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11:08 AM yesterday rob! commented on The Morning News: Is It Safe to Call This Man a Rocker? Plus, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Bill Is on the Move..
The Guardian quantifies the fossil-fuel subsidy somewhat more relatably as $10 million per minute: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2…

Also, Nevada is about to kill rooftop solar there through sneaky backroom deals engineered by Warren Buffet's recent Berkshire Hathaway purchase, NVEnergy: http://www.vox.com/2015/5/20/8631355/nev…
May 13 rob! commented on Morning News: Veterans Affairs Hospital Apologizes for Being Terrible, Kayaktivists Face Off with Shell in Everett.
…most parents should start feeding their babies peanut products… — not whole peanuts or globs of peanut butter, but peanut mixed in some other food to avoid any possible choking hazard.
May 6 rob! commented on Joss Whedon Quits Twitter.
@17 :)
May 6 rob! commented on Joss Whedon Quits Twitter.
Nowhere on the internet, including Slog comment threads, is arguing worthwhile. Minds are only changed over time, through deep consideration, or in-person.

I'm amazed at the seemingly boundless energy of someone like Scott Wooledge (@Clarknt67) to go back-and-forth for hours or days. He's got a quick mind but doesn't so much win as outlast his sparring partners.

My ego's [almost] never on the line, so I put up what I think are interesting bits, or what I flatter myself is worthy snark or novel insights, and walk away.
May 4 rob! commented on The Morning News: Lake Washington Needs Water, Bellingham's Got the Cleanest Air, and Capitol Hill Bros Get Noticed.
Plenty of ozone- and particulate-heavy air in other communities to offset Bellingham: http://www.opb.org/images/upload/c_limit…

(From this story.)
May 1 rob! commented on Republicans in Colorado Vote for More Abortions.
@4, an underappreciated polymath. I recommend The Pill, Pygmy Chimps, and Degas' Horse, published (*gulp*) nearly 25 years ago now.
Apr 30 rob! commented on Mama Tits: Seattle Pride Superstar.
Seattle Gay Scene link is bad— remove .html at end.

Should be:


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