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Jun 24 RatGirl commented on The People Who Voted to Leave the EU.
WTF Joseline?! Ehhh, not surprised.
May 25 RatGirl commented on How Do You Solve the Problem of Gendered Bathrooms? This Capitol Hill Brewery May Have an Answer..
@1 Hey Shillary, Optimism Brewery is not a Stranger advertiser.
May 4 RatGirl commented on This Brownie Macaroon Is the Best Thing I've Put in My Mouth in Weeks.
It's a MACARON, not a macaroon. Completely different. Oy.
Mar 25 RatGirl commented on Capitol Hill for Hillary, Rainier Valley for Bernie: A Look at Political Spending by Zip Code.
@1 My thoughts exactly. Even though my husband and I have made multiple contributions to Bernie's campaign, probably amounting to at least $1k or more in total, none of them have been over $250 at one time so they're not counted on this map. Since the average Bernie contribution is (all together now) $27, most donations to his campaign have not been counted here. Which explains why there's a lot fewer pockets of dark blue than I expected, considering his huge support in Seattle.
Feb 2 RatGirl commented on The Seattle Times' Treatment of Musician Hollis Wong-Wear Is a Perfect Example of #JournalismSoWhite.
Min Lao and Angela Garbes, both Chow writers extraordinaire.
Dec 8, 2015 RatGirl commented on On His Deathbed, My Father and I Could Agree on Only One Thing: Bach.
P.S. Charles, I loved this piece. It was really quite beautiful.