Jul 19, 2014 irl commented on What Are You Doing This Weekend? Here Are Suggestions From Our Critics.
or Cheech & Chong with WAR at Marymoore
Sep 30, 2010 irl commented on 50Cent Tells Gay Men to Commit Suicide?.
Rumor has it 50's on the DL. I think he post this stuff to try and prove otherwise.
He needs to leave it alone tho', he's not convincing anyone.
Personally I don't care if he is or isn't, I like his work/rap/voice but this crap he says & posts is disappointing for whatever reason.
Sep 27, 2010 irl commented on You Be the Unlicensed Doctor!.
try some medical mj - that'll cure what ails ya'
Sep 9, 2010 irl commented on The Mysteries of Indiana University.
I have an old Carslberg beer bottle and it has one on the bottom. I've got it tucked away thinking I can't let anyone see this or they will think I'm for Hilter or something.
I'll be derned. . .
Sep 7, 2010 irl commented on Rate Your Bumbershoot 2010 Experience!.
Went Monday and it rained and rained. Mary J was what I was there for and she was great. . .other than that I was not real interested to roam around the whole place, especially in the rain. After so many of the numerous festivals we have around here - after a while they seem like the same ol' stuff again and again anyway.
I give it a 7.
Sep 1, 2010 irl commented on Crazy Guy Takes Hostage at Discovery Channel, Says Save The Squirrels.
I've recently been wondering what good squirrels do? This reminds me to search that out.
The crazy dude is right tho' . . .we don’t need anymore shows about women having mass quantities of babies. Or the subsequent shows on the annoying women and pussy ass husbands raising them. I've never watched that shit but it's in my face a lot. The Duggars, the Gosslin's - all need to go away.
Now discovery is talking about a Sarah Palin show and if that's the case I say. . .you go crazy dude!
Aug 30, 2010 irl commented on Inexpert Opinion: The Seahawks.
I heard a sports report a week or so ago that most teams running games are more and more becoming a thing of the past. The talking heads were doing compares of Walter Payton and some other RB. . .Emmitt Smith I think. . . against what's passing as a running back in today's game compared to back in their day.
Altho' I agree, Thomas did great in pre-season - now just keep it up for regular season. Go Hawks!
Aug 30, 2010 irl commented on The Yard of the Inhabitants.
No idea what Charles is talking about. . .as usual. . .my fault not his I'm sure but. . .
I am jealous of their corn. I had planted about 20, in my front yard since the sun is best, the damn squirrels got every stalk. My mater's, strawberries and pumpkins, in the front yard as well, did just fine - guess the squirrels don't like that stuff.
I sure do want to know how they kept their corn safe from the critters?
Aug 27, 2010 irl commented on I Want to Say Something About This Season's Project Runway....
I liked her at first, thought she probably was one of the top. However, after she won two in a row I knew she was gonna get a big head. I didn't like her jump suit and didn't think she should have one the second time. Last night put her down a peg or two that's for sure. Loved Tim's little temper too - so cute. Yes, the others should have stood up and not let her lead them by the nose but she was too much. Tim felt he needed to point that out to them and he was right, they were blindly following her. The right guy went home tho', his shirt dress could have and should have been more his style but he neglected that. Plus that's all he made, when the others made multiple items.
Aug 26, 2010 irl commented on Today in Anonymous Inventories of Sins.
I saw "Even on our worst day, we could not imagine committing even one of these offenses" and I'm thinking what offense. . . murder or stealing perhaps?
Then it goes on to say. . .fell off a bar stool!?!?!
Shoot. I never imagined I'd commit such an offense.. . but it did just sorta happen to me one time.