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Apr 7 ohthetrees commented on Maybe Tom Daley Didn't Say He Was Gay?.
Did anyone else who doesn't keep up on the sex lives of pretty foreigners momentarily think this post was about Tom Delay?
Apr 5 ohthetrees commented on The Saturday Morning News.
The ACLU doesn't have the power to "file an injunction". Only a judge can do that.
Apr 2 ohthetrees commented on Another Unique Slice of Capitol Hill Lost to Apartment Development Boom.
At least they were in charge of their own destiny, and didn't get evicted by developers.
Apr 1 ohthetrees commented on God Hates Fangs.
"you’re going to end up naked and sore, tied to the floor of a van marked 'Free Candy,'"

That is an amazing quote.
Mar 28 ohthetrees commented on This Is Some Top-Notch Propaganda.
Ansel sets my teeth on edge like no other reporter at the Stranger. I think it must be how smugly certain he is of his own analysis. Cars from the 1980s sometimes had pretty good mileage but were absolutely horrendous compared to modern cars when it comes to emissions, and were very small, unsafe, and slow. This is a perfect exemplar of how most of Ansel's articles read. A superficial truth squatting atop a fundamental misunderstanding.
Mar 17 ohthetrees commented on Tales from Behind the Espresso Machine.
Parts were interesting. The sections scornful of Starbucks employees who seemed to enjoy their jobs and like the company struck me as pretty condescending. Shorter: "Those poors are too dumb to know what they like. My hipper class of semi-exploited worker is far more enlightened; we read the New Yorker."
Mar 13 ohthetrees commented on SXSW Wednesday Photos: Kelis, St. Vincent, Spandau Ballet.
If you insist on subjecting us to these line out pieces that apparently no one reads (or at least don't comment on) please have mercy and put the jump somewhere near the beginning of your interminably long posts.
Mar 6 ohthetrees commented on Kairos' "Can/Cannot," Lena the Machina in a Field.
I see that the Line Out posts are really racking up the comments, as usual. Please go away. Or let us filter Line Out posts. It's just that there are just so many of them. Nothing personal.
Mar 6 ohthetrees commented on The Monkees Meet Maiden.
Please god. Go away line out.
Mar 6 ohthetrees commented on Zilla Rocca Explains What Happened With That Intelligence Sample on "Fake Surfers".
Is it too late for Line Out to go back to Line Out? Or pretty please let us filter it from Slog?

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