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Nov 9, 2012 vanillaspice commented on Anti-Gay Now, Anti-Gay Tomorrow, Anti-Gay Forever!.
When George Wallace made that statement he was a Democrat.

The Democratic Party purged itself of his flavor of vile, and it cost them the presidency for a couple of terms. Eventually even he came around, and the Democratic Party did, you know, kinda OK after that.

The difference was that there was a sizable faction of non-bigots in the Democratic Party at the time. So maybe people who want to see further progress on this ought to encourage that fraction of the GOP (which isn't nobody, it's just intimidated by the religious zealots) by supporting non-loony Republicans instead of automatically attacking every Republican as a bigot and homophobe just for the label "Republican".

You could, for instance, treat the Log Cabin Republicans as insurgents in the enemy camp rather than traitors to yours.

Reasonable, tolerant people need to take back the name "Republican". You can help. Right now you aren't.
Oct 16, 2012 vanillaspice commented on Savage Love Episode 312.
In the midst of some good advice to the lady interested in chemical bondage there was some very bad advice: DO NOT hoard painkillers for recreational use. These drugs are extremely addictive and associating them with sex can't make addiction any less likely.

Find a less-addictive surrogate. Don't go there with opiates. We don't need another life wrecked by addiction.
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