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Sep 23, 2014 Stephen McCandless commented on Balagan Theatre Shut Down By Its Board After Being Blindsided by Debts.
Set up for success? At least he got the "Set up" part right.
Feb 20, 2014 Stephen McCandless commented on More Fallout from the D.C. Theater "Summit" (Or, Blinded By the Lightness).
If you don't cultivate an adventurous audience, then you are stuck producing things that are already recognized by your audience.

If you don't know how to market new work, then you are stuck producing things that are already recognized by your audience.

If your audience doesn't use the more "social" aspects of the internet, then your ability to use word-of-mouth to promote your plays is much more limited.

If most of your money comes from large, steady sources that view art as an abstract good, and your Board satisfied with your theatre's failure to develop new audiences because obviously "the kids these days" are terrible cretins who just don't appreciate art, then you are already excused for failing. This familiar failure is a much more easily defended than failing while trying something new.
Jan 31, 2014 Stephen McCandless commented on Which Theaters Are Braving the Super Bowl?.
Also? Weird & Awesome with Emmett Montgomery at Annex Theatre:
Jan 10, 2014 Stephen McCandless commented on Sandbox Radio Live! Moves to ACT.
Siano? His behavior? It's called self-promotion. Personally, I feel that the insincerely-embarassed artist philosophy has enough adherents in Seattle. I find Mark's projection of confidence a welcome change.
Jan 9, 2013 Stephen McCandless commented on The Death of Pierce Transit and Why Voting Is Not Democracy.
My favorite example of the issues behind this post is from 1997 when King County voters rejected a property-tax levy intended to fund Medic One.

Medic One fate again may lie in levy vote

In an amazing display of short-sightedness and self-interest, the electorate voted to defund Emergency Medical Services. Classic.
Nov 14, 2012 Stephen McCandless commented on Stories for Bad Children: Kelleen Conway Blanchard Plus Puppets.
Annex chooses its season from responses to our annual "Request for Proposals". No previous affiliation with Annex is required.

From these submissions the Annex Company chooses a season. We've decided that this is fair, as The Company is the body that will be working without pay to produce the chosen works. Thus, the only requirement that your play be produced at Annex is that it excite the artists who keep the theatre running.

If for whatever reason you that approach doesn't work for you, you can rent our theatre. The rates are quite reasonable; in fact, we subsidize our rental rates and charge less money than it actually costs us to maintain our space.

Between our own productions and rentals we produced or presented twenty-five different shows last year. And I'm happy to note here that many were created and directed by non-white-male types. Not that it's a focus of ours, things just turned out that way.

And Annex is only one of a dozen venues around town. All run by different groups with varying sensibilities; from the Rendezvous' Jewelbox, ACT's Central Heating Lab, and everything in-between.

Creating art is very frustrating, particularly in modern-day America. My fellow volunteers and I take great pains to afford every opportunity to those who would take to the stage.

In a few months Annex will have another RFP, and we will consider almost anything. Email the theatre and ask to be put on the 'backstage' list, and you'll receive the notice when it is sent out.

PS: I will point out that almost nobody (on a percentage basis) makes a living working in the theatre in this town. Which means for the most part the people you wish to work with are doing it do improve or adorn their lives. I would suggest that your feelings laid out in the toxic monologue above might not be as well-concealed as you think, and that your attitude might be one of your larger impediments.
Nov 14, 2012 Stephen McCandless commented on Stories for Bad Children: Kelleen Conway Blanchard Plus Puppets.
RE: @1, Anonymous

Annex received many proposals for our 25th season, two of which made the cut and were intentionally paired as they both involved puppets. Our plans for producing "A Mouse Who Knows Me" and "Audrey & Nelson" were in place well before Balagan announced they would be presenting "Avenue Q".

"Stories for Bad Children" features puppets by Vox Fabuli Puppets, who not coincidently fashioned in part the puppets in Annex's "Audrey & Nelson". The answer to your question regarding frequency is largely the product of a small group of very talented individuals who are seemingly inexhaustible, and the healthy range of smaller, but technically robust venues around Seattle that facilitate such experimentation.

Your comments about Ellen Forney's poster for "Kittens in a Cage" are such a wildly ignorant display they suggest an unfortunate paucity of character. That Ms. Forney is a beloved icon and your comments being simply another frothing screed with a hidden agenda is obvious; I only acknowledge them out of a sense of routine decorum.

Lastly, regarding the work of Kelleen Conway Blanchard. I have helped produce several plays by Kelleen, and have the privilege of having another scheduled next year. You are welcome to your tastes, but I can assure you that a significant portion of the theatre-going audience does not share them. Anyone with such a demonstrated ability to write such closely observed, nuanced, and wildly funny plays deserves to be fussed over in a city that values live performance.

PS: Treating the live-performance community like some zero-sum game is a wretched way to go about what is presumably your business.

Stephen McCandless
Managing Director, Annex Theatre
Jun 29, 2012 Stephen McCandless commented on Up Tonight: "The Best Medicine" with Kermet Apio, Star Anna, and Others.
@5 Right, because how to correctly spell the name of a 25-year-old organization should be up for popular vote. Did I say vote? I meant "subject to fiat by the man with the loudest voice."
Mar 16, 2012 Stephen McCandless commented on This American Life Pulls Mike Daisey's Story About Apple's Labor Abuses in China Because Daisey Played Fast and Loose With the Facts.
Wow. Simply awful. That press release from TAL is damning - paragraph one: "... numerous fabrications."
Mar 9, 2012 Stephen McCandless commented on Film Industry Tax Break Passes Legislature.
Again, it's not a "tax break". It's a voluntary direction of existing B&O taxes by Washington Businesses to fund Washington Filmworks.

It's not a tax-break.