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Feb 23 kitschnsync commented on Shabazz Palaces, Flying Lotus, Alunageorge, Snarky Puppy to Headline Paul Allen's Upstream Music Festival + Summit.
I was planning to skip this, but I might buy a ticket just because I love FlyLo soooo much...
Feb 22 kitschnsync commented on Savage Love.
I really wish the shirt in Joe Newton's illustration was real so I could wear it in reality. /fantasy
Feb 22 kitschnsync commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Nine: Dave Matthews.
So, you selected one band that you actually *didn't* pretend to like for boys to write about, and you chose Dave Matthews.

Dave Matthews.

Feb 22 kitschnsync commented on Films for the Trump Era: The Running Man.
Haha, I just watched this movie over the weekend too. I guess I'm streaming the same movies as Charles! It's on Amazon Prime.

I found The Running Man delightfully cheesy, as I do with almost every Ahnold film that includes the line "I'll be back." I also agree with @2 that the short story by Richard Bachman (Stephen King) is worth a read.

But as far as prescient films for the Trump era go, Idiocracy takes the cake.
Jan 10 kitschnsync commented on Josh Feit Is Leaving PubliCola to Write Speeches for Mayor Ed Murray.
Congrats to Feit, but I'm a little worried that he might make Murray look too good.
Jan 5 kitschnsync commented on Tacocat to Play Coachella Despite Its Owner's Odious Political Views.
What post by Nokes? Can we get a link?

Also, didn't Tacocat also play in North Carolina during the HB2 boycott?
Jan 5 kitschnsync commented on We Still Get Great Comments (From Great Commenters) Here On Slog.
Here's an option that could discourage spammers/trolls while maintaining a measure of anonymity: Make registered users pay a one-time fee to comment. Somebody that gets repeatedly banned isn't going to pay $5 every time they want to register a new account.

This would raise some funds (which Keck would like) to pay for moderation and/or go towards a cause. It would also leave a paper trail to hold truly awful or threatening people accountable.

I'm not a huge fan of Disqus, and I know somebody put a lot of work into MyStrangerFace... But the comment system needs some help. It sucks that you can't edit anything. And if we had threaded comments, it would make it easier for people to stay on topic.

Also, where is the Slog commenting policy? That should be easy to find for multiple reasons.
Dec 27, 2016 kitschnsync commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Straight Guy Wonders If He Can Be Queer.
IMHO, just being kinky is enough to be "queer." In many ways, It is more socially acceptable to be openly gay than openly into, say, BDSM. Kinky people are mostly in the closet.

Of course, then quantifying "kinky" becomes a problem. Is there a scale for kink like the Kinsey scale?
Dec 22, 2016 kitschnsync commented on Watch and Marvel at the Teamwork Behind an SNL Set Change.
That's truly amazing.

I was also curious how Goodman and Baldwin managed to go from wigs to perfectly-coiffed hairdos so quickly for the opening monologue.

I'd love to see a BTS clip of SNL's makeup and costume.
Dec 19, 2016 kitschnsync commented on The Morning News: Tree Falls On Wedding Party, Toddler Killed in Road Rage, App Turns Trump Into Cats.
@5, But if was just suicide, wouldn't that have been a case of "wrong place at the wrong time?" Like a pedestrian being hit by someone jumping off a building?

(I know I'm overthinking this.)