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in the past few hours saxfanatic commented on SL Letter of the Day: Numbed and Confused.
Cornification? Wait, isn't that the process of cooking a batter coated hotdog in a deep-fryer? It certainly sounds related.
12:42 PM saxfanatic commented on Everything Is Transphobic (But "Gay Men Draw Vaginas" Isn't).
I can't wait to go see "The Internal Genitalia Monologs."
Aug 12 saxfanatic commented on Optimistic Editor Strikes on Summit.
Um, yeah. What @9 said.
Aug 11 saxfanatic commented on Christian Mingle: The Movie.
Clearly I'm late to the party, but has no-one seen Funny or Die's "The Gay Christian Mingle"?…

I stumbled across it when I was looking up "Christian Mingle" on IMDB.
Aug 11 saxfanatic commented on SL Letter of the Day: Measured Response.
Dr. Watsa's column would be fascinating for the indo-anglo neologisms alone
Aug 7 saxfanatic commented on Garfunkel and Oates Premieres Tonight on IFC.
After I watched this video I also watched "The Loophole". My head is now exploded.
Aug 7 saxfanatic commented on Headline of the Day.
Oh crap. I followed the link to…
... and it looks horribly real. I feel sick.
Aug 7 saxfanatic commented on Headline of the Day.
That's too insane to be real, I pray.
Aug 5 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love.
"How can I teach myself to masturbate correctly?" asks CRUD. I'm thinking that there are two schools of thought on the issue:

One is that no form of masturbation is correct.

The other is that anything that works (without injury) is awesome.

My sense of the question is that CRUD assumes that her current awesome technique is injurious and is somehow causing her to lose something that she never had: a storybook hands-free PIV orgasm.

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