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Mar 5 thunderchaps commented on Now Closed.
Goddammit. Stellar pizza was one of a kind. This kills me. :-(
Sep 16, 2013 thunderchaps commented on "I Have a Horrifying Public Display to Share with You".
@17: Oh man, that's going to have me laughing for days! X-D
Aug 19, 2013 thunderchaps commented on Homophobe Messes With the Wrong Gay Rugby Player on Capitol Hill.
@30: yes, a thousand times, yes.
Jul 14, 2013 thunderchaps commented on Is West Seattle More Trouble Than It's Worth?.
Writing like this makes me realize how irrelevant the Stranger is becoming unless you need to find a restaurant or concert to go to.
May 6, 2013 thunderchaps commented on Kelly O is My New Favorite Artist.
Completely awesome! \m/
Jun 23, 2012 thunderchaps commented on A Big, Gay Roundtable.
awesome article... I just discovered the Funhouse's Pride party last year with some queer rock and punk and this year will probably be the last year for it. I hope someone takes up the mantle and brings in more bands like these guys.
Jun 18, 2012 thunderchaps commented on Hippies in Blackface at the Fremont Solstice Parade? A Poll!.
not hippies. not Dothraki. not racist. there. done.
Apr 11, 2012 thunderchaps commented on Latrice Motherfuckin' Royale Was Motherfuckin' Robbed.
so fucking glad i didn't read slog while i was outta town. i didn't get to watch until Tues night either. Phi Phi's outfits were random and vomitous. she certainly should have been in the bottom 2 this week. she can't win, i would daresay rupaul can't have her brand soured by the vileness that is Phi Phi. i honestly think people would throw shit at her on stage if she performed.
Jan 23, 2012 thunderchaps commented on Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. KISS vs. the Doors: Who Is the Worst?.
OMG this is all just crazy! KISS has some *really* good songs that make up for "Let's Put the X in Sex"! Also, how is AC/DC not on this list? LOL...
Jan 14, 2012 thunderchaps commented on AT&T's Service Is Shitty.
I am looking to get the new iPhone but haven't decided on whether to stay with AT&T or try Sprint or Verizon. Doesn't appear to be any difference between the monthly fees. I drop AT&T calls in my car about 85% of the time I am on the phone ALL OVER SEATTLE. 100% of the time if I drive over the West Seattle bridge, on I-5 through Eastlake, or 10th on Capitol Hill near St. Mark's. Sprint or Verizon *has* to be better than that, right?

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