Dec 11, 2009 lizzie commented on I Love New York Deli Is Opening a Shop on Capitol Hill.
Thanks for the shout out, Fnarf. :) Cow and pig products are evil, #1 cause of global warming, will kill you, etc.

Do they have Field Roast? Field Roast is very locally operated - their HQ is by 12th and Jackson. Georgetown Liquor Co has an excellent Field Roast Reuben (no cheese, please). Charlie's on Broadway also has one sometimes.…
Dec 4, 2009 lizzie commented on Anyone Else Catch Jersey Shore Last Night?.
Ugh, the daily misogynist frat boy jokes from Dan and David Schmader have become far too much to handle.

It would be nice if the best Slog writers (Paul, Dominic, etc.) would tweet their writing more for those of us who are sick of wading through hate speech and other regressive ranting on here. Twitter is a customized Slog + more.
Dec 3, 2009 lizzie commented on The Morning News.
Here's another very important news link:…

The World Bank released a report concluding that meat is the #1 cause of global warming, joining the United Nations, the Lancet, and many other scientists. The World Bank's new
data shows, however, that meat causes more global warming emissions than every other source combined.

Al Gore has finally acknowledged in the past couple of months that meat is the #1 cause of climate change, and has been refusing meat.

There are 3 books on the NY Times bestseller list that promote a meat-free diet. Forbes, the Washington Post, and other mainstream news outlets have been reporting on the damage caused by meat in the past couple of months (the first time they seriously have). Even Martha Stewart had a show on meat-free Thanksgiving.

Meat-free lifestyles have reached a tipping point in the past couple of months. It will no longer be socially acceptable to eat dairy or meat (especially beef and pork) in the next couple of years.
Nov 25, 2009 lizzie commented on "We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term.".
Wikipedia lists 17 terrorist attacks in the US during Bush's terms (3 of them in and around Seattle).…
Nov 25, 2009 lizzie commented on The Morning News: US to Pledge Emissions Reduction, First Human Trafficker in Washington, R Kelly's Magic Seed.
It's sad that the United States still isn't becoming a leader in reducing agricultural-based greenhouse gas emissions. We are still subsidizing global warming and doing nothing to stop it. Here is an excellent readable summary from The Lancet (possibly the most respected medical journal in the world):


Some key points:

* Agriculture accounts for 22% of global warming emissions (the #1 source) and it is projected to increase even further in the next 40 years.

* Human-raised livestock (cows and pigs in regards to the US) account for 80% of agricultural global warming emissions. Other sources make up the remainder: fertilizers, deforestation, land degradation, and marshy agriculture (mostly rice).

* Cattle (cows for beef and dairy) make up the vast majority of agricultural emissions -- beef cattle make up about 50%, dairy cattle about 15%, pigs (pork) about 15%, goats and sheep (including for wool) about 15%. Poultry (including turkey!), horses, camels, and buffalo cause very few emissions, relatively.

* The United States and Mexico are tied as the top livestock-consuming nations on the planet. Mexico was in the middle-of-the-pack as few as 15 years ago, but our western diet is spreading quickly. The United States should be a leader in reducing our livestock consumption, since we have been the leader in increasing global livestock consumption and are the current top offenders.

* Factory farms ("intensive systems") actually produce fewer greenhouse gases than traditional farms ("free-range" or "pastoral systems"), in absolute emissions and per-animal. However, adopting the most efficient technologies world-wide would reduce agricultural emissions by less than 20% if we don't reduce overall livestock production/consumption.

We need to reduce our beef, pork, and dairy consumption to as close as zero as possible. There are reasons to go vegan, but as far as global warming emissions go, chicken, fish, and eggs are not the culprits -- just beef, pork, dairy, and related livestock products like wool and leather.
Nov 24, 2009 lizzie commented on PETA vs. Thanksgiving.
Anyway, you don't need to become vegan or do nothing at all. Think of it similarly to how you choose your transportation.

Eating beef/pork regularly = Driving a Hummer
Limiting beef/pork in your diet = Driving a standard SUV
Eating dairy/chicken/fish = Driving a standard car
Vegetarian diet = Driving a Prius or other low-emission car
Mostly vegan diet = Using a Zipcar on occasion and using public transportation
Vegan = Walking and biking everywhere
Nov 24, 2009 lizzie commented on PETA vs. Thanksgiving.
#26: I mentioned electricity, it's part of "industrial." Transportation (including cars) is #2, still above industrial greenhouse gases (including electricity). Read my link to the UN report (there are more details in links on the sidebar) or google for more information about where global warming gases come from.

#22: Natural sources of greenhouse gases are by far the top sources -- water vapor, marshes, volcanos, etc. However, we mostly need to care about human-caused sources, because that is what is mostly causing climate change right now.
Nov 24, 2009 lizzie commented on PETA vs. Thanksgiving.
#15: No, it's not. It's not even close. If we eliminated all electricity production and all car/truck/airplane use, greenhouse gases would still rise by 2050 due to increased livestock production (if we could still raise so many livestock without cars/trucks/electricity).

The #1 source of greenhouse gas emissions is livestock. A distant #2 is transportation (cars, trucks, airplanes). An even more distant #3 is industrial (coal, natural gas, etc).…

Regardless, almost 100% of my electricity comes from hydroelectric sources near Seattle with near-zero greenhouse emissions.
Nov 24, 2009 lizzie commented on PETA vs. Thanksgiving.
"Organic" in regards to poultry means that it is not given growth hormones or antibiotics, and a few other regulations like it cannot be fed meal made from other birds. The USDA does not inspect local farms to check if they meet organic standards. Imported food is labelled organic if the producer says it is organic; there are no enforced standards.

"Free range" is not a regulated term except for chickens (which means their cage has to have an open door for part of the day). A calf can be raised in a cage its entire life and the veal harvested from it can be marketed as "free range." Producers generally use the term "free range" to mean animals are raised in a cage with enough room to turn around.

All turkeys and other animals are slaughtered -- usually zapped ("burned") or sliced ("stomped") so it's impossible to avoid that part unless you forage corpses from animals that die of natural causes.

You don't have to go vegan to be more ethical. Just cut back and you're doing a better job. If you eliminate cow and pig meat from your diet, that's the most important part (for environmental, ethical, public health, and personal health reasons).

The mainstream media, public scientists, and activists like Al Gore are finally starting to realize in the past few months that animal farming is the #1 problem facing the planet today. Animal farming is the carbon dioxide emissions of the next decade or more.…
Nov 23, 2009 lizzie commented on Parking Ticket Cash Cow.
In Portland, tickets cost $100 if you park in a bus zone. In San Francisco, it costs $253. In Seattle, now it costs $42.


In Portland, 108,700 people ride max light rail every day (not including the 4th line that just opened).

In San Francisco, 163,700 people ride muni light rail every day (not including BART).

In Seattle, only 16,200 people ride link light rail every day.