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4:06 PM yesterday Gurldoggie commented on What Do You Think of President Obama's Khaki Suit?.
Drop it, man. It's a perfectly fine suit and there's so much shit to worry about without furthering trivializing our national politics.
3:52 PM yesterday Gurldoggie commented on Hillary Clinton Issues Statement on Ferguson.
Good for her, but I'm really tired of the empty rhetoric of this whole generation. The greatest disappointment of Obama's time in the office is the realization that ANY President - black, female, gay, Tibetan, martian - is necessarily a reactionary.
12:12 PM yesterday Gurldoggie commented on Man Tased, Arrested for Crime of Being Black in St. Paul, Minnesota.
This is shameful. I feel terrible for that man and his kids. No joke, this is what the internet is for. This video should be seen by everyone and those idiot cops ("I'm not your brother" indeed) should be fired and followed by this video everywhere they go.
Aug 26 Gurldoggie commented on The Number of Times the British Police Fired Their Weapons in 2012: Three.
@15 -
Can't we agree that there is likely more than one cause to this horrendous problem? Even if we agree that racism in the U.S. is qualitatively different from racism in other countries (which I don't think is true BTW) shouldn't we recognize that there is also a gun issue?

@18 -
Amazing right? An issue where one clear solution - reducing the number of guns held by civilians AND cops - seems too obvious to be ignored. Yet here we are, and here we remain: represented by leaders too chickenshit to admit the obvious.
Aug 26 Gurldoggie commented on The Number of Times the British Police Fired Their Weapons in 2012: Three.
I completely agree with you, and it's dismaying that this kind of analysis has been lost in all of the coverage of Ferguson. It's clear that our ass-backwards gun laws are one important cause behind this recent string of tragedies. The abundance of guns in our street leads directly to the dangerous over-arming of law enforcement. The cops in Ferguson are an obvious example, but George Zimmerman is another - a Neighborhood Watch volunteer who felt he had to be armed to the teeth when he went out for evening "patrol." Racism is clearly a huge problem, but it's not confined to our borders. Combine it with guns, and the result is the awful situation we now find ourselves in.
Aug 25 Gurldoggie commented on Crazy Anti-Gay Preacher Turns Left, Turns Right, Calls For Amendment to US Constitution That Would Jail Gay People.
How long until this creep is found with pictures of naked boys on his phone?
Aug 23 Gurldoggie commented on Brace Yourselves for a Samuel Beckett Blitz—the City’s First Beckett Theater Festival Is Under Way.
Many of these performances sound decent, but Jeezis the UMO thing sounds fecking awful. I've read a fair amount of Beckett and I'll be damned if I can think of a single line that would be improved by juggling and amateur trapeze work.
Aug 22 Gurldoggie commented on People Should Stop Mountain Climbing.
I'm with you. I'm sure mountain climbing is fun for some, but there's no question it comes with a death wish. Like running with the bulls or charging towards a cop waving a gun, t's quite the unnecessary risk for someone who wants to keep living.
Aug 20 Gurldoggie commented on Virginity Pledges and Abstinence Education.
Oh Seattleblues...
Some day someone will take pity and you will have sex too.
Aug 19 Gurldoggie commented on What Is Your Favorite Fake Movie Band?.
That band in the cantina in the first Star Wars film - with the big white heads, playing ragtime

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