Dec 17, 2012 cephi commented on Who Is the Best Character on Deep Space Nine?.
Garak is the coolest character. But Odo is the best character, because of the way he let the show explore issues of personal identity, individuality, order vs. justice, personal commitments vs. abstract justice, invisible oppression, internalized oppression -- and, most interesting and innovative of all, the ways they used him to explore the nature and ethics of godhood, and the relation of religion to a naturalistic worldview.

That last bit -- religion's relationship to naturalism -- is something they pressed hard on that show, as they also explored it via the matter of the wormhole aliens aka prophets of Bajor, and also through Sisko's status as Emissary. But Odo's arc in this area was the most fun and interesting, in my opinion.
Sep 6, 2012 cephi commented on Paul Ryan Asked for Obamacare Funds.
Ryan is a liar and a bullshitter, worse than even the average member of his awful party.

But there's no hypocrisy here. These kind of attacks are so common -- Politician X railed against law Y, then sought benefits of law Y. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Consider: suppose that I'm playing a poker tournament with friends, and the group decides that half of the tournament entry fee will go to provide pizza for the tournament. I vociferously oppose this, because I think the entire entry fee should go as prizes to the winners. But I get voted down. Now, when the pizza comes, am I obliged not to partake? Obviously not. I'm going to eat, and I'll be right to do so, because I paid for that pizza, against my wishes.

Likewise, Ryan didn't want the ACA, but the ACA passed, and now that it passed, OF COURSE he's going to try to benefit from it.
Jan 26, 2012 cephi commented on "Paul M. Davis married a bisexual woman who later came out as gay...".
"But it's true!" is a lame defense for constantly harping on this issue. Suppose that whenever race came up, I pointed out that car thefts are often perpetrated by minorities. That statement is, of course, absolutely true; but you'd be no less pissed, I hope, at my obvious racism and the fact that I time and again seem to consider the fact to be salient and pertinent to understanding minorities -- as you seem to consider this issue to be salient and pertinent over and over again when bisexuality comes up.
Feb 11, 2011 cephi commented on Hello, I Am Fat.
Lindy this is fucking amazing, thanks for writing it.
Feb 10, 2011 cephi commented on Re: Ban Fat Marriage.
Jan 25, 2011 cephi commented on Cisgender, Able-bodied, Thin privileged, Class Privileged, White Male Body.
The complaint that person is making is not that you have those privileges, it's that you consistently seem not to give a shit about any of those -isms. The only time they ever come up for you is when you bellyache -- as you often do -- about how pissed people get at you for saying this or that, or if you want to be coy and passive-aggressively treat them as silly bullshit (hence "leotarded", "don't be a scrotum", etc). Feminism comes up often -- but only ever in the context of you once again making clear that you have nothing to learn from feminists. The complaint isn't that you're white and male, it's that you're clueless about white male privilege and obviously don't give a fuck.
Jan 3, 2011 cephi commented on Annoying Youtube Indie Fuxxors/Car Shills Also Evangelical Christians?!.
Question asked, question answered. Self-hatred's a bitch.
Oct 22, 2010 cephi commented on This Glee "Controversy" Is So Stupid.
Paul: what if, instead of portraying a high schooler, the 24-year-old actress were portraying a 12-year old? Would you still be okay with sexualized images of her *as her character*, *wearing her school uniform*?

Prediction: no, you wouldn't, because at some level you recognize that *it's not just the 24-year-old who's being sexualized*, it's her status as a high-school girl. Sexualizing individuals is one thing, *sexualizing the status of being a high-school girl is something else*, and it is very much a part of our culture, and it is very much a part of this photo shoot.

If you don't think that sexualizing the idea of high school girls is a bad thing: FINE, TALK ABOUT THAT. But don't pretend that you don't see that this is not just a photo shoot of a 24-year-old; it's a photo shoot of a fictional high schooler. Don't pretend that it's ludicrous to think this is problematic. If you do want to pretend that, then EXPLAIN WHAT YOUR REACTION WOULD BE if her character were 12 instead of -- 17, or whatever.
Aug 9, 2010 cephi commented on Strippers Protest at Workplace of Pastor Who Staged Protests at Their Workplace.
It's an unworkable strategy. As Dan has argued, this sort of sex-negativity is usually fueled by the desire of the sex-negative to be titillated by the object of their "disgust"; it's an excuse to pay attention to the thing they're protesting against. This church is being rewarded for their efforts by having free shows on church premises. They get to fulfill their need for titillation in the most self-righteous way possible -- while standing in their own church, which is under assault by wicked, totally hawt forces of bikini-clad evil. This situation is a sex-negative congregation's wet dream.