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COMTE is the online handle of Christopher Comte, a native of the great State of… more »


  • Barsuk or Fantagraphics
  • What book have you read the most?: A Winter's Tale Mark Helprin
  • Vampire or Zombie
  • Elliott Bay or Amazon
  • Why are people so afraid to learn the truth about building 7?: Because they know, everyone who's discovered the REAL truth, isn't around to tell anymore.

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COMTE is not putting up with any of your bullshit.
12:55 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Service Charge for What?.

You're right, it probably won't. What WILL change is that servers will no longer have to kow-tow to asswipes who insist on being treated like they're the only ones sitting in a full-up restaurant, or else they'll express their displeasure by not tipping, just because they can.
9:40 AM yesterday COMTE commented on Kshama Sawant—"She Who Shall Not Be Named"—Argues Against New Campaign Ethics Rule.
The time and distance provisions seem particularly problematic. For example, what if signature gatherers are on private property with the permission of the owner, but still within the 300 foot radius? Isn't that in direct contradiction to their First Amendment rights? It would seem far easier to simply say that no campaign-related activities shall occur on city property, and leave it at that.
9:34 AM yesterday COMTE commented on Kshama Sawant—"She Who Shall Not Be Named"—Argues Against New Campaign Ethics Rule.

May 19 COMTE commented on A Ton of New Restaurants Are Opening in Seattle This Year.

Feh, you and your Gilded Age froo-farrah! I'll take a nice, dry cave and a roaring fire for cooking my spear-killed game and for drying my rain-besotted animal pelt garments over your effete, new-fangled luxuries any day!
May 15 COMTE commented on Mad Max: Fury Road Is the Greatest Film of Its Kind Ever Made.

MRA = Mens Rights Advocates, you know, assholes who think men don't already have enough privilege.
May 15 COMTE commented on We Asked 12 People at SIFF's Opening Gala: Which Film Are You Most Excited to See?.
And SIFF does occasionally open with major Hollywood films: Braveheart in 1995 and Little Buddha in '94 come most immediately to mind.
May 15 COMTE commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Followed Off the Bus by a Suspicious Man.

Well, people prone to such displays of testosterone-induced posturing aren't exactly known as being the brightest bulbs on the string...
May 14 COMTE commented on Bill Bryant, Who Backed Bringing Shell's Arctic Drilling Fleet to Seattle, Announces Run for Governor.

Liberals DO embrace diversity and differing opinions - it's just that those opinions happen to differ from your obviously conservative leanings, which apparently made you butt-hurt enough to feel compelled to comment for the very first time. But that's okay, because we're pretty tolerant here on the ole' SLOG, and even someone such as yourself is welcome to express your opinion. After all, if troglodytes like SB and Sgt. Doom can find a place here, certainly we can make room for one more.
May 13 COMTE commented on Ben Carson's Yearlong Audition for Fox News Is Going Well.

It's actually been around, well, for several millennia going back to Biblical times, when, from what I've read in "the Good Book" (tm) it was apparently quite popular among the Yahweh-worshiping set.
May 13 COMTE commented on Dan Savage's ABC Sitcom Is a GO: Watch the Trailer!.
So, who exactly is Yahweh punishing this time for allowing teh homos to have another television show? I always get confused, because whenever Xtians claim their god will punish someone for these things, more often than not it's other Xtians who seem to take the brunt.

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