3:49 PM yesterday Dougsf commented on Seattle Times Repeats the Myth that Skyrocketing Rents in Seattle Caused Supply and Demand.
@14 That was interesting, thanks.
Jul 22 Dougsf commented on What Nonsense Has Mike Pence Been Getting Into This Time?.
There's also this (in short, he used campaign donations to fund his bourge lifestyle).
Jul 21 Dougsf commented on The Morning News: KIRO and Seattle Times Stunned by the Success of Link, Ted Cruz Self-Endorsed as the President of Haters USA.
Re: underused properties in expensive markets.

Purely anecdotal; but I've personally witnessed more than my share of family squabbles over how to cash in on a red-hot real estate market. That old warehouse or large lot that grandpa left the kids was of no concern when it was an albatross. Now it's a goldmine. Ideas are half executed. Lawyers are called. Etc. Meanwhile, the property sits vacant.
Jul 19 Dougsf commented on Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No..
Jill Stein's been running a really awful campaign as well, parroting the same vitriolic (and debunked) points about Hillary as Trump's campaign has instead of telling us what she has to offer.
Jul 13 Dougsf commented on Some Pokémon Go Enthusiasts Are Saying the Game Is Good for Their Mental Health.
Seems pretty healthy for people into those things. Certainly a giant improvement over sitting in a chair alone. As for being robbed — first, getting your phone out on the street is often a risky move in general, but PoGo players at least seem more aware of their surroundings than the average text message composer.
Jul 13 Dougsf commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Crazy Soon-To-Be-Ex-Girlfriend.
I like Dan's advice, but I also wonder how she even knows so much about LW's ex's achievements? Also, am I reading it right that they had sex ONCE? Does he mean since they broke up? No doubt the current girlfriend needs help, but the way LW tells the story I'm thinking he's probably a couple of points shy of having any sort of healthy adult relationship as well.
Jul 11 Dougsf commented on Maniacs Who Played Pokémon Go All Weekend Explain to Me What It Is.
I'm too old to have learned much about Pokemon the first time around either, but if you can make a gaming hobby incorporate fresh air, exercise, and any degree of social skills—win, win, win!
Jul 8 Dougsf commented on I, Anonymous.
Hmmm, a person that wishes a deceased person happy birthday is either really clueless, or... designing the perfect alibi. [YEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW]
Jul 6 Dougsf commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Bonus Advice From Esther Perel for "Heartbroken And Devastated".
@10 - I think this is good advice.

I also think he needs to see his own therapist to help him sort out what his next movie will be. I think he should leave, but regardless of what he does he needs to start healing in order to have a healthy relationship with anyone ever again.

I honestly am open to hearing new ideas about how relationships can work, but Esther Perel sets the bar pretty low in applauding what their relationship has accomplished, which appears to be all the basic tenants of having a good friend, not a life partner.
Jul 5 Dougsf commented on #RezoneSeattle.
@17 - To add an additionally worrisome caveat to part of your last paragraph; during the last housing bust a scenario was created in many large cities in which middle and even high-income earners—some who'd lost their homes, some that were looking but now couldn't qualify for a loan due to tightened restrictions—were now added to the rental pool, causing rental prices to continue to climb.