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Dec 8 cressona commented on Akio Takamori's Drawings and Sculptures of Men Apologizing.
I'm no art expert, but to me, Akio Takamori is one of the icons of contemporary Pacific Northwest art. His work is instantly recognizable and yet always fresh and new. And he's one of the few artists whose work makes me laugh.

Just now I pulled out the collectible book from a recent wonderful show at Tacoma Art Museum, "Creating the New Northwest: Selections from the Herb and Lucy Pruzan Collection." And there on the back cover, sure enough, was a piece (a painting and sculpture of this plaintive blond boy) that you knew could only be a Takamori.

A couple months ago, I stopped by James Harris Gallery to check out some new works by another regional icon, Fay Jones, and there in the back of the space was this massive, 6-foot-tall sculpture of a pre-school boy with a Cheshire cat look on his face. So Takamori. And I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if I had the $45K to burn to buy that? Just to freak people out." And my next thought was, "Where the heck in my place would I put it?"

Just from my own selfish sake, I'm sad to hear he's entering his last lap.

Jen, thanks for allowing comments on this post.
Dec 1 cressona commented on Demand Later Light Rail Service—Today!.
Re. @2, @3, great to see such champions of government accountability speaking up. It's like we have a combination of Ralph Nader and the Government Accountability Office in our midst.
Nov 29 cressona commented on Uh, So This Is The Year The Sounders Make The MLS Cup Final? Cool, I Guess!.
Even if the Sounders don't win MLS Cup, the 2016 season will go down as the most magical, memorable, and wondrous season in the Sounders' MLS history, and an unmitigated success. And all the more a success for all the failure and frustration that led up to that success.

From my own perspective, the Sounders are playing with house money. If they have to face Toronto FC, well, Toronto's the best team in the league, and the Sounders would be distinct underdogs having to go on the road against them, but it's one game and anything can happen. Montreal at home, though--Sounders have to be the favorites. I'll be looking forward to December 10 with a sense of hope and possibility.
Nov 28 cressona commented on Food News: All of Your Old Favorites Are Slowly Disappearing But at Least You Can Comfort Yourself with Dumplings and Vegan Ice Cream.
Real bummer about Cookie Counter. Their vegan ice cream was good, if nothing spectacular. For spectacular vegan ice cream, I recommend Sugar Plum on Capitol Hill. I will have to check out Frankie and Jo's.

Now, as the name suggests, what Cookie Counter was great at was the baked goods. Especially the toaster pastries and the hand pies. And a lovely, little space too. We hardly knew ye.
Nov 17 cressona commented on The Morning News: 8 Percent of Seattle Voted for Trump, Republican State Senator Seeks Law That Punishes Anti-Trump Protesters.
+1 Swearengen @13. A Mudede Morning News is a special treat, and you kinda know it by the first sentence without even seeing the byline. Just reading this line alone shook out my mental cobwebs: And while looking at apps, many drivers are exiting this the evanescent side of everything and entering that eternal side of nothing.

Of course, there was much to disagree with in this particularly opinionated news summary, but that's part of the fun.
Nov 15 cressona commented on Kshama Sawant and the Socialist Alternative Should Not Lead the Anti-Trump Protests.
Dunno @8: We need someone fresh to rise up and absorb emotions and project a unified stance the way Trump did for the right. IT'S THE MESSANGER, NOT THE MESSAGE, THAT COUNTS IN A PROPOGANDA WAR.

Setting aside the creative spelling, I'm reading this observation and it's dawning on me, how about just replacing Kshama with Katniss?
Nov 11 cressona commented on Do Not Be Fooled by the Democrats Who Are Hopeful About Trump's Infrastructure Plan.
mallow @10, in trying to defend your point @3, you seem to be missing the point of the whole post, and the whole thing we transit supporters are worried about. It's not whether, now that Donald Trump is president, we're no longer going to be able to "expand ST4 to all corners of this country." It's whether transit is going to get zeroed out from federal transportation funding in a way that wasn't even considered during the GW Bush administration.

Simple question, mallow. Do you think that's a good idea?
Nov 11 cressona commented on Do Not Be Fooled by the Democrats Who Are Hopeful About Trump's Infrastructure Plan.
Yes, mallow, 1 rural person > 1 urban person. Damn right it's about time we stepped out of our urban mindset and realized that the tax dollars are only supposed to flow in one direction, from the undeserving city dwellers to the real Americans whom our government is truly intended to serve.
Nov 11 cressona commented on Everett and Tacoma Are Also Deep Blue.
I'd be curious to see a map of the ST3 Prop. 1 results across the Sound Transit region. I recall reading somewhere that, while Prop. 1 lost in Pierce County, it won in Tacoma.

Plus, depending on those results, I'm inclined to say, let's not leave out Bellevue. It could be that someone like King County Councilmember and all-around Sound Transit champion Claudia Balducci far better speaks for the values of Bellevue 2016 than does Kemper Freeman.
Nov 8 cressona commented on What Will It Take for ST3 to Win?.
d.p., excellent point. If only Sound Transit had listened to you and Ross, we'd be seeing an outpouring of support from Pierce County. Clearly, you have a more accurate read on the sentiments and needs of Tacoma than Marilyn Strickland does.

Likewise, if we see a landslide majority in Seattle and King County for ST3, clearly that will be all the evidence we need of what doofuses we are. Kinda like the fact we're probably all going to vote for Hillary.