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Apr 15, 2011 Jen D commented on Santorum's Slogan Stolen From Gay Poet.
This is not the full text of the poem.…
Jan 12, 2011 Jen D commented on Sarah Palin Crawls Out From Under Her Rock....
*so angry I forgot the h: SARAH
Jan 12, 2011 Jen D commented on Sarah Palin Crawls Out From Under Her Rock....
Honestly, the blood libel thing is what does it for me. She clearly has no idea what that phrase means, she just wanted to add something to the word libel to make it sound scarier. During the Middle Ages blood libel was one of the justifications for persecution of the Jewish population of Europe. This wasn't some guys saying "oh, I think some members of the Jewish religion are behaving in a way that is creating a negative tone and environment and they should maybe ease off the crazy a little bit". This was the Christian population of Europe saying that Jews were incapable of practicing their religion without murdering and draining the blood from babies (and Christian babies, not the stupid Jewish kind).

Pro-tip Sara: A blood libel is less what people have been saying about your rhetoric and more YOUR ACTUAL RHETORIC.
Aug 10, 2010 Jen D commented on Gaysymmetrical Warfare.
@6: I totally agree with you except for one small point: It's NOT a mosque. Seriously. It's a community center. It's going to have a swimming pool and restaurants and performance space and art gallery. Half the people on the planning board are Christian or Jewish. Yes, there will be a prayer space too, but the structure as a whole is much more than that.
Jun 21, 2010 Jen D commented on The Ick Factor.
I gotta say, if I was in a shoot, screw or marry situation with Pelosi, Thomas and his wife, Mrs. Huckabee would be the one with the bullet in her brain. I mean, if you are comparing Helen Thomas to his wife at the same age Thomas is much much hotter (I'm assuming that's the only prereq, since Huckabee is such an upstanding Christian and all). Plus, his wife produced those Yetis standing behind her and so it would really be doing the gene pool a favor to take her out.
Jun 17, 2010 Jen D commented on The Devil Is In the Details.
@26: that is what I keep saying to all my friends from Kentucky who are so sad about Big Butter Jesus. It was a giant statue molded over steel bars rising up from the middle of a pond. How the fuck did it last that long?
Jun 10, 2010 Jen D commented on Gay Seniors Crowned Prom King and Queen at High School That Blocked Gay Prom Queen Just Two Years Ago.
This is really good news. I went to college in this general area and every year our GLBT organization on campus ran an alternative prom for gay kids and allies who didn't want to/couldn't attend the proms thrown by their school with same-sex dates. This was not that long ago and now I've heard that they don't even throw this alternative prom anymore because none of the schools make a big deal about gay and lesbian students bringing dates in large part because the students at the schools want them at their own prom. This is where progress is happening, each generation is becoming less and less tolerant of institutionalized bigotry and demanding that their friends and loved ones receive equal treatment.
May 19, 2010 Jen D commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Referral.
Like some of the other posters I was also adopted. Though my birth mother met both of my parents she did not stay in contact with us after the adoption was finalized. My "twin" brother's (he is ten days older than me with different biological parents) bio-mom had the same arrangement. From the time we were old enough to understand we both knew that we were adopted and that my parents had all the information for our bio-parents if we ever wished to contact them. Neither of us ever have (we are in our early 30s now). While I will always be thankful that my birth mother made the decision to give me up rather than try to raise me in a situation she knew would be bad I honestly could never view her as a "parent" or even a relative really. I'm not sure how I would feel if it had been a truly open adoption, but I do think it might have complicated things significantly.
I will say that while I never had any issues with being adopted, my brother had a ton. He wouldn't tell people, even close friends and would get so angry at me if I talked about it with anyone outside of our household. Since he never wanted to talk about it I honestly don't know exactly where his issues came from and perhaps he would have dealt better if he did have access to his bio-mom. I guess the point is you never know and as long as you choose parent(s) who are going to do their best to help their child you will be doing the right thing.
May 5, 2010 Jen D commented on George "Rentboy" Rekers Talks To Teens About Sex!. accepts advertisers. I bet Rentboy could make a fortune advertising there...
Feb 12, 2010 Jen D commented on Today in the Defense of Traditional Marriage.
@19: I would seriously send donations for your marriage license costs.

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