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Aug 26, 2015 freshnycman commented on Savage Love.
Am I the only one who take's issue with HIM's logic that, "While some may find cheating morally reprehensible, it is not so morally reprehensible in this country that there are laws prohibiting it (anymore)—it's not even a misdemeanor." What is legal and what is moral are two very different things and I would never aspire to live in a country that mandates morality through laws. Of course the hackers would love to do just that so curious that HIM would subscribe to that logic..
Mar 17, 2014 freshnycman commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Short Answer to a Hard Problem.
I'd start with verifying that he has told her about the heart condition. He wouldn't be the first guy to downplay / not admit at all to a medical problem so he doesn't seem like less of a man
Feb 11, 2014 freshnycman commented on SL Letter of the Day: What a Kackass.
@7 bingo
Dec 5, 2013 freshnycman commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Do Not Watch This Japanese Ad for Car Tires.
The US has the suckiest car commercials in the world. God I miss Japan.
Nov 22, 2013 freshnycman commented on Morning News: Levitating Trains, Pushy Cops, and Urban Rat Hunts.
@4 many tech companies discount/fund early adopters of their product in new markets as a necessary investment to get the mainstream market the case study/proof point they require.

I also think summarizing this as something that would only benefit the 'washington elite' is asinine
- DC to NYC corridor is the most densely populated and profitable route for Amtrak which currently subsidizes all others
- Our train system is archaic, inefficient and an embarrassment
- Ideally high-speeed train adoption would be managed competently within Amtrak but as that has proven to be a challenge due to a variety of reasons, any external push is welcome motivation
Oct 24, 2013 freshnycman commented on What Do You Think of the Captain America: Winter Soldier Trailer?.
@10 agreed- where was the gratuitous shirtless Chris Evans shot in the trailer?
Oct 14, 2013 freshnycman commented on The Good News and the Bad News About Bike Share.
@16 somehow I doubt if PSBS were free and everywhere that you would take advantage of it. In NYC most the people do the annual membership vs day/short trip option. And for me personally dodging traffic, potholes and opening doors is 1/2 the fun and the sport of it all. If you're only looking for the serene country road tour or off the beaten trail mt biking than no city bike program anywhere will be your cup of tea. Disclaimer- I haven't used the NYC bike share as I have my own bike
Oct 14, 2013 freshnycman commented on These Are the Words the City Says to Me (Part XVIII).
I second @3. I need an update on Shitbarf's artistic developments since the last slog installation.
Sep 24, 2013 freshnycman commented on A Rather Succinct Summation of What's Currently Wrong With Our Healthcare System.
sorry but I have to think the for-profit insurance scam, er, companies and all the middlemen involved as a result of that, also account for a significant jacking up of health care costs...
Sep 12, 2013 freshnycman commented on The Struggle to Address Gender and Sexuality in Politics.
As a statistically significant sample size of one, personally, Quinn had my vote til Liu said he'd legalize pot. Granted I knew he wouldn't win, but still, have to stand up and be counted!