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Jul 25, 2013 Lezzy.Minell commented on Why I'm Boycotting Russian Vodka.
The WildRose is an Absolute bar, no Stoli there!
Mar 2, 2011 Lezzy.Minell commented on Behind the Boobs.
this story just inspired me to go to PDX next weekend and have a beer while staring at some titties
Jun 25, 2009 Lezzy.Minell commented on Pride 2009 Event Listings.
Storm game is on Friday not Saturday!
Jun 17, 2009 Lezzy.Minell commented on Perfectly Contained: PJ Harvey & John Parish at the Moore.
Where's any mention of last night's Femi Kuti show at the Showbox Market? C'mon ppl
May 6, 2009 Lezzy.Minell commented on At Least She Didn't Twitter It.
Putting my knowledge of Russian to use, the text says "hun, i killed a cop, sorry :( what should i do?"
On the regional traffic police website, it says that she's arrested and charged with drunk driving, resulting in a death. It carries a maximum sentence of 7 years.
The saddest part is that the police officer she killed has two young kids :(