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Apr 26 James McDaniel commented on What's Behind the Disappearance of Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups?.
Please, tell me about these Redding groups… ;)
Mar 16 James McDaniel commented on The Atlantic Describes a "Self-Defeating Radicalism" at Western Washington University.
In much of academia today (due to the rise of "critical theory" and intersectionality) the definitions of racism and sexism have morphed into the following:

==> racism / sexism = prejudice + power <==

This issue is summarized here


But you will find this morphed definition even in Wikipedia [emphasis mine] "Garner (2009: p. 11) summarizes different existing definitions of racism and identifies three common elements contained in those definitions of racism. First, a historical, hierarchical POWER relationship between groups; second, a set of ideas (an ideology) about racial differences; and, third, discriminatory actions (practices)."


The end result of this is the fairly new claim that people of color can't be racist, and women can't be sexist, because they lack the necessary power. These two recent articles are clear examples.



More reading on how these issues are being discussed and taught in college with today's emphasis on systemic oppression instead of simple prejudice:


Mar 15 James McDaniel commented on The Atlantic Describes a "Self-Defeating Radicalism" at Western Washington University.
Listen to an illuminating chat between Sam Harris & Jonathan Haidt about these issues, starting at 1:34:10 in this podcast.

Mar 13 James McDaniel commented on Chicago Trump Rally Shut Down by Hero Protesters.
Protestors interrupting and eventually cancelling a rally & speech by a presidential candidate claiming that the audience and/or candidate are "white supremacist" sounds... vaguely familiar. I do wonder if everyone who calls such protestors "heroes" today felt the same way on August 8, 2015.

Mar 3 James McDaniel commented on New Ghostbusters Trailer Poll.
Where’s the “not funny” option?
Feb 11 James McDaniel commented on Deadpool Is Lots of Fun, but It Does Not Achieve Immortality.
When I think of the bitter aftertaste of missed cinematic opportunities to explore the complex and important issues of race & sexuality in weird, imaginative or risk-taking ways - and doing so in a manner that doesn't offend anyone - I immediately think of... Deadpool.
Feb 9 James McDaniel commented on Portland to Lose a Bunch of Popular Food Cart Lots to a $1.5 billion Development.
I’m sure Portland’s culture will soon be reeling from the loss of 1% of their food carts. It’s not like they can just pick up and move to another parking lot or anything...
Feb 7 James McDaniel commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Tall Order.
@79 No worries LavaGirl. These things happen on occasion when one almost has two first names ("James, son of Daniel"). I knew it was an accident and no slight was intended.
Feb 7 James McDaniel commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Tall Order.
@77 LavaGirl: If a sexbot would be perfect "because the rules of play seems to give the third person no room for any agency" - and I agree with you and Dan here - then why did Dan *recommend* that they go to OKC and find a human boy to act as a no-agency human Fleshlight for their oxytocin needs?
Feb 7 James McDaniel commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Tall Order.
@53 UAR: It wasn't really a complaint as much as it was a compare & contrast observation of Dan's differing comments about two objectification scenarios, two days in a row.

Day 1 - Someone asks about the wording of an OKC profile, Dan says that what really matters is "If you treat ... them like human Fleshlights ... then, yeah, you're an asshole who's objectifying/fetishisizing people in a dehumanizing way. Don't be an asshole."

Day 2 - Someone tells Dan that they desire a boy to use as "a source of oxytocin ... to fuck/kiss and hold hands with" - aka, a human Fleshlight™. At this point I expected Dan to at least mention his rule from Day 1, but instead he just shrugs and points out that because sexbots aren't quite available yet, they should go on OKC and find a human boy to act as one. In other words, Dan is recommending & endorsing their attempt to find a human Fleshlight.

I guess the "make an effort to be open, honest, and breezy about who you are and what you want" part transforms dehumanizing asshole-type behavior into objectification kink via the magic of informed consent. That is, of course, the right way to be kinky - so perhaps the LW should be searching Fetlife instead of OKC?