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4:21 PM Original Andrew commented on Future News.
From your pixels to the FSM's noodlely appendages.
8:26 AM Original Andrew commented on Trump Administration Attacks LGBT Community On Three Fronts Over Last 24 Hours.
Bake Twitler alive, then force feed him to his Cabinet of Despicables just before entombing them all underneath DC’s most disgusting garbage dump.
4:25 PM yesterday Original Andrew commented on New York Attorney General: If They Repeal the Clean Power Plan, They Have to Replace It.
Thank the FSM for our Best Coast Blue Wall.
Mar 27 Original Andrew commented on Senate Investigators Want to Talk to Jared Kushner About Russia Meetings.
Jared's also now in charge of overhauling the entire federal government in addition to implementing peace in the Middle East and Instagramming his vulgar, mega-wealthy lifestyle. Just like in any super-duper successful company, the CEO will appoint totally unqualified family members with no relevant experience to turn the bizniss around. It’s MBA 101!

Twitler'll just invent some new bullshit job titles for “moderates” Jared and Ivanka who’ll save the sinking ship! (President and Vice President of Kleptocracy, Inc.) Win!1! Srsly, how did modern Judaism produce those two grifting monsters?
Mar 27 Original Andrew commented on Never Forget: Dave Reichert Voted for Trumpcare.
Once again, The Strangler is showing its liberul, e-leet bias against stupid Asshole AmeriKKKans like Reichert.

Mar 25 Original Andrew commented on Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal on Trumpcare Fail: "It Was Such a Sweet Moment To See".
@ 1,

The next major action is the April 15 Black Lives Matter/Tax Day protest, so we'll see. My impression is that tons of people are still engaged and involved as demonstrated by the town hall rallies and constant flood of phone calls, however they're not sure what else to do since this is a multi-faceted, nationwide resistance movement without a single leader.

Regardless, the Twitler regime and CONgressional RepubliKKKans are clearly rattled and on the run, which is causing them to make even more mistakes and errors in judgement. The fact that they're totally incompetent at governing and have no real strategy is a huge plus. Thus far, it appears that causing chaos and destroying the government from the inside are their only plans.
Mar 25 Original Andrew commented on Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal on Trumpcare Fail: "It Was Such a Sweet Moment To See".
Thank the FSM for Pramila Jayapal, she rocks.
Mar 24 Original Andrew commented on Trumpcare Fails to Even Make It to a House Vote.
@ 17, Yup.

Epic, coked-out twitstorm 'sploding at 3 am.

As a bonus, it sure will be fun watching Tantrum Spice ragesplaining his way outta this one.
Mar 24 Original Andrew commented on Live: Watch House Members Cast Their Votes on Repealing Obamacare (Or Maybe Not).
Aaaaaaaaand down it goes in flames, all because it wasn't cruel enough and didn't kill enough people.

Well, ha ha, eat shit and die, fascists--or even worse--sign up for the predatory, junk insurance you were pimping in your own bill.
Mar 24 Original Andrew commented on Morning News: Patty Murray Will Vote No for GOP's Supreme Court Pick, You Will Not Find One McDonald's That Would Hire the Black Equivalent of Trump.
@ 2,

Since the (s)Electoral College installed an incompetent, corrupt, psychotic man-baby who shoves shit sandwiches down his voters throats and grins with glee as the hate-crazed submorons beg for more. They're almost as much fun as Ru$$ian piss hookers!