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Nov 23 stinkbug commented on There's a Rumor Floating Around the Internet About an Upcoming White Power Rally in Ballard. We're Checking It Out..
This reminds me of an event years ago in a city far from here. Antifa groups got word that white power idiots would be having a new year's eve gathering featuring several wp bands. Just a general neighborhood was mentioned; the specifics would be given to the idiots closer to the start time. I think the hope was that enough protesters would show up, find out where the event was, and get it shut down.

At one point we pulled into a gas station to refill and also at the same station was a car with a bunch of skinheads in it. They didn't notice us (we were just random people in a car) but there was an overwhelming feeling of Shit Just Got Real.

short version: the show apparently went on (at least for a bit) and there was no violence between the two sides.
Nov 19 stinkbug commented on Let the Good Times Roll: The Cars at Seattle Art Museum Are Coming Down At Last.
Will this War on Cars never cease?!
Nov 16 stinkbug commented on Liveslogging the Second Democratic Debate, One Day After the Attacks in Paris.
I didn't receive an email on Sunday for "Today on Slog" ("The best of Slog, delivered daily to your inbox").

Oh wait, that's because there hasn't been a post on slog between 6:03pm Saturday and sometime Monday morning. You may want to remove that "daily" bit.
Nov 12 stinkbug commented on The Morning News: Drone Hits Great Wheel, New Interest in KeyArena, and Old Seattle Times Building Smoldering.
So what's the deal with the "Today on Slog" emails, which claim "The best of Slog" but really include just about every post made earlier that day, not necessarily "the best" posts.
Nov 12 stinkbug commented on I'm Eating a General Porpoise Doughnut, in Case Anyone's Wondering Why I Have Sugar All Over My Face.
"...which are within our two-block radius...". That about says it all.
Nov 11 stinkbug commented on Fact-Checking Last Night's Fox Debate: Who Lied Best?.
@12: Yes, I get there are there places where America has waning influence, but "every front"?
Nov 11 stinkbug commented on Fact-Checking Last Night's Fox Debate: Who Lied Best?.
There are also countless fuzzy claims that never go through fact checking because I guess they're seen as opinions and not facts. i.e. when last night it was uttered: "we are a country that is being beaten on every front economically, militarily." That doesn't seem true at all. We're being beaten on every military front?! Huh?
Nov 10 stinkbug commented on What's Wrong With This Picture?.
This reminds me to ask, what's with all the Amante pizza places all over the place? Their food seems so-so, but they have stuck around and keep expanding. Are they some front that I would be better off not asking about?
Oct 28 stinkbug commented on Liveblogging the CNBC Republican Debate.
[insert comment about how old skool Live Slog was a much better system/process]
Oct 28 stinkbug commented on Morning News: Feds Deny Funding for Seattle Bike Share, Lawsuit Seeks Employee Status for Amazon Couriers.
Are the Prime Now deliveries actually delivered in the types of boxes shown in the stock photo you used? I thought it was different packaging.