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  • Folklife or A kick in the face while drowning in fish guts
  • Why are people so afraid to learn the truth about building 7?: They built it now, you know that right?
  • God is: my nym is my god.
  • Dicks or Vaginas
  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: the ones I make by accident, then notice and don't care to correct.

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SchmuckyTheCat is one hand clapping.
Jul 7 SchmuckyTheCat commented on Attack of the Atheists from Another Planet.
Towing Jehovah was a decent book. Thanks for reminding me there are followups.
Jul 6 SchmuckyTheCat commented on The Sunday Morning News.
A minor point, Ansel. Carlos Velategui is a commissioner, not a judge. The first word in your morning news says Judge. The first two paragraphs of the linked article say commissioner. It isn't just wrong about title, it's an important distinction because commissioners are appointed while judges are elected. Velategui is a smart guy, he's been a commissioner a long time and should run for an open judge position.

Tip: always name judges in your reporting. We elect them, but these fleeting kinds of news items are the only attention the public ever sees. If the public disagrees with decisions in the news they can take it to the ballot box.
Jun 30 SchmuckyTheCat commented on How a White Republican Got the Black Vote.
These gerrymandered districts are never going to swing to a Democrat until at least 2022. It's silly of Charles, who should know better, to put out the false hope that it's competitive.
Jun 27 SchmuckyTheCat commented on Scientist Offers $10,000 to Anyone Who Can Scientifically Disprove Climate Change.
@11, fluorescent and LED produce plenty of lumens at 20 watts. Because light is measured in lumens, not watts. Marketing bulbs by watts is as obsolete as the incandescent technology they purported to measure.
Jun 26 SchmuckyTheCat commented on Why and How Thomas Piketty's Book Established a New Form of Literary Criticism: Part One.
Richard Branson can go do those things anytime he wants. Without thinking about cost. You have to save, and schedule time off, and fly in coach.. That you think about it, and balance those options against other things in your budget is... well you're too stupid to get the point if you don't already.
Jun 25 SchmuckyTheCat commented on University of Washington Applies to Transfer KEXP License to Friends of KEXzzzzzzzzzzzz......
It should stay with the UW for education, but also for student purposes like student jobs. That ship sailed, too bad.
Jun 25 SchmuckyTheCat commented on In Which I Embarrass Myself By Asking Slog to Interpret a Dream.
The old horse is your wife. The condition of that horse says a lot about your relationship. The way you describe it sounds incredibly like love but weary. If you aren't married (any LTR will do) it's your job.

The young horse is a new opportunity. If you're not already having an affair or considering a new job, you know there is a hot new prospect waiting for you.

The intro scene was just an intro. Like what movies do with unrelated scenes just to introduce characters.
Jun 25 SchmuckyTheCat commented on A Note About This Week's Savage Love.
I always assume a straight person because when the column started, it was advice for straight people. Old habits, even passive ones like reading, die hard.
Jun 20 SchmuckyTheCat commented on King County Sheriff's Deputy Arrested on Charges of Theft, Selling Drugs, and Promoting Prostitution.
I wonder if this bad lieutenant ever pulled over a car full of drunk prom queens and asked them if they'd ever sucked cock.
Jun 11 SchmuckyTheCat commented on The FDA Wants to Take Our Cheese Away: WTF?!?!?.
realfarmacy.com is one of those clickbait sites that give out bad information, misinformation, or straight up lies as long as it drives ad revenue. Is there a better source?


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