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Jun 8, 2016 Quintus Slide commented on Never Trump.
This is precisely the wrong tone for a piece that is intended to persuade. Indeed, one of the things I've noted consistently during this election cycle is how fucking tone-deaf Hillary supporters are. Do you simply not understand the mechanics of persuasion?

The fact is, Hillary Clinton is such a weak, compromised candidate that she needs Sanders' voters to beat the pot-bellied trust-fund caudillo against whom she's running. Given that, a little humility might be the order of the day. And seems to be the one weapon missing from the pro-Hillary arsenal.
Apr 20, 2016 Quintus Slide commented on Some Thoughts on the Stupidity of Blacks, the Laziness of Greeks, the Docility of the Irish, and So On.
One reason, by the way, that you should generally skip any historical film: history is supposed to do to myth what science does to superstition -- dismantle it -- but film, as a medium, seems inherently suited to the construction of myth. It's a reductive medium. To capture the subtlety of real life in a medium as conducive to myth-creation as film takes enormous intelligence and skill. Which is why you can't name a single handful of historical films that are not pure shit as history.
Mar 17, 2016 Quintus Slide commented on Bernie or Hillary: The SECB Meets at 3 PM Today.
In this case, I'm tempted to say that the president should go fuck himself; there's still a lot of voting to do. He can unite as many establishment hacks as he wants to. This year, establishment hacks do not get to pick our candidates. Just ask Mitt Romney.
Jan 22, 2016 Quintus Slide commented on Hillary Clinton Sure Has Been Mean to Bernie Sanders Lately.
The last paragraph here sounds a good point. Why in the FUCK would I vote for someone whose whole campaign involves scaling back progressive expectations? If your only answer to Sanders' call for single-payer is "We're not Europe", I'll stay home on election day.

For me, it's Bernie or no one. What a slimy fucking hack she is.
Jan 19, 2016 Quintus Slide commented on Can We Maybe Stop Asking Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton About Her Husband?.
Let me adjust what Theodore Gorath just wrote. As long as Hillary continues to use Bill as a campaign prop/tool, and as long as she positions herself as forward-looking on women's issues while remaining married to a man who treats women like pieces of meat, then he is a relevant point of interest/questioning.

Manarchist? Fraud.
Dec 21, 2015 Quintus Slide commented on That SNL Skit with the Two Hillarys.
She's a goddamn hack. She should switch parties.
Dec 9, 2015 Quintus Slide commented on On His Deathbed, My Father and I Could Agree on Only One Thing: Bach.
This was a lovely recollection. Both well-felt and well-expressed. I enjoyed reading it.
Sep 11, 2015 Quintus Slide commented on Jonathan Franzen on Taylor Swift, Binoculars, and Purity.
He's just a wildly over-celebrated writer. He strings sentences together well and he has a nice ear for language. But if you're a sallow, prickly Midwesterner of limited experience, you can only become a first-rate writer if you have a febrile imagination, and he just doesn't. In Freedom, he tried, but the strongest portions of that novel rose merely to the level of ventriloquism. His work is distinguishable from the finer efforts of an MFA student only by its length and the attention it gets, the latter an impressive tribute for his gift as a publicist.

We are without a single compelling writer under sixty, so we redouble the energy with which we celebrate the mangy lion that we have. It's degrading to everyone involved.