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Apr 13 Gurldoggie commented on Letting the Bad Thing Happen: A Conversation on Conservation with Ann Hamilton.
Such a terrific exhibit. Really beautiful and thought provoking. Only a few more weeks to see it, people! Don't miss it!
Apr 13 Gurldoggie commented on The Morning News: Shell Oil's ETA in Seattle, Hillary's Hate Crime Against Graphic Designers, and Rubio's Jumped In.
I had the exact same thought as @1. The logo says "Hillary : moving hard to the right."
Apr 10 Gurldoggie commented on I Thought We Had Plans.
You said "Shitbarf!"
Apr 8 Gurldoggie commented on Guest Editorial: Allow Non-Citizens to Vote in Seattle Elections.
I like the idea, and I like the Mayor's reasoning with this one glaring exception: "If it was good enough for white male settlers in 1853, it’s good enough for our diverse population today." I hope we can all agree that the moral decisions of 19th century white male settlers should NOT necessarily dictate our choices today.
Apr 6 Gurldoggie commented on How Seattle Radio Legend Nick Johnson's Record Collection Inspired a New Generation of Jazz Aficionados.
Superb article. Many thanks for introducing this record geek to another corner of Seattle's musical past. More please!
Apr 2 Gurldoggie commented on Get to Know Your Spice Grinder.
All at one low, low price but that's not all. If you act now we will add this full color "pets of the Stranger office staff " calendar and the "doorways of Capitol Hill" tea cozy!
Mar 31 Gurldoggie commented on Gird Your Loins for Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain's SoCal Rock Oral History, 69.
Is there really a need for this? Can't everyone get more than their fill of late 60's nostalgia by reading any given issue of Rolling Stone at the barber shop?
Mar 27 Gurldoggie commented on Holy Smokes! A New Stranger Podcast About What the Hell Happened This Week.
I liked this program okay. Like lots of folks, I try to keep up with local news but my time seems to be ever more limited, so a summary podcast serves a useful function. That said, this would be a MUCH better program if a single person on the panel had a different opinion on ANY topic. 40 minutes of people agreeing with each other doesn't exactly make for compelling radio. Maybe in the future you could invite some voices of dissent? Some clever thinkers from a conservative school like Seattle U? Or one of the more agreeable voices from conservative talk radio? Wouldn't it be more fun to hear Charles Mudede really go at it with a conservative economist?
Mar 27 Gurldoggie commented on Van Halen's New Record AND American Tour.
Alright! A Van Halen reunion and a Who tour! Imagine if they could bring Lawrence Welk back from the dead for the total trifecta dream team!

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