Aug 24, 2011 Gregus commented on Tim LaFollette.
Thanks for posting Dan. A shitty, horrible thing that brought out some of the best in people. Every time i hear that song on the podcast it will think of Tim, Kaylan, and the Often Awesome Army.
Aug 16, 2011 Gregus commented on Some Words of Encouragement for Phillip Hinkle.
I wish we could see some follow-up on what happens to these douchebags once they're outed. I'd love to know what ever happened to Richard Curtis. Did he creep back into the closet? Out in the open?
Apr 27, 2011 Gregus commented on Talk Like a Dinosaur.
So who's the guy on the right?
Mar 7, 2011 Gregus commented on Notes from the Prayer Warrior.
I love that the advert at the bottom of the page was (for me at least) a picture of a woman with her head down a toilet throwing up. My reaction was very similar.…
Jan 19, 2011 Gregus commented on Lance Lundsten: Cause of Death Still Undetermined.
Either way the 'Perez Hilton' watermark on that picture strikes me as totally fucking tacky. I'm sure it's automatic or something, but seriously fucking tacky nonetheless. Worried that someone's going to 'steal' that picture of a dead kid?
Jan 5, 2011 Gregus commented on It Gets Better: Rebecca Drysdale.
Best IGB video ever.
Jan 4, 2011 Gregus commented on What Women Do When Alone With A Salad.
She is laughing AT you, not with you.
Nov 15, 2010 Gregus commented on Daniel Radcliffe Geeks Out, Bites My Steez.
Daniel Radcliffe = adorable
Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) = arrogant ass

Kind of funny how child actors seems to go 100% one way or the other.
Oct 29, 2010 Gregus commented on Rally to Restore Sanity, Seattle Edition.
Awesome. Could this intern next please shit all over the It Gets Better project as some others have done?