Not enough like Twitter.

Jul 15 T commented on East Lansing Is Getting a New Sex-Ed Curriculum.
Not only is "the girl who says 'no' is the girl you want" slut-shaming, it's rapey as fuck. These people can all go play on the freeway.

Also, not to quibble facts, but East Lansing has a population just under 50k and is home to a Big 10 school (MSU). Not what I would call "small town," especially in the context of what the rest of Michigan looks like.
Jul 9 T commented on A Totally Non-Comprehensive but Semi-Useful Guide to Wild Waves.
I haven't been in probably 20 years, always thought it'd be fun to go as an adult. But aside from the wave pool, I don't think I know what any of these other attractions are.
Jun 4 T commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Offering.
The part that got glossed over a bit is that this guy is a *family friend*. From the sound of it, the families are pretty close, which makes hooking up with the dude a bad idea. That goes double considering the LW's family is comprised of conservative Christians (presumably his family is too). That next family vacation is gonna be awfully awkward.

I dunno, too much potential drama for my taste. I wouldn't do it. Move on and find someone else who's not basically your cousin.
May 26 T commented on Burger Face-Off: Loretta’s Tavern Burger vs. Dick’s Deluxe.
Why bother comparing Loretta's to Dick's? Aside from the fact that they both serve burgers, it sounds like they have almost nothing in common. Why can't this place stand on its own two feet without being compared to a long-established fast food joint?

Oh right, because The Stranger lost all their talent in the last couple of years.
May 5 T commented on I, Anonymous.
You don't tip Uber, as I'm sure most of the previous comments have pointed out. A driver once told me they aren't supposed to accept tips at all unless you offer it to them three times.

Whatever the case, IA sounds like they'd rather be driving a cab. Maybe that's more their speed.
Apr 29 T commented on What Living Next to a Condo Construction Site Taught Me About Seattle's Noise Ordinances.
@5 Not everyone works 9-5 M-F, dingus.
Apr 9 T commented on Seattle Is Not Beautiful.
Top notch trolling, as always. I'm with @14, The Stranger has been on a slow decline for a long time, but that has accelerated greatly in the past two years. It used to be far easier to ignore Mudede's posts since there were far more talented writers on staff. Nowadays, not so much.
Apr 8 T commented on San Francisco's the Bold Italic Ceases Operations, Everyone Cries/Celebrates.
All of this without mention of the fact that The Stranger has lost most of its best writers like rats from a sinking ship? Telling.
Apr 8 T commented on Dig These Fancy Record Shelves, Nerds!.
@15 The original trilogy was released unaltered on a limited DVD about 10 years ago. I think they tend to go for pretty high prices on eBay though. I remember reading that they're remastering the original, unmolested films for Blu-ray later this year.

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