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Nov 15, 2012 voiceofreason commented on 216 Nipples Later.
Cornish did absolutely the right thing in removing the piece. It is ridiculous that people are trying to pull the "censorship" card here.

If members of your community are made uncomfortable by seeing their names next to implied depictions of their naked bodies, it is absolutely the right thing to remove that depiction.

Actual feminists trust and respect that women tell the truth about feeling threatened or uncomfortable in their workplaces and affirm that women have a right to react according to their own feelings. The, "I'm not offended, so you shouldn't be offended"-line is incredibly anti-feminist. And yeah: "pussies" as an insult is hate speech.
Feb 2, 2012 voiceofreason commented on I, Anonymous.
Serve him politely, but also politely let him know that you know his politics, dislike them, and are part of the ever-more popular majority who find the facade of the church as a "moral" actor ridiculous. No small act of revenge gives the satisfaction of knowing that we live in a society that is changing towards being more free, fair, and equal. He's already losing, spit is inconsequential.
Nov 11, 2010 voiceofreason commented on Savage Love.
Maybe carrots, rather than sticks:

Can lgbt folks start throwing fabulous events where we give awards to Lutherans and Episcopalians? Maybe they get to personally meet glamorous lgbt celebrities. Then have amazing dance parties afterwards?

Like: nationwide, Episcopalians and Lutherans can enter a drawing to have brunch with Ellen and then appear on her show.

Those other NALTs will be lining up to get invitations.
Oct 31, 2010 voiceofreason commented on I, Anonymous.
@19: brilliant!!! absolutely brilliant. I want to see that at HUMP!
Oct 16, 2010 voiceofreason commented on I, Anonymous.
totally, 84. Seems like pretty much any long comments section on the stranger these days eventually takes a turn for the "fatties are disgusting" theme.
Oct 16, 2010 voiceofreason commented on Savage Love.
246 got it right!

Christians who are not for discrimination against glbt people should reclaim the Christian dialog. Make it clear that you are not on the side of the very-vocal very-hateful most-visible Christians on this issue. Rescue "Christianity" so it doesn't sink on the wrong side of this major civil-rights issue.

Tell other Christians you know! Tell people of other religions and non-religious people. A lot of them will be very pleasantly surprised. After this comments section, I as an indifferent agnostic am thinking "fuck yeah, Episcopalians and Quakers!"
Aug 6, 2010 voiceofreason commented on Heather Has Two Mommies, One Daddy, and Several Matriarchal Women in the Community Who She Thinks of as Moms.
Hrm, really interesting to see this article and the subsequent thoughtful discussion.

I'm reading as a person who has never been in a poly relationship but has certainly begun to feel very skeptical about the model of all-needs-met-by-single-lifelong-relationship.

While reading I did experience the normative anti-nudity/adult-activity around children urge (I mean, in the NW we have the personal reservedness of scandanavia without the sauna culture) which I honestly don't think had to do with poly in particular. I found the discussion of looking for long-term thirds and considering celibacy while children to be young to be really thoughtful and cautious: probably more so than similar calculations of straight monogamous people I've known. This article really normalized the idea of poly a lot more for me than any previous article on poly I've read in the Stranger (including for example, Mistress Matisse).

It seems to me that a big step in normalizing poly in the general culture will be about getting the word out about the non-physical benefits of having several intimate relationships (I think a lot of non-poly people have an unfair and uninformed view of poly people as just being sort of sexually greedy).

Also, the divisive: "you are against true human nature" dialogue being thrown both directions needs to go on the trash heap. Poly-people: you are never going to get monogamous people to think you are normal by telling them that they are not (or that they are lying to themselves, being deceived by popular culture, etc). I think "I" statements like the ones in this article about families and relationships will be a much more powerful tool towards acceptance.

This article really shows that this acceptance is important not just to poly people, but to their children, which makes the issue more accessible to the general culture I think.
Jul 27, 2010 voiceofreason commented on I, Anonymous.
Also, it gets a lot harder to write a sincere thank you note when you know someone was trashing you behind your back. I would have a pretty hard time not writing some super sugary passive aggressive stuff. Best of luck, I anon.
Jul 27, 2010 voiceofreason commented on I, Anonymous.
1. I am amazed how many people care about this (especially enough to call the writer some pretty horrible names...we are pretty desensitized when being "impolite" warrants branding someone a whore...seems to me that the name-callers are pretty impolite and disproportionate in their abuse).

2. It costs money and a lot of effort to throw a wedding: the bride is clearly frustrated with having put in a lot of effort and hearing through the grape-vine that the last little thing which she didn't get to is being used as the basis of gossip against her. The appropriate thing would be for a friend or family member who viewed this as important to talk to her directly saying that many other friends and family would probably appreciate a note AND offer to help her ("Stationary is fun, and I'd love to help out by picking up some great recycled blah blah blah.")

3. When you are about to buy a gift or commit to go to a wedding, ask yourself whether you will be seething with rage if you are not given a pat on the back when it is received: if the answer is yes, then don't buy it or go to the wedding. If the pat on the back is all that is holding you back from resenting the giftee/person whose occasion is being celebrated, opting out will be better for you and better for them.
Jul 27, 2010 voiceofreason commented on Salt: More Like Womb Raider, Amirite?.
Gia was a really good movie.

So mainstream action movies based around the good looks and charisma of major celebrities have dumb plots and poor character development...where have you been living for the last 30 years? This same movie is made with increasingly crusty male leads all the time.

Can we hear about movies you actually like/find interesting sometime Lindy? I would be really interested in your recommendations, and you could even still write them in your sarcastic to the 8millionth power persona that all the stranger readers adore so profusely.


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