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Nov 26 TVDinner commented on The Morning News: What Happened When Council Member Sally Clark Hit a Bicyclist.
Cascade is right: until we have streets designed for all modes of transportation, we will have these types of tragic collisions.

Still, though, it is disheartening that Clark cannot publicly take responsibility for the simple fact that she failed to yield to an oncoming vehicle, and that had very serious consequences for a human being.

If she does apologize, the city will be required to pay out. No doubt the city's risk managers have told her not to, and that's a damn shame. It makes her look like an asshole, and I really don't think she is.
Sep 2 TVDinner commented on Another Cyclist Has Died—So Will the City Council Finally Fund Bike Safety Improvements?.
Let's stop calling them " accidents." There was nothing accidental about Kung's death. She died because of a shitty design that was allowed to endanger cyclists for two decades. She died because of apathy and a failure of leadership.

There's nothing accidental about it.

And a special "go fuck yourself" for the "not helpful" comment from Sally Clark. Funding the things that would fix these death traps is helpful. Pouring gasoline on the "war on cars" fire is not.
Aug 15 TVDinner commented on SL Letter of the Day: Potential Murder, She Wrote.
GTFO. Then write back and let us know you're still alive.
Jul 11 TVDinner commented on West Seattle Summer Fest's Weird and Wonderful Musical Jumble.
What, no Green Pajamas?!
Jul 7 TVDinner commented on A List of the First 24 Stores to Sell Legal Pot!!.
@17: No self-respecting Olympian goes to Lacey to buy pot. It's...it's...unpatriotic! (Thank you, and duly noted.)
Jul 7 TVDinner commented on A List of the First 24 Stores to Sell Legal Pot!!.
Waitaminute. Ephrata has a pot store but Olympia doesn't?!

I mean, get on with your bad self, Ephrata, but jeebus.
Jul 7 TVDinner commented on Fashion News From the Animal Kingdom: The New Chimp Trend Is "Grass-in-the-Ear".
I dunno, Charles. That grass is looking a little 2013 to me.
Jul 3 TVDinner commented on Mornings News: Good News On the Economy, Bad News On Everything Else.
My friend once said that Spokane is where hope goes to die.

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