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Jan 7, 2016 Rain Muffin commented on Last Night in Magnolia, Mike O'Brien Got Shouted at for Suggesting It's Wrong to Punish People for Being Homeless.
@11, a Poop In is just what I was thinking! I have a home, but the next time I have to take a dump, I'm taking it in Magnolia. On the nicest lawn I can find.
Aug 29, 2014 Rain Muffin commented on Cyclist Killed on 2nd Avenue.
Whoops, nope, she was definitely in the bike lane per the Seattle Times article. But barriers wouldn't help at intersections, that much you are correct about.
Aug 29, 2014 Rain Muffin commented on Cyclist Killed on 2nd Avenue.
@59, it's probably likely that the impact sent her bicycle and body into the crosswalk. It's probably likely she was in the incredibly dangerous left-side bike lane. I don't know that those details have been released.
Aug 29, 2014 Rain Muffin commented on Cyclist Killed on 2nd Avenue.
@18 regarding your point about "rogue" cyclists...

First, what do you suggest bike advocates do to help change this behavior? As an example, I've asked people biking with no lights on trails to please get lights. Responses range from silence, to "whatever" to "Fuck you!".

Second, many of the behaviors you mentioned (running lights/stop signs, going the wrong way on one ways, being on cell phones and not paying attention) are also "rogue" driver behaviors. When I first moved to Seattle, I was surprised to notice that the number of drivers who forget to turn their lights on at night was noticeably higher than anywhere else I've lived. I've nearly been hit while riding multiple times by cab drivers who roll through stop signs. Or cabs making a U turn and not paying attention. In fact, a friend of mine was just hit that way a couple weeks ago. Cars often speed up to pass me, then brake hard to turn in front of me, rather than just waiting that extra 35 seconds.

I do think you make some excellent points, but I think it's important that we focus less specifically on bad cyclist behavior and discuss how to encourage everyone in all modes of transit to behave like there are others out there. Even pedestrians walking into the street while texting, or darting out from behind parked cars, are dangerous to everyone. We are all the perpetrators and the victims.
Mar 22, 2013 Rain Muffin commented on The Story of How I Was Detained and Almost Arrested This Afternoon.
With this kind of publicity, Swifty Printing might be swiftly out of business and in need of the very transitional housing they are trying to prevent...
Nov 12, 2012 Rain Muffin commented on Sound Check.
El Ten Eleven rocked the Croc on Saturday!! I found them randomly on a Pandora station and decided to go to the show. I actually had no idea it was only 2 people making all that sound until I saw them live... Super band, great write-up!
Oct 15, 2012 Rain Muffin joined My Stranger Face
Oct 15, 2012 Rain Muffin joined My Stranger Face
Oct 15, 2012 Rain Muffin commented on Court of Appeals Rules Seattle's Phonebook Rules Unconstitional.
Or in this case, yellow pages are people. People who get First Amendment rights.

I'm a little unclear on how exactly a business delivering things to a private doorstep violates a First Amendment right. Can someone of the legal persuasion explain what reasoning the 9th Circuit Court is using in this case?