May 22 Jaymz commented on State Senator Introduces Bill to Ban Masks and Hoods in Public.
Ban masks? Let's not distinguish between violent anarchists and mardi gras revelers and Seafair Pirates and naked solstice bikers and just make everyone wear government issued bar-coded nametags and problem solved....
May 17 Jaymz commented on The Twin Peaks Revival Is a Reminder of How the Original Impacted My Life.
Thank you for this amazing glimpse into the frightful impact of a parent's mental illness on a young, impressionable child. I hope you view this new season from a better place, emotionally.
May 17 Jaymz commented on Governor Legalizes Smoking Weed With Friends and Allows State To Certify "Organic" Cannabis.
Cute and pun-filled monikers aside, while using "green" in some fashion initially makes sense, that also is the color of all cannabis plants and does not immediately distinguish those grown without chemical assistance. A more descriptive label would be "Certified Chemical Free" or maybe "ChemFree", with some kind of recognizable logo.
May 4 Jaymz commented on The Morning News: Republicans Likely to Pass Disastrous Healthcare Bill, Are the Criminal Records of Murray's Accusers Relevant?.
To those interested in the rules of evidence regarding admissibility of past sexual behavior in a civil case claiming sexual misconduct (criminal cases use statutory rules as cited here):

Washington Court Rules
Washington Rules of Evidence
Title 4. Relevancy and Its Limits
As amended through March 29, 2017
Rule 412. Sexual Offenses-Victim's Past Behavior
Criminal Cases. [Reserved. See RCW 9A.44.020.]
Civil Cases; Evidence Generally Inadmissible. The following evidence is not admissible in any civil proceeding involving alleged sexual misconduct except as provided in sections (c) and (d):
Evidence offered to prove that any alleged victim engaged in other sexual behavior.
Evidence offered to prove any alleged victim's sexual predisposition.
Exceptions. In a civil case, evidence offered to prove the sexual behavior or sexual predisposition of any alleged victim is admissible if it is otherwise admissible under these rules and its probative value substantially outweighs the danger of harm to any victim and of unfair prejudice to any party. Evidence of an alleged victim's reputation is admissible only if it has been placed in controversy by the alleged victim.
Procedure to determine admissibility.
A party intending to offer evidence under section (c) must:
file a written motion at least 14 days before trial specifically describing the evidence and stating the purpose for which it is offered unless the court, for good cause, requires a different time for filing or permits filing during trial; and
serve the motion on all parties and notify the alleged victim or, when appropriate, the alleged victim's guardian or representative.
Before admitting evidence under this rule the court must conduct a hearing in camera and afford the victim and parties a right to attend and be heard. The motion, related papers, and the record of the hearing must be sealed and remain under seal unless the court orders otherwise.
Apr 17 Jaymz commented on KUOW Employee Woke Up to Find Swastikas Painted on Her Cars, and Cars All Down the Block.
@4 - my immediate reaction as well; I hate typos and poor grammar and sloppy appropriation. Maybe they were magically drawn from inside....
Mar 10 Jaymz commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Walks Into a Capitol Hill Gay Bar.
Hummm - I know this isn't base 5 but maybe there is a cribbage logic now that we have double 10s after double 5s....
Mar 10 Jaymz commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Walks Into a Capitol Hill Gay Bar.
Wow - double nickels in a comment thread. I sense a shimmer in the matrix....
Mar 10 Jaymz commented on Traditional Republican Hypocrisy.
Actually meant to say "@13" - hung up on odd numbers...
Mar 10 Jaymz commented on Traditional Republican Hypocrisy.
@11 - I suspect this is to "clarify" a birth certificate issue in that a married couple can be listed as parents when donor sperm is used. His argument will be that only the birthing mother is the legitimate parent, thereby forcing an adoption proceeding to legitimize the non-birthing partner's parental rights. Yes, it will effect straight couples - but they traditionally have a much easier pathway through adoption compared to same-sex couples.
Feb 28 Jaymz commented on I, Anonymous: Post Pot.
Obviously he knows the intended recipient since the labels were swapped, but it would be a crime for him to put the label in the right spot and re-send it. What hasn't been mentioned is that the intended recipient is certain to miss the delivery and complain, and the original mailer probably can figure out what happened - that would make me nervous......