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Mar 22 saxfanatic commented on Texas Teacher Smiles For Mugshot.
@8: Well played, Sir.
Mar 15 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love.
Lava Girl @5: I'll have you know that those "saggy boxers a lot of men hang onto" are, in fact, hanging onto me. So there.
Mar 14 saxfanatic commented on Maddow Says She Has "Trump Tax Returns".
I'm not a cable TV subscriber. Is there any way to watch this live online? Is anyone live blogging? I'm looking to you, Mr. Savage.
Mar 8 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love.
Yes, yeast may be an oft-incriminated citizen of Vagina City, DMG, but don't call for a "stop and frisk" policy. Only an asshole would do that.
Mar 2 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up.
I hadn't given it much thought before but I'll hand it to the Christian fundamentalists, if they say Dan is "wicked", "hardened" and "ungodly stiff" then I'm going to believe it.
Feb 27 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Longest SLLOTD Ever Posted.
I was certain that I was going to finish reading the screenplay for Savage Love: The Motion Picture. God help me. I couldn't.
Feb 24 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Being A Couple & Sleeping in Separate Beds Is Cool, Too.
That should be"another person’s sweaty, warm, farting, flailing and snoring body". Trust me.
Feb 14 saxfanatic commented on Michael Flynn: That Deescalated Quickly, Over And Out, You're Fired, Etc..
"Nightmare-a-Lago"? Yes, that's where he should be sent.
Feb 13 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Facebook Stalking Pharmacist Questions His Ethics.
Unlike, well, everyone else here, I'm not ready to pile onto PILL just yet.
First, he said that he works for a pharmacy chain. He didn't say he was a pharmacist or any other form of healthcare professional.
Secondly, is the "health information" we're wringing our hands over their names? Sheesh!
Regardless of whatever he might know, there's no indication that PILL has disclosed any confidential information to anyone. Nor does it seem like a power imbalance is being exploited here.
As it stands, there's plausible deniability here. Just because he became acquainted with some people who were customers at his previous workplace doesn't mean sending a friend request is betraying anyone or violating anything.