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Oct 16, 2012 therhyno joined My Stranger Face
Oct 16, 2012 therhyno commented on Political Convictions?.
The irony of conspiracy theorists talking about those who don't embrace them as kool-aid drinkers is stark... The rhetoric is always so similar. There's a vast conspiracy that you has hoodwinked everyone except the rare few who, with the aid of their binoculars and the internet, have stumbled upon some guy who knows the real truth.

And you want us to believe you because you're right. "Here, drink this kool-aid", you say...

Regarding the actual article, which no one seems to actually care about... If they were so innocent, why not simply state that instead of "refusing to take part". That's a pretty pointless statement.

If they're so persecuted, why are they allowed free access to the internet and access to all their assets and donations. I mean, are you claiming they're elite hackers who smuggle the internet out of solitary, or are you continuing the wonderful duality of "the government is a secret illuminati that runs complex mind-altering plots... yet is completely incompetent and can't manage to do anything correctly"? And this makes sense to you?

Do you not understand the hypocrisy of advocating questioning of the government (usually some fraction of the government that happens to think differently than you) but not your own sources? Question EVERYTHING. Don't somehow believe you are a prophet with the intuition to weed truth from lies. You're not smarter than the "majority". Being brainwashed by the minority doesn't make you clever or original; at best it makes for wry humor, like avoiding the pitfall but tripping on the banana peel.

If the government really COULD run the conspiracies that seem to be dreamed up some places, how is it that YOU somehow discovered it, can talk freely about it without fear of retribution, and can publicly spread this message? That's the grand irony of this article. If they really were the political martyrs they claimed to be, they'd have closed the hearings, seized their assets, and avoided these articles.