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Jan 28 RatGirl commented on When You're Sick, Is Pozole Better Than Pho?.
I swear by matzoh ball soup. You can buy the kit that comes with the broth and the "ball" packets (just add oil and egg) for $3 or so and it makes a huge vat of soup. Works even if you're goyam!
Sep 17, 2013 RatGirl commented on Everyone Is Telling Me to Eat Chia Seeds.
If you don't want to eat them, you can enjoy the fun texture they provide within a bottle of tasty kombucha. Several different brands offer a "chia enhanced" kombucha drink, my favorite of which is GT's.
Jul 18, 2013 RatGirl commented on In Which I Didn't Wake Up Dead This Morning.
Goldy, you should definitely play it safe and see your primary care doc as soon as possible. That being said, my mother had a similar thing happen about 6 months ago. She was experiencing pain in her chest and arm, was understandably panicked and went to the emergency room. They gave her stress tests and even kept her overnight but It turns out her heart was just fine. The doctors attributed the pain to a spill she had taken on the ice while shoveling snow a few days before (she lives in Boston). So, the heavy lifting you did before bedtime could indeed have brought this on but I'd still suggest you consult with your doc, just in case.
Jul 12, 2013 RatGirl commented on They Sang His Song in Austin City Hall: Dee Snider Is Pro-Choice.
Dee Snider is pretty cool too.
Jul 12, 2013 RatGirl commented on They Sang His Song in Austin City Hall: Dee Snider Is Pro-Choice.
Dee Snyder rules. Always has.
Jun 21, 2013 RatGirl commented on The Phoenix Coyotes Could Soon Be Ours. And Our Problem..
I couldn't care less about basketball.. BUT GIMME GIMME GIMME NHL HOCKEY NOW!
Jun 3, 2013 RatGirl commented on NHL Playoffs Update: Now There Are Four.
Bruins won 3-0. Crosby's attempt at getting in Chara's face was ridiculous. He was a little boy throwing a tantrum, clearly pissed off about being shut out by the Bruins. After he gave up on Chara, he tried to get in Rask's face. Rask just shrugged his shoulders and skated away. It was a hilarious and fitting way to end this humiliating game for the Penguins. A well deserved smackdown for this team that has been more than a little full of themselves lately.
May 28, 2013 RatGirl commented on Slog Poll: Arrested Development, Season 4.
In attempting to discover what had happened to Portia DeRossi's face, I made this horrific discovery:….

May 28, 2013 RatGirl commented on Akron/Family Make Music For Elephants.
Akron/Family rules and so does their slash. So there./

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