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3:12 PM Gurldoggie commented on "If We’re Serious About Reducing the Number of Guns in Our World, Then We Also Have to Reduce the Number of Guns in Our Movies.".
Weird how this thread has become all "show me the evidence!" It doesn't require another detailed statistical analysis to see how mass media influences our culture. Didn't the Columbine killers write about Spielberg creating a film of their story? Was it just a coincidence that the Aurora, CO killer chose a Batman premiere for his moment of infamy? It's not hard to find lots more examples. I think the letter writer has a really valid point, and maybe Paul protests too much. If we're finally starting to have an adult conversation about guns in this country, maybe it's also time to think hard about the link between popular culture's approach to guns and popular opinions about the same.
Jul 7 Gurldoggie commented on Today's Recommended Show: A Free All-Ages Courtney Barnett In-Store at Sonic Boom!.
I saw her on Saturday, opening for Sharon Van Etten at the Neptune. She and her band were so good, so musical, so full of life, they put the headliner to shame.
Jul 7 Gurldoggie commented on BBC Officially Has No Time for Science Skeptics.
Thank you @5. We'll keep "drinking the koolaid" of a massive amount of valid data gathered by scientists over decades. You can keep asking the "unpopular questions" of a lunatic fringe for whom ignorance + loud voices equal facts.
Jul 7 Gurldoggie commented on The Morning News: One Day Until Washington's First Pot Stores Open.
From where I'm sitting, deep in the heart of blue Seattle, it looks like a shrewd Democrat politician could bury the Republican candidate by playing the Tea Party/RINO divide. Come out strongly in favor of practical immigration policies, gay rights and a promise not to screw with the country's credit rating, and you will attract both loyal Democrats and sensible old school Republicans while scaring away the relatively small number of Tea Party Taliban.
Jul 3 Gurldoggie commented on The Bar Is the Thing at Elysian Bar.
I've got to join the chorus here. The food at the Elysian has ALWAYS sucked. I get a beer now and then, but I will never again eat their food.
Jul 3 Gurldoggie commented on Unless You Are a Professional, Don't Take Pictures of Fireworks Tomorrow.
Good luck pal. For your next trick you should try to stop the tide.
Jul 3 Gurldoggie commented on Happy 4th of July! Don't Blow Your Balls Off.
There's nothing any of you can say that will make me put down this lighter.
Jul 2 Gurldoggie commented on What Do You Think of the St. Vincent Trailer?.
Hey! Bill Murray just crashed my Slog comment!
Jul 1 Gurldoggie commented on USA vs. Belgium Open Thread! (Final Score: Belgium 2, US 1).
I'm rooting for the new world all the way! Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica or Brazil over the stodgy Europeans..

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