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Jun 2 Lilting Missive commented on Seattle, Stop What You're Doing and Look for This White Notebook.
Not as bad as running a notebook through the washer. I killed at least one the of little pocket sized spiral-bound Meade notebooks that was 98% percent full. You spend maybe ten minutes trying to salvage something, then just go into the corner and weep.
Apr 13 Lilting Missive commented on We Saw You Making Out in Ballard, Farmer-Spitting on Pine Street, and Wearing a Stuffed Parrot in North Seattle.
Awwwwww... Hazlewood is still magical. I've never had that egregious of a makeout session there, but that place definitely has that effect on people. I've certainly had some first kisses and PDAs that pushed the boundaries of good and proper society, plus her ankles were visible.
Mar 15 Lilting Missive commented on Boring Report: Hollywood Lights Have Arrived at the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station.
Sorry Christopher, likely not spotlights. According to a stagehand friend of mine who's worked with and for Hollywood Lights, it's probably just architectural lighting.
Jan 11 Lilting Missive commented on Why Does Facebook Make Smart People So Ridiculously Stupid?.
To be fair, a "billion" in Europe is 1000 times larger than the United State's billion (a million million, 10^12, instead of a thousand million, 10^9)…

That said... $4.33 * 1000 ≠ poverty solved
Jun 29, 2014 Lilting Missive commented on What the Hell Does One Do in North Vancouver?.

Even better after a hike, but not required.
Jun 20, 2014 Lilting Missive commented on Drunk of the Week.
Bottom shelf? Fighting Cock: The Perfect Breakup Whiskey (tm).

Top shelf? Ardbeg Corryvreckan.
Apr 4, 2014 Lilting Missive commented on Orange Theory Fitness Responds to Criticism That Its Ad Campaign Exploits Memorials to Dead Cyclists.
#30 nailed it.

Bicycle parking is a public good provided by public dollars. Regardless of what it is, private enterprise shouldn't be allowed to appropriate it for advertising themselves.
Mar 19, 2014 Lilting Missive commented on The San Francisco Toast Trend Hits Seattle.
Seattle already won this race. Nervous Nellies. Damn it was good... why did they have to move out of their perfect little tiny location on Market St in Ballard?
Jan 9, 2014 Lilting Missive commented on Northern Lights Tonight (Plus an Aside About the Living American Ulysses).
The sun doesn't fart radiation, it farts charged particles. If it farted radiation, that radiation would get to us in around 8 minutes, not the days that the charged particles take.

It wasn't the error that bothered me, but the incorrect metaphor. Who farts light?
Oct 23, 2013 Lilting Missive commented on The New Separated Bike Track Is Good for Cyclists and Drivers.
I've been a bicycle commuter in this city for six years and I seriously need someone to explain to me how the fuck you're supposed to turn right while southbound on this thing.

Wait, before we even get to that, how are you supposed to enter it? I'm southbound on Broadway and I cross Denny, the track starts over on the other side of the street with no facilities to transition over there. Am I supposed to just swing across oncoming traffic and into it? Do they expect to stop at the goddamn crosswalk or something?

Okay, now I'm in the cycle-track. Woooooooooooo! Whoop, but now I need to turn right onto Pine. Wait, am I supposed to stop in the middle of the track, blocking other cyclists, and wait for the crosswalk light? WTF?

I may be a cycle-track noob, but this seems dumb to me. Give me back my Broadway without the tracks in it.