Oct 19, 2015 krzysz commented on It's Election Day in Canada.
According to the Toronto Star, you and John Oliver aren't in any danger. The law only covers 'inducement,' i.e. money.
May 30, 2013 krzysz commented on Jaron Lanier.
I assumed the ambiguity over which title Lanier has earned (douchebag/futurist) was fully intended.
Mar 26, 2013 krzysz commented on Be Careful What You Wish for on Prop 8 and DOMA.
@7 Loving did change the definition of marriage in the dozen or so states that forbade interracial marriage. And at the time it was passed, the majority of American opposed interracial marriages.
To quote Gallup:
"When Gallup first asked about black-white marriages in 1958, 4% approved. More Americans disapproved than approved until 1983, and approval did not exceed the majority level until 1997."
Support for interracial marriage is now around 86%. Marriage equality is following the same track. In 1996, it was 27% pro/68% against. It's now 51% pro/48% against. And in both cases, those opposed are concentrated in older age groups. As they die off the number continue to shift.
Conversely, opinions on abortion haven't budged in 40 years. In 1975, it was 27% always legal/54% sometimes legal/22% never legal. In 2012, it was 28%/52%/18%. Those differences are fairly stable and fairly durable.
Roe v. Wade is a poor analogy.
Mar 22, 2013 krzysz commented on This Morning a Man Told Me to Smile....
Stop Telling Women To Smile: http://fazstreetart.tumblr.com/
Jul 12, 2012 krzysz commented on Things Happen Strangely in Cuba.
To be picky, it's not illegal for U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba. It's illegal for U.S. citizens to spend money in Cuba without a license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control. For tourists, that works out to the same thing because tourists can't get the license. However, ex-pats and their relatives, journalists (even freelance journalists w/ published work), business people, religious groups, students, and teachers can.
So if this friend had some published articles (even, I suppose, mere restaurant reviews) under their belt, they could legally travel straight to Cuba and pay for all the palatial suites and flat, gristly meat they wanted--as long as they wrote about it afterward.
Sep 6, 2011 krzysz commented on Another Anti-Gay Christian Bigot Gets Caught Having Gay Sex.
There was alleged touching of multiple victims.
From Helsingin Sanomat (tortured translation by Google): http://bit.ly/rdOZDk
Revivalist Nokia mission led by Markku Koivisto, separation due to suspicions of sexual harassment continued for years. Said the radio broadcasts Dei on Thursday afternoon, and the channel quoted a line Seurakuntalainen.fi.
Radio Dei, the harassment has taken place in Primorsk hauled bilateral therapy situations. The channel said that it became aware of cases of sexual assault victims of the men have been forced to seek the help of professionals.
According to the victims of harassment has been associated with intimate touching. Radio Dei interview professional helper is also confirmed reports of the victims.
Nokia Mission Church Mission, and Nokia said on Tuesday that Koivisto, is exempt from all spiritual and administrative duties. Was told that Koivisto's life has been a "breach of sexual boundaries."

Mar 2, 2011 krzysz commented on Why Westerners Are So Full of Shit.
For what it's worth, those sniper rifles that have proved so useful at picking off unarmed Libyans attending funerals were sold to Qaddafi by South Africa. SA's defense? It was legal, and nobody could have predicted he'd use them on his own people: http://goo.gl/ARW6o
Oct 21, 2010 krzysz commented on In the (Actual) Back Yard with Obama.
In crucial donut news: According to the AP wire, the President purchased two dozen assorted.
Aug 12, 2010 krzysz commented on Giraffes > Unicorns! Who's With Me!?.
And here I thought unicorns were already over when Barnum & Bailey surgically altered that goat to have one horn in the middle of its head.