Sep 18, 2014 lythea commented on How to Adjust to Multicultural Seattle if You're from a Small Town.
There's a tiny, charming town on the border between California and Nevada. Normally I don't like small towns, but this one had a kind of magic. There was a tiny library, and a little bookstore too, and one single cafe. The place only really was the one main street, so it was easy to tell. And this little cafe, in the middle of nowhere, with no competition, had food so sublime I nearly tear up thinking about it now (and how unlikely it is I'll ever find this place again). Just basic American food, but the bread and jam for the toast was better than I could have ever made, and it just went up from there.
May 16, 2014 lythea commented on Why Do I Suck at American Small Talk?.
I've been a cashier for most of my life, so I've had to get pretty good at small talk. There is a "isn't it silly that we're saying these absurd things, but we really do appreciate that we're each wiling to make the effort" sort of ironic detachment with most people. The only thing that really throws me for a loop is the people who think they've just had this stunning revelation and they have to share with me that they've just realized that I *don't* care if they found everything they were looking for, and I *don't* care how their day has been. What can you say to that? I try to insist that I do, because I do enjoy my job for the most part, and that's part of my job, and everyone's just trying to get through their day, but it always sounds false even to my ears. It always makes me appreciate the people who know this isn't the favorite part of anyone's day, but we might as well try and make it as pleasant as possible for each other.
Feb 6, 2014 lythea commented on Better Than Fried Chicken.
Well, I was a little sad the other day to walk by and see the place looking all fancy and cleaned up. There's so many fancy places in Seattle these days, and all the weird gritty ones seem to be vanishing too quickly. But you've convinced me to give the place a try.
Jan 23, 2013 lythea commented on The Unfairness of Greatness: Zadie Smith on Art.
What an astonishing thing to have never known about before. There must be some way to bring this to Seattle.
Nov 7, 2012 lythea commented on RIP Bob Quinn.
I lived on the ave from 2006-2011, and somehow got fond enough of him just seeing him around that I was sad just seeing the photo and the headline here. Now that I've read about who he was I'm really mourning him. I happened to be in the neighborhood again on 10/30, and I guess I'm glad I saw him one last time. That was the first time I ever saw him without his dog, though, and he did look sad, or I was sad for him. I wish I would have said hi or something.
May 22, 2012 lythea commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Which Of These Ladies Would You LEAST Want To Be Stuck On A Desert Island With?.
I almost stopped watching at the water bowl too, but then I realized it was actually pretty funny.
Mar 21, 2012 lythea commented on Your "Pure Mood" and You.
That just made me way happier than it should have. Especially since I thought it was pretty annoying by the twentieth time I saw it on actual TV. Maybe I'm addicted to nostalgia.
Feb 21, 2012 lythea commented on After Allegations of Sexual Abuse, Big Brothers Program Ends Sleepovers.
This certainly makes sense from an organizational standpoint, for normal interactions. And for the particularly close bonds, there's no need for the organization and its little rules at all. My boyfriend has never met his father and hasn't seen his mother for ten years, but he still sees his old Big Brother at least once a year. The guy is practically his dad - helped him out financially in a big crisis recently, always there for him, but doesn't quite absorb that he's all grown up already. And my boyfriend's 34! It's kind of awesome, really. But that's not really the way things turn out normally, I gather.
Feb 20, 2012 lythea commented on The Great Booze Swag Giveaway!.
What's the thing that says Oola? I probably want that, I like Oola.
Aug 2, 2011 lythea commented on Rainn Wilson Shouts Out to University Book Store in Wildly Geeky Post.
Not that I was deprived of books, of course. But we were a library family.