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  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: fight club
  • Zune or Segway
  • If you found out you were going to have a pit-bull baby, would you have an abortion?: Yes
  • What song do you never want to hear again?: Hit me baby one more time
  • Punch Buggy or Slug Bug

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Aug 11 watchout5 commented on Anonymous Issues Stern Warning to Ferguson Police Department, Demands National Legislation.
" "hacktivist" collective Anonymous" - Yeah except it's totally not a collective. Most of these people never have and never will see each other, and this might be the only time they get together for an operation like this and future operations won't even have close to the same number of people or even the same people. Anonymous is a tactic. Anything and anyone can be anonymous at any time if they try hard enough and actually want to be anonymous. No one can stop you.
Aug 5 watchout5 commented on Mayor Murray's Big Internet Reveal: Kinda Good, But Not as Exciting as Municipal Broadband.
This is entirely fucking useless. Excuse my harsh language but Centurylink is a piece of shit company that has a fucking cap on their internet at 250GB and then you get shut off. I live in a house with multiple roommates and we all use the internet, and every single one of us needs at least 250GB. The biggest problem I had with centurylink is that they shut off the internet entirely at 250GB and then you get no internet until the next billing cycle. That's one of the most unacceptable policies I've ever heard of, and they shouldn't even be considered an ISP with that bullshit. Fuck them. Fuck their needing to lower regulations. This should have come with the stipulation that they remove this useless cap but of course Murry is more interested in supporting his donors than actually giving a fuck about the internet in this city. Currently my only "choice" for internet is Comcast simply because I use the freaking internet and they aren't enforcing their cap anymore, at least not in this market. Centurylink is a company living in the 20 years ago where 250GB would actually be too much data for a network to handle. It's 2014, the idea that their network needs to shut off customers who use 251GB makes them less than useless, and not actually an ISP, to my needs of an internet company.
Aug 5 watchout5 commented on Should Seattle Take a Position on Israel's Bombing of Gaza?.
What happens if Seattle says something about this conflict? Nothing. What happens if Seattle says nothing about this conflict? Nothing. Considering nothing is going to happen anyway why not? We can be a city that stands on the side of "please stop killing people". I guess if there's enough time. Are there other pressing matters we need to attend to that should be given priority? I have no idea. If we're not doing anything else, sure, if we could possibly sneak in a bill that would give us better internet choices than Comcast, let's do that instead.
Jul 22 watchout5 commented on New Book Alleges Hillary Clinton Was an "Enthusiastic" Pot Smoker.
Unless she has a "of course I inhaled that was the point" moment with the public it's going to be very hard not to complain about this until she's elected.
Jul 21 watchout5 commented on Link's Train Is Like a Cheetah Chasing a Gazelle?.
The trains have become self aware and will begin eating humans at any moment.
Jul 18 watchout5 commented on I'm Voting for Jess Spear, No Matter How Bad Her Signs Are.

I just like voting for socialists until that stops working out for us.
Jul 17 watchout5 commented on Hobby Lobby Is Expanding to Washington in a Big Way.
Creating more work for the employees just demonstrates the need to have more employees there. I get it though, it's tacky and there are better avenues. Like putting up signs all over town about how the selective Christians who picked the correct religion in the eyes of our corrupt government gets an unfair market advantage simply because they're religious. Which means we should find a way to tax them more. Can we tax Chinese imports more? That seems like it would really hurt their bottom line. And fuck those "religious" assholes. They're only religious for the profits and everything about their business proves that.
Jul 17 watchout5 commented on Referendum on the $15 Minimum Wage Will Not Go to the Ballot This Year.
@53 because people rarely vote against anything, they usually vote for something. You have this idea that eastern Washington is salivating at the idea of "sticking it" to Seattle because SOCIALISMS but I don't buy it. People are going to look at it and ask, "why the fuck am I voting to stop any possible wage increase for me and the only reason I'm voting against this is because I'm supposed to hate Seattle" and they're going to reconsider. You might be the kind of person who's obsessed with the rest of the state showing Seattle who's boss but you don't represent a very large group of people. You're just vocal and opinionated. You'll grow up one day.
Jul 17 watchout5 commented on Chicago Company Limits Employee Bathroom Breaks to Six Minutes a Day.
See this is what happens. First they come for the birth control methods that are paid for under the insurance you work for AND NOW THEY'RE COMING FOR YOUR BATHROOM TIME. Just claim that your religion has mandatory 10 minute bathroom purges, problem solved.

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