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Sep 6 DJSauvage commented on Storyville Coffee's Connection to Mars Hill Is Now a Direct One.
Why would a barista or even a store manager be told if the profits were going into Mars Hill? There are lots of gradients between fanboy and boycott. There are quite a few businesses that I avoid for various reasons (like Walmart) but I don't consider it a boycott, just a wise use of my own money. Storyville would be one of them.
Sep 5 DJSauvage commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Son-in-Law.
The best way to go is Truvada and condoms together. If one fails the other has your back.
Sep 5 DJSauvage commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Son-in-Law.
@4 in a follow up piece, Rick said that what he thought were Truvada side effects were actually from rickettsia, a primarily tick-borne bacterial infection. He is back on Truvada with no side effects.…
Sep 5 DJSauvage commented on LTE: Why I'm Wrong for Parlaying a Cyclist's Death Into a Piece About Underfunded Bike-Safety Projects.
It's interesting that when discussing a road plan, nobody ever talks about bad drivers. when discussing mass transit, we never talk about bad bus drivers (my husband was hit by a metro driver in a bus once) when discussing pedestrian use, we never talk about bad pedestrians, but everyone always wants to solve the bad bicyclist problem before moving forward on bike infrastructure.
Sep 4 DJSauvage commented on Seattle Cop Defends Killer of Michael Brown, Accuses Obama of Racism.
Yeah it's guys like him that think their job is to be at war with the public that are ruining it for decent officers.
Sep 4 DJSauvage commented on Joan Rivers Has Died.
I never found her to be funny. Sanctimonious, self absorbed yes, sometimes heartless, never funny. I loved Phyllis Diller, she was raunchy be without the mean.
Sep 3 DJSauvage commented on SL Letter of the Day: One Man's Pegging-Enhanced Journey to Self-Acceptance.
I'm glad I was born with a decent sized pumpkin.
Sep 3 DJSauvage commented on Those Leaked Celebrity Nudes: Have You Looked?.
As someone who's worked in software for years, I would never store anything electronically or say anything in a message that I didn't want my grandma to see. All software has bugs, no security is ever perfect, and if there's enough desire, someone will eventually get those messages or media. Most of us are only safe because we aren't important enough to be targets.

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