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Feb 24 cressona commented on The Morning News: Brace Yourself for the Washington State/White House Collision, Brown Man Shot by Alleged White Racist Not a National Story.
@5, yes.

But regarding the CA rail story, I want to point out that "Trump Kills High-Speed Rail In California" is a grossly inaccurate characterization of the effect of denying that $647 million. See also In California's Commuter Rail Drama, Nob….

The scary thing about the feds putting the Caltrain funding on hold is the prospect that the Trump administration and the GOP Congress are going to make sure that any infrastructure spending goes to their states, sort of like an empire taking tribute from the lands it has conquered. Hey, if Trump says we should take the oil from Iraq, maybe while he's at it, he can take the money from the blue states and give it to the red states. I hope I'm wrong.
Feb 10 cressona commented on ITMFA Watch.
Alden @5, you're welcome to continue swimming in a political climate where all that matters is identity politics and social media back-and-forth and the two parties' sole focus is gaining power, never mind how little good they can get done once they have power because that's what the other party's focus is. This is exactly what the neoliberal Goldman Sachs wing of the Democratic Party wants, and this is why identity politics and the outrage machine serve them so well, just as identity politics and the outrage machine serve their GOP counterparts so well.

Me, though--I'd rather hold both parties' feet to the fire about what they're doing policy-wise for all Americans. It's a shame the Clintonites came into power on "It's the economy, stupid" and then lost track of how to make the economy work better for workers.

P.S. I'd rather not have to wait four years to see some things get better in this country.
Feb 10 cressona commented on ITMFA Watch.
I'll tell you what bothers me about the whole ITMFA rallying cry.

We've just gone through eight years where the Republican Party's overriding goal was to stymie Obama, their secondary goal was to look out for their campaign donors, and the best interests of the American people didn't even factor into the equation, and now we're about to enter four years or eight years of "Trump derangement syndrome" where the Democrats are off the hook for trying to make Americans' lives better when it's so much easier to stay in a continual state of outrage at the racist, misogynist, xenophobic bully in the White House.

This is what was so refreshing about Bernie Sanders taking to the Senate floor a few weeks ago and challenging then-President-elect Trump to live up to his campaign promise not to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He was actually pressuring Trump to look out for the interests of the American people rather than just demonizing him. What a radical notion. Surely Sen. Sanders had gone off-script.

Seattle-based NY Times columnist Timothy Egan said it better than I could in his column today, Democratic Party Sugar High.
Feb 6 cressona commented on Food News: Neptune Coffee Tragedy, Brunches Galore, Pizza Quotients.
Sad to hear about Neptune. There's a fancy, multi-unit, ground-floor-retail building that's being planned for the site where Neptune and the other stores used to stand. The developers of that project should be pleading with the folks from Neptune to take up shop in one of the new ground-floor spaces, and they should offer a sweetheart deal that makes it worth their while.

I'm sure all the Neptune regulars have dispersed and found other places in the neighborhood. Neptune or no Neptune, my favorite Greenwood coffee shop has been Monkey Grind Espresso Bar. Fabulous coffee, nice selection of food, welcoming atmosphere. Still not quite the expansive space that Neptune was. There's a certain magic about those big, old spaces that would be hard to re-create, even if they do change their minds and come back to the neighborhood.
Feb 2 cressona commented on Two Major Departures Ahead of Seattle Times Layoffs on Friday.
@3, exactly, get a room full of white males together and--patriarchy alert!--there's no way with that lack of melatonin and those male genitalia you're going to get anything resembling 21st century progressive values.

I realize there's something of a valid point to be made about newsroom diversity, and I'm sure you have intimate inside knowledge of just how diverse the Seattle Times newsroom is or isn't, but you just can't quite bring yourself to make that valid point when it's so much easier to engage in identity politics.
Feb 2 cressona commented on Two Major Departures Ahead of Seattle Times Layoffs on Friday.
@1, so let me get this straight. A "white, largely male, staff of editors" = "people who (do not) share our values." So someone who was born different from you inherently does not share your values? Frankly, I'd rather not share those values.

Anyway, I wanted to comment here just to say that this round of Seattle Times layoffs hit one of the three Times writers whose work I look forward to the most, sportswriter Matt Pentz. (The other two would be transportation reporter Mike Lindblom and business columnist Jon Talton.)

And then there's Lindsey Wasson, who, through a combination of luck and skill and magic, only managed to capture the sports photo of 2016.

As someone who only a few months ago started paying for access to the Times site, I'm particularly saddened by these layoff choices.
Feb 1 cressona commented on List of Democrats with Spines.
I have a very simple two-word demand for any Democratic United States senator who claims to have a conscience and a backbone and who wants their display of conscience and backbone to have a tangible effect: Filibuster Gorsuch.
Jan 31 cressona commented on Trump Names Neil Gorsuch as His Supreme Court Nominee.
This Supreme Court seat has been stolen from Barack Obama and the Americans who voted for him just as surely as Vladimir Putin stole territory from the sovereign state of Ukraine, just as surely as Saddam Hussein stole the oil from Kuwait. So while Neil Gorsuch was a particularly bad nominee, there can be no good nominee to come from Donald Trump unless that nominee is Merrick Garland, Obama's nominee.

I realize Democrats have to pick and choose their fights with Trump, that there actually are some good things he wants to do for the nation, and that there gets to be a "boy who cried wolf" quality if everything he does and everyone he chooses is compared to Kristallnacht and Goebbels. But this is the one case where Democrats have to be utterly obstructionist if only for the sake of our democracy. Any Democratic senator who doesn't vote to filibuster the Gorsuch nomination is betraying our American experiment.
Jan 30 cressona commented on The Morning News: Big Protest in Downtown Seattle, Unconstitutional Muslim Ban Is An Attack on Urban America.
Oh, and to put a bow on what I wrote @2, this tension Charles describes also captures much of why I wasn't happy with Hillary, even though I voted for her. The Trump administration is our ongoing lesson that there are worse outcomes than making the world safe for multinational corporations.
Jan 30 cressona commented on The Morning News: Big Protest in Downtown Seattle, Unconstitutional Muslim Ban Is An Attack on Urban America.
I appreciate the insightful item, "Why Are Progressives Now In the Same Trench With Neoliberal Corporations like Lyft, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook?" And I think Charles boils it down to its essence with the two terms, neoliberalism and cosmopolitanism, and the fact that, in this case, the interests of the former overlap with the values of the latter. And I have to confess, it's in this overlap that I myself sometimes feel uncomfortable with my own liberal, progressive values. Like (to pursue the converse) don't the Seattle WTO protesters back in 1999 (whose farsightedness the 21st century has borne out) have more in common with the blue-collar Trump supporters in OH and PA and MI and WI and the Brexiteers in Sunderland and Liverpool than we might have imagined? And of course, I didn't vote for Trump and I wouldn't have voted for Brexit.