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I <3 The Stranger forevah and evah.

Jan 2, 2014 Violet_DaGrinder commented on Savage Love.
Yeah, I know a lot of fellow fat chicks don't want to be "fetishized", per se, but... I love the idea of being with somebody who is not just tolerating my body type, but actually really into it. Don't we all want that?
Aug 26, 2013 Violet_DaGrinder commented on Why All the Skyler Hate?.
@12 and @14: I agree with both of you. The female characters are poorly written, especially Skylar, AND the reaction to her growing complexity is misogynist. It's a twofer. And I hope it's not condescending to say how much I appreciate it when men notice these things; thanks, for the post Paul!
Aug 20, 2013 Violet_DaGrinder commented on SL Letter of the Day: That Dick Has Sailed.
Lots of guys have issues the first time. I always chalk it up to nerves and look forward to the second time, which always goes fine. More second dates?
Aug 19, 2013 Violet_DaGrinder commented on Health Care, Paid Vacation, Child Care, Public Transit....
I'm a medical student with a master's degree (paid for entirely with loans, some private). All I have to say is: CRY.

No, one more thing. I'm going into underserved primary care, and will be struggling to pay off my loans for a very long time. Many of my classmates will choose more lucrative specialties, even if their hearts are in primary care, because they are terrified by their debt. Just sayin'.
Aug 16, 2013 Violet_DaGrinder commented on SL Letter of the Day: POOP!.
I don't know how you keep having these kinds of conversations. I really don't. This level of stupid is so exhausting.
Aug 6, 2013 Violet_DaGrinder commented on The Experiences of a 17-Year-Old Feminist.
Thank you.
Aug 1, 2013 Violet_DaGrinder commented on The Worst Jobs We’ve Ever Had.
Animal control: reaching into a trough of liquid dog shit to clear a drain, which was clogged with a dead puppy. And then there were the times when the walk-in Death Cooler didn't work. You think barrels of dead cats and dogs couldn't be worse, and then they get HOT... not to mention the normal shit-and-euthanasia aspects of the job. And the dumbshit guys who fight with you about neutering their escaped pitbulls. The inevitable, generalized misanthropy creeping into your soul. Etc.
Apr 11, 2013 Violet_DaGrinder commented on Do You Want a Free (Mean) Dog?.
I used to be a King County Animal Control Officer, and to echo what the person from SAS: if you ever find an animal whose owner may be looking for it, please take it to the shelter! That is its best chance of being found -- the owner may not look in your neighborhood or at internet resources that are obvious to you -- and it is very unlikely that the critter will end up being euthanized. The local shelters do NOT euthanize adoptable animals, and the people there are in a better position to assess that than you are. You can also ask for the animal to be adopted out to you, the finder, ifit isn't claimed.
Nov 28, 2012 Violet_DaGrinder commented on The Bad Taste of Photographing and Posting Something You Are About to Eat.
Mudede, I feel like it's only right to admit how much you've grown on me.
Sep 6, 2012 Violet_DaGrinder commented on Here's the Back of My Son's New High School ID.

Also, DJ is starting high school?!?! Fuck, I'm old. And Dan, you are SUPER old.