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Dec 19, 2016 James McDaniel commented on Fuck The Nutcracker: Why You Should Boycott the Most Popular Ballet of the Holiday SeasonFuck The Nutcracker.
"Evans replaced Tchaikovsky with Public Enemy's 'Fight the Power'..."

Sounds like a clear case of cultural appropriation to me.
Aug 8, 2016 James McDaniel commented on Gymnastics' Two-Person Per Country Rule Is Bullshit.
Quotas are merely an attempt to redress a system that for decades didn't just allow, but actively enabled, athletic inequality. The two-person rule simply attempts to create a more level playing field, and anybody who objects by claiming that the system should be a meritocracy clearly doesn't understand the steps necessary to eliminate institutional nationalism. I for one am glad that historically-oppressed countries are choosing to "punch up" against medal privilege.
Jul 22, 2016 James McDaniel commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Two Men Were Standing in the U-District Playing Pokémon GO at 3 AM.
You know what makes this PRI so gosh-darned funny? The fact that by standing on a public street corner at 3 am wearing a short skit - oops, my bad - looking down at a screen and playing a game, they were clearly "asking for it" right? Victim blaming is hi-LAR-ious!
Jul 5, 2016 James McDaniel commented on The Morning News: The FBI Looks into State Senator Pam Roach, But Doesn't Recommend Charging Hillary Clinton.
"...Jupiter's orbit. Is this where the rest of us will end up when America descends into chaos and our ecosystems collapse?"

I don't think there's enough weed in all of Washington state to help make sense of this total non sequitur.
Jul 5, 2016 James McDaniel commented on The Morning News: The FBI Looks into State Senator Pam Roach, But Doesn't Recommend Charging Hillary Clinton.
"NASA's Juno Spacecraft... will self-destruct in 2018 so as not to disturb the potential habitability of Jupiter's moons."

After all the science is done, the probe will indeed be directed to crash into Jupiter in order to prevent any *contamination* of Jupiter's moons by microbes from Earth. So I don't understand this comment about "potential habitability." If any of Jupiter's moons contain life, we certainly don't want to disturb that life - in which case, that moon is already inhabited and thus quite habitable to that form of life, there's nothing potential about that. Do you mean that a moon's ecosystem is potentially - aka, possibly - already inhabited? Or are you referring to "potential habitability" by humans in the future?
Jun 30, 2016 James McDaniel commented on An Actually Reasonable Email From an Actually Sane Sanders Supporter.
Actually @17, I worry that it’s a bit simpler than that:
~ Agree with Dan = Reasonable & sane
~ Disagree with Dan = Unreasonable & insane

I’m sure if someone went back in time to the year 2000 and just yelled “you are unreasonable and insane!” to all the Nader voters before the election, that they would totally vote for Gore instead - right? I wonder how effective this tactic will be in 2016...
Jun 28, 2016 James McDaniel commented on The Morning News: Washington's Becoming Less White, Women Share Their Abortion Stories, and a Billionaire Flips on "Park My Viaduct".
"White people... [are] aging quickly."

Given that all humans in this timestream age one day, every day, I guess that this bit of agist, tribalist triumphalism was meant to refer to a (presumably) higher percentage of white people in the older demographic age brackets, as compared to the younger brackets.
May 4, 2016 James McDaniel commented on Seattle Repertory Theatre Takes Action after Stagehand Gets Caught Saying the N-Word.
Our transition from a dignity culture to a victimhood culture continues.

Apr 26, 2016 James McDaniel commented on What's Behind the Disappearance of Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups?.
Please, tell me about these Redding groups… ;)
Mar 16, 2016 James McDaniel commented on The Atlantic Describes a "Self-Defeating Radicalism" at Western Washington University.
In much of academia today (due to the rise of "critical theory" and intersectionality) the definitions of racism and sexism have morphed into the following:

==> racism / sexism = prejudice + power <==

This issue is summarized here


But you will find this morphed definition even in Wikipedia [emphasis mine] "Garner (2009: p. 11) summarizes different existing definitions of racism and identifies three common elements contained in those definitions of racism. First, a historical, hierarchical POWER relationship between groups; second, a set of ideas (an ideology) about racial differences; and, third, discriminatory actions (practices)."


The end result of this is the fairly new claim that people of color can't be racist, and women can't be sexist, because they lack the necessary power. These two recent articles are clear examples.



More reading on how these issues are being discussed and taught in college with today's emphasis on systemic oppression instead of simple prejudice: