use perhaps his only chance to speak in a mic in front of an Oscar audience or be disgusted that he felt the need to walk into the light instead of letting Moonlight wash ashore.
Feb 25 stinkbug commented on Girls Addresses the Gray Areas of Sexual Assault in “American Bitch”.
I wonder if there's fanfic already where Rylo Adam searches for, battles, and then slaughters Chuck Palmer.
Feb 23 stinkbug commented on Watch Dave Reichert's Faux Facebook "Town Hall".
I'm kinda impressed that there are over 3,500 comments on the facebook post for the live video.
Feb 23 stinkbug commented on Car2Go Vehicle Parked in Ravenna Gets Tagged with Sticker Promoting White Supremacy.
"I didn't see this kind of shit three months ago"

Maybe because they get removed pretty quickly. Racist flyers and stickers have appeared in that area since at least early October, maybe earlier.

Here's a map of where some of them were:

Feb 20 stinkbug commented on Milo Yiannopoulos Gets Dropped from CPAC.
Oops, I obviously didn't scroll down enough. D'oh.
Feb 20 stinkbug commented on Milo Yiannopoulos Gets Dropped from CPAC.
Did Dan review Milo's Real Time appearance?
Feb 13 stinkbug commented on Girls Season 6 Premiere Recap: “That’s Sun in Her Pussy!”.
This counts as a recap?
Feb 11 stinkbug commented on Guest Editorial: Why We Must Save Washington State's Film Incentive.
All I know is that it seems every other movie I go to nowadays has a Georgia peach logo in the end credits. It's depressing that WA doesn't have more films shot here (although I get why not).