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Jun 25 Quintus Slide commented on Why Did Council Member Sawant Vote No on Our First Female Police Chief?.
Her Indian origins notwithstanding, Sawant is, in several respects, the typical American activist; she is drunk on earnestness, is utterly humorless, and is incapable of compromise. She is Upton Sinclair in a female body. She is a bore. Where, say, Charles Dickens, could paint devastating portraits of Victorian-era institutional injustice while remaining beguilingly funny, your American counterpart is so permanently indignant, is such a goddamned fucking tedious tub-thumper, that he eventually but reliably taints any cause he takes in hand.

If you love the left, you should already have begun to sour on this caviling creature. We should insist that it is both possible and desirable to advocate for social justice while being charming.
May 28 Quintus Slide commented on Maya Angelou Made Me a Writer.
@13. How do you figure?
Apr 22 Quintus Slide commented on Police Beat: The Unpredictability of Dogs.
People and their fucking dogs.
Mar 7 Quintus Slide commented on Looking Good, Seattle.
The smiles are radiant and lovely, but denim skirts are appalling. No one should wear them. This frumpy goddamn city has a bum's eye for style.
Mar 5 Quintus Slide commented on Jerome Is Awesome.
What #1 said. He looks nice because he brought taste with him. But we're right to salute him for beautifying our bus.
Feb 24 Quintus Slide commented on Washington Restaurants Already Weathered an 85 Percent Minimum Wage Hike (and Apparently Survived).
This post on this today represents the kind of willingly blinkered thinking that gives the left a bad name and that will eventually discredit Sawant also. Goldy correctly points out that Washington has previously weathered a large minimum wage hike, and that the sky did not fall. What he ignores is that while that hike was state-wide, this one is not, and the difference matters a fucking lot. If I run a house-cleaning business in Seattle, and I can avoid this hike's impact on my competitive position by moving it down the street to Renton, I will do that. As a supporter of a STATEWIDE minimum wage hike to fifteen dollars per hour, I'd like to know why supporters of the Seattle-only hike think it's OK to ignore this consideration.
Feb 4 Quintus Slide commented on Seattle Schools Hates Joy and Happiness, Refuses to Close for Super Bowl Parade.
Jose Banda is a fucking hack.

The Bellevue School District actually got this right.
Jan 7 Quintus Slide commented on "I Regret Not Making a Pass at Lou Reed".
I regret having never heard of any of these provincial celebrities.
Jan 7 Quintus Slide commented on Dear Private-School Liberal Parents, Please Explain Yourself.
Westside forever is right, and rtm, you now know what you have to explain. And I can't wait to hear that explanation. I predict it will be pretty fucking weak.

I am sick to death of self-styled liberal parents who do lip-service to public education and believe their duty to these PUBLIC institutions ends when they vote for a goddamn levy. It doesn't. Get your ass in the institution and help improve it or for the love of God, shut the hell up.

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