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Aug 25 Super Jesse commented on That Washington State Law I May Have Broken Might Be Unconstitutional.
We "could" give a shit about the law?

I don't think you're saying what you think you're saying. (facepalm)
Jun 24 Super Jesse commented on A Video of Light Rail Train Taking 3 Minutes to Travel from Capitol Hill to the University District.
If they're already running trains through, then why is it not going to open for another year and a half? Also, can we stop calling this the "U-District Station"? This is the Husky stadium station, the U-District station at 45th and Brooklyn isn't gonna open for like another half decade. The Husky stadium station is a good 20+ minute walk from the heart of the U-District. You're not calling the Westlake station capitol hill, and they're basically the same distance.
Apr 28 Super Jesse commented on Vote "Approved" on Proposition 1 to Fund Needed Emergency Radios for First Responders.
Oh shit, I never thought the day would come where I agree with raindrop AND seattleblues...

But seriously, I'm voting no on this. Mainly because I resent the entire premise of it even being proposed. I'm not against emergency radios for first responders, mind you, I'm simply disgusted by the fact that the city/county/whoever are apparently so shitty at their jobs that they can't even be bothered to provide such basic necessities for emergency services operation. While I feel kind of crappy about stiffing the first responders here, I think voting no sends a better message, because if the measure fail, it will force them to go back and fight for the money that they should have gotten anyways through their regular budget channels.

And, let's be honest, emergency radios is on the ballot and not building maintenance or something simply because they know that it tugs on peoples conscience and is less likely to fail.

Well, fuck that.
Plan better, tell the politicians to stop fucking around, raise the money some other way, whatever you gotta do. Don't bother us with this bullshit, that's what we elect people to do.
Apr 4 Super Jesse commented on SPONSORED CONTENT.
Of all the things I'd ever thought I'd see on the stranger, an article debating the greatness of the soup flavors found on the shelf of the grocery outlet is not among them.
Jan 24 Super Jesse commented on Transit Advocates Dance on the Grave of Tom Rasmussen.
Is that some kind of cheap-o plastic podium? It kinda looks like it's made out of porta-potty scraps or something...
Sep 23, 2014 Super Jesse commented on We Asked 12 People at Fremont Oktoberfest: Who's Your Favorite German?.
What the fuck is this shit with the teeney-tiny beer glasses??? How the fuck do they have the gall to call that event Octoberfest? I bet all those people are drinking IPA's or some shit. Gahhhh......

(storms off into the distance, yelling to himself...)
Sep 17, 2014 Super Jesse commented on Disabled. Differently Abled. Differently Adorable..
Lurking like a champ. But mostly I just got so fed up with the trolls that I blow off steam by buying old plates at goodwill and smashing them to pieces as a form of anger management.
Sep 16, 2014 Super Jesse commented on Disabled. Differently Abled. Differently Adorable..
Ooh, neat, special parking for people with deformed cuticles. There's something ya don't see every day.
Sep 12, 2014 Super Jesse commented on Tim Eyman Initiative to Kill Seattle's Minimum Wage Picks Up $100,000 in Donations.
@ 9 - Bahahahaha, you actually think there's a difference between republicants and libertarians? That's cute. They only vary in the degree with which they'll go to sugarcoat their assholery.
Sep 12, 2014 Super Jesse commented on A Man Fell From This Makeshift Homeless Encampment and Died.
Somewhat offtopic, when the fuck are they just gonna build a lid over I-5 from like Olive down to, say, Madison? Build a park on it and be done with this nonsense of a freeway cutting off downtown from the city's most popular neighborhoods.

Hell, the paramount could have a summer concert series in the park right in its own backyard.

It's already like half done if you count the convention center.