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Feb 7 schmacky commented on Under Armour Supports Trump, So Stop Buying Their Shit.
Another dumbfuck who thinks the world is just another business to run. "Publish and iterate" is all fine and dandy if you're building a new web tool or a monetization plan or some shit. It's a little different when you crap out an immigration order that breaks up families and throws airports into chaos, or hire a massively unqualified party donor to make policy for public schools, or take notes from a nihilistic racist when making foreign policy decisions, or....ah, fuck it. We're doomed.
Feb 6 schmacky commented on RETRACTION: Milo Yiannopoulos Is Not a White Nationalist.
I don't know if this helps or hurts the article's point, but Milo is on record saying he pretty much exclusively has sex with black men. Just putting that out there.
Feb 3 schmacky commented on The Morning News: Nordstrom Drops Ivanka Trump Like a Hot Potato, Why Tacoma Is Not the Solution to Seattle's Housing Crisis.
Many people skip the Seattle-Tacoma car commute via the Sounder train. Is there a reason you, of all people, failed to mention this?
Feb 2 schmacky commented on Beware the Slenderman—and a Lot of Other Things.
You should mention that the doc is also creepy as shit...which may or may not be appropriate, given that it only serves to further marginalize mental illness for the sake of a cheap thrill.

And yet creepy has its own merits, and I shan't undervalue them just cause my bleeding heart is trying to bring down the price.
Feb 2 schmacky commented on No, You Dumb Morons at Breitbart, Russell Wilson Did Not Imply Trump Is Going to Be Assassinated.
@11: I read a quote from said "provocateur" along the lines of "I'm better at controlling my emotions than most people. They don't really affect me." That's pretty much the story. They're not invested in any outcomes beyond their own shallow amusements.
Feb 2 schmacky commented on No, You Dumb Morons at Breitbart, Russell Wilson Did Not Imply Trump Is Going to Be Assassinated.
Breitbart's writers are paid to say things that are obviously over the top, but just barely defensible as possibly true. It's the whole m.o. of the "alt-right," which is just another term for "say whatever is necessary to piss off the left." They're baiting you. Calling them morons is beside the point. They're sociopathic nihilists who know exactly what they're doing, and they do it exceedingly--and increasingly--well.
Jan 30 schmacky commented on Food News: Two Years of Neon Taco, the End of Ernest Loves Agnes, More Meat, and More Closures.
Bourbon & Bones closure is indeed bizarre. That place was always busy, it seemed like to me, and kind of anchored that little pocket on Leary. Hm.
Jan 29 schmacky commented on Photos from the SeaTac Airport Muslim Ban Protests.
Great pics thanks
Jan 25 schmacky commented on Trumphoria: Dow Jones Industrial Average Hits 20,000.
@6: This wasn't a stocks/fund manager, just an advisor who happens to work in investments. We were exploring interest-bearing accounts, specifically. But regardless, even if he was trying to sell me, the fact that he led with "Trump bump" is terrifying.