Jun 24, 2014 jen commented on Queer Issue 2014.
Thank you, Dom
Jun 6, 2014 jen commented on What Are You Doing This Weekend? Stranger Critics Answer the Question.
Right there with you, Kelly O. Sending love and strength your way.
May 29, 2014 jen commented on Ugh. Seattle Cops Sue to Block Rules Intended to Stop Excessive Force.
If you didn't read @15 because they're unregistered, I'm sharing that post. I think it's a valuable contribution to this conversation:

Police officers serve ultimately at the pleasure of the chief, the mayor and the public.

Washington State and the City of Seattle need to CHANGE THE LAW so that the city can REQUIRE police officers to live within the city where they are employed to serve.

Hiring police officers to serve Seattle who then choose to live miles and miles away in other cities and counties creates a negative disconnect between them and the community they are meant to serve. This disconnect needs to end.

We pay these officers a salary reflective not only of their job, but also of the cost of living in Seattle. If we're not going to require them to live in the community where they serve, we should at least reduce their salaries to reflect their real cost of living outside the city. If they don't want to live here, we shouldn't pay them as if they do.

To the officers that joined this lawsuit, you are part of the problem. While we don't know if you are all simply cowards or sociopathic killers who don't like being told "no, stop or don't," we do know you've taken the wrong position against your community. If you can't or won't serve the city of Seattle according to the standard set by the city and its people, you deserve to be relieved of duty.

The people of Seattle are tired of paying for a police force that serves their own self-serving agenda - the communities of Seattle be damned for all you care. And, we're tired of the good officers who live in this community and serve it well having their reputation soiled by the cowards and liars that dare to wear the badge and stand beside them.

If it takes the DOJ to give this city the leadership and courage that it is so obviously lacking to do the right thing, so be it.

@15, thanks.
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Mar 4, 2014 jen commented on Elliott Bay Books Owner Says $15 Minimum Wage Could Be "Possibly Fatal".
I'm not saying charging for author readings would *solve* the problem, but wouldn't it help offset the increased costs? If they have daily readings, $5 a head for every reading would add up quickly.
Mar 3, 2014 jen commented on Elliott Bay Books Owner Says $15 Minimum Wage Could Be "Possibly Fatal".
I have two questions I have not seen addressed yet.

1. Can we hear from a current EBBC employee? How do you feel about this issue? How long have you worked there; what do you earn; is it enough; what do your co-workers think; etc? To me, this is an important voice missing from the conversation above.

2. Peter Aaron, why not start charging a nominal fee instead of offering free nightly readings? I doubt a $5 "suggested donation" would keep away that many earnest book-loving, book-buying customers who want to hear interesting authors read live from interesting books and meet and talk to them in person. Especially if they feel it's either that or lose their beloved indie neighborhood bookstore. I'd rather see EBBC charge $5 for all readings than fire employees. (Maybe students/seniors/those with a SNAP card etc. could pay a reduced fee.)
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@1, I will found that band with you. I am a fellow capraphile, and likewise play no instruments.
Jun 27, 2013 jen commented on "What Should I Know Before Deciding to Move to Seattle?".
I came here from NY 23 years ago. Things it took me a few years to accept included: mind-bogglingly passive and unpredictable drivers (get used to coming to an intersection where you have a stop sign only to have the drivers without stop signs also stop, refusing to assert their right of way, leaving you confused and infuriated at their dangerous "politeness"); the abysmal public transportation; the fact that you can't get anything delivered except pizza, and even then only until 11; being unable to dine or shop late at night; the lack of anything resembling real bagels or pizza; the lack of directness and approachability of people in general. Every time I go back to NY, I'm startled by the ease with which strangers just fucking talk to each other. Genuine conversations with total strangers don't occur here with the same spontaneity. But I've only had to scrape ice off my windshield once in all those years, no need for AC, no humidity, and the daily sights of breathtaking natural beauty all around you cannot be overstated. And if you lose your wallet, you're likely to get it back with all the cash still in it. I wouldn't dream of going back.
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