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Aug 18 very bad homo commented on Taylor Swift Goes Pop, Twerks in New Music Video.
It's actually not as terrible as I expected. I'd never buy the song or anything, but I can't hate it either.
Aug 18 very bad homo commented on Facebook Fails on Ferguson.
Switching to "Most Recent" on Facebook doesn't work at all. Half the feed is still crap from 2 days ago.
Twitter is where it's at, and they better not start messing with it.
Aug 18 very bad homo commented on What Are You Doing This Week? Stranger Critics Answer the Question.
I always loved Mary Martone!
Aug 11 very bad homo commented on All Americans Should Have Paid Vacation Days.
Seattleblues doesn't think anyone else deserves vacation pay, marriage rights, health care, etc. Typical entitled shithead who thinks he's better than everyone else.
Aug 11 very bad homo commented on I Hate When Radio Plays An ENTIRE Song!!.
It's a terrible idea, but who even listens to the radio any more? Aside from KEXP, of course.
Aug 11 very bad homo commented on Brian Brown Slams Ronald Reagan's Definition of Marriage.
Yeah, fuck this idiot. He's just a bitter, hateful person.
Aug 7 very bad homo commented on SL Letter of the Day: Unknowable Unknowns.
Come out of that big bisexual closet and explore the ass loving. Life's too short.
Aug 1 very bad homo commented on Adam Duritz vs. Billy Corgan: Which ’90s Alt-Rock Superstar Had the Better Magazine Cover?.
I'm not a fan of either person so I voted for the cats.
Jul 25 very bad homo commented on Canadian Music Festival Bans Aboriginal Headdresses.
Perhaps a few people here could benefit from sitting down and talking with some tribal elders before deciding on your own what's appropriate. Seriously, though, do you know any Native Americans, and have you spoken to them about this issue? If someone tells you it's disrespectful to wear a headdress, then don't wear one. Otherwise, you are just being an insensitive douche.

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