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@48, What 66 said. A majority of American Catholics are pro-choice - 76% in this poll:


American Catholics are far more liberal than their church's teachings. Most of the Catholic I know are pro-choice, and all of them are pro-same-sex marriage. Catholics tend to be devout in their faith in their personal life but hands-off when it comes to imposing their beliefs on others.
Jul 22 blip commented on How Green Is Her Bullshit: An Uncharacteristically Brief Response to the Green Party Spokesperson's Dishonest Response to My Podcast Rant.
Vaccines represent a small fraction of all the pharmaceuticals approved each year. If Stein is concerned about regulatory capture she can do so within mentioning vaccines at all. It seems like she is winking at anti-vaxxers while reserving enough wiggle room to deny it.
Jul 22 blip commented on All The Awkward Trump Father/Daughter Touching At the RNC.
@9, What would playing the victim card entail anyway? In which corners of American society would casual incest have a place? He likes to minimize things that upset people just to be provocative, often without giving much thought to what he's defending or how he's saying it. He's harmless, albeit frustrating at times.
Jul 22 blip commented on All The Awkward Trump Father/Daughter Touching At the RNC.
@7, Ivanka being cool with her dad touching her ass and talking openly about wanting to date her is beside the point, and it has nothing to do with "polite society" (it's not appropriate - full-stop). If anything her indifference makes it sooooooo much worse, and it's already beyond disgusting.
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There is nothing about him that is not repulsive.
Jul 20 blip commented on "Platforms Don't Matter," Says 21-Year-Old Pro-Trump Delegate at "Twinks for Trump" Party.
This event is only "gay" because it is led by a bigot who happens to be a fag. The attendees are your run of the mill conservative bigots who think they're cool because they're at a "gay" event. The whole thing reeks of trying too hard.

@4, I can't decide if you're over- or under-thinking this. There are gays who hate non-white people and are too selfish / historically illiterate to relate to the struggle of other minorities. That's about it.
Jul 19 blip commented on Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No..
It's always going to be corporate rule. You're not going to change that in a presidential election. Even Jill Stein (bless her heart) would have to work with Congress. Electing her wouldn't radically change the way our government conducts business. I don't know how people are able to believe this will change in our lifetime, let alone in 4-8 years. I mean, my god.

At least with Clinton we'll get a good 2-4 SCOTUS picks with a chance to overturn citizens united and reshape the judicial branch for a generation. These are very practical and realistic goals and they're good enough reasons to vote for a flawed-but-well-within-the-normal-range candidate, at least for me.
Jul 19 blip commented on The Morning News: RNC EDITION! Washington's #NeverTrump Insurrection Failed on the Convention Floor.
This seems like the most appropriate place to lol at Jen Graves' post with disabled comments asking why we're not talking about a book she likes.
Jul 19 blip commented on You Know the Rules and So Do I: The Best Tweets From the Melania Trump-Michelle Obama Plagiarism Scandal.
WHAT IF this was done intentionally to create a distraction from everything else, which was uniformly terrible, but far less flashy and meme-able than a paragraph that was lifted directly from another speech? It would have been sooooo easy to convey the same ideas without plagiarizing. Also, Melania is completely politically expendable and doesn't have much to lose or gain by being humiliated. What if someone within the campaign threw her to the wolves to ensure the least-awful, awful thing about the whole night would be the only thing people would be talking about today?

/just askin questions bruh
Jul 18 blip commented on The Utter Failure of the Log Cabin Republicans.
@13, Libertarians: right about civil liberties, wrong about literally everything else.