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11:23 PM yesterday schmacky commented on Savage Love.
I just got "Clambien"....ha! Well played.
9:13 AM yesterday schmacky commented on Guest Editorial: It’s Time to Move Forward on Pot Tourism in Washington State.
Hear, hear! (Or maybe that should be "Here! Here!")
Oct 24 schmacky commented on Seahawks Tie Cardinals In Unendingly Frustrating Defensive Masterpiece.
Everything @5 just said. Also, Wilson, for the first time since getting injured, actually looks injured. He was missing guys all night. Cause for concern to this dyed-in-the-wool northwest sports fan pessimist.
Oct 21 schmacky commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Tries To Find a Parking Spot In Capitol Hill.
She deserved it. Unless she was holding it for a disabled person or some such thing, you don't get to "save" a spot with your body. That's not how parking etiquette works.
Oct 13 schmacky commented on What Does Cliff Mass Have to Say About The Storm That Wants to Not Be Forgotten?.
@4, I don't think that's how science works.
Oct 12 schmacky commented on I Was Stranger Music Editor for Three Minutes 18 Years Ago and Seattle Music Still Sucks.
True lies! I don't know what that means, but it seems vaguely germane.
Oct 12 schmacky commented on Remembering The Locker Room Talk of My Youth.
An awesome remembrance. Well done!
Oct 7 schmacky commented on Rape Culture Is Running for President.
No idea what you're on about, Misantrope. Did Bill Clinton try to hump your leg at some point?
Oct 7 schmacky commented on Rape Culture Is Running for President.
What the fucking fuck does Bill Clinton have to do with anything? Newsflash, you grotesque orange asshat: BILL ISN'T RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. This continued attempt to tie Bill to Hillary is so nakedly patriarchal and moronic...Hillary really needs a good line to end this cowardly, sexist bullshit once and for all.
Oct 4 schmacky commented on A Letter from a Millennial Who's Worried About "Tribalism" and "Post-Truth Politics".
@29: Willing to agree with you that asserting a positive opinion about photo IDs should not automatically result in a racist attack (though not sure how often that actually happens, depending on how you define "attack"). But the proposal is neither common sense nor (obviously) non-controversial.

You do know that many, many people who are eligible and have the right to vote don't have a photo ID, right? How do you propose to address that?