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Jan 19, 2011 vitaminwater commented on I Hope This Doesn't Undermine My Pro-Choice Cred....
@60 - good post. Everyone should read those links, and also should read about the sad and horrific reasons people actually have late-term abortions (usually people who really wanted a baby).

Its not all about birth defects, though. Imagine a woman who was kidnapped and raped and became pregnant, and was held in captivity until she was 6 months pregnant and then escaped. The pregnancy might be totally healthy (remember, though, that every pregnancy carries some risk), but I'd say she has every right to terminate it if she wants to. Most places probably wouldn't allow that, since the exceptions in the laws are all about medical issues. This is why I want these decisions to be made by the women about their own bodies, not by legislators who can't possibly think up every extreme situation and put it in the law. Morality can be confusing, but laws have to make sense for everyone if they are going to be enforced on everyone.
Jan 19, 2011 vitaminwater commented on I Hope This Doesn't Undermine My Pro-Choice Cred....
I'll say again -- I don't think people should have late-term abortions without extenuating circumstances, but I think it should be legal because the particulars of those extenuating circumstances are no one else's business. And if someone does have an abortion under circumstances I don't approve of, well, I don't have to like it but I still think it should be legal. I also don't approve of, for example, a lot of types of plastic surgery, or even a lot of methods of raising children, but I don't go around trying to make them illegal.

There's a difference between what I think people ought to do, and what the government should force them to do. There's a difference between morality and law.

Jan 19, 2011 vitaminwater commented on I Hope This Doesn't Undermine My Pro-Choice Cred....
What I remember (also with no citation) is that abortion was considered ok before the quickening, which is when the baby starts to kick (around the middle of the pregnancy). It was a venial sin (most things are, to the catholic church) but not a mortal sin like murder. I also have a vague idea that in the mormon church, sins you commit before age 7 don't count, but not because you don't have a soul... someone else can probably clarify better.

Also there's a part in the old testament where it says that if a man beats a pregnant woman so that her fetus dies, he should pay a fine. It doesn't seem to count as murder there, either.
Jan 19, 2011 vitaminwater commented on I Hope This Doesn't Undermine My Pro-Choice Cred....
@40 - That doesn't jive with limbo for unbaptized babies. Citation?
Jan 19, 2011 vitaminwater commented on I Hope This Doesn't Undermine My Pro-Choice Cred....
" I don't think you would find any pro-choice people say that women could arbitrarily abort a baby after the 1st trimester."

Actually I think I said that earlier in the thread. I don't believe that women DO arbitrarily abort after the first trimester with no good reason, but as a matter of law I believe they should be allowed to. Their reasons for doing so are their business, and not something I want the government judging (but generally are very understandable reasons -- go read some of the "kansas stories").

"that's not going to be a viable standard much longer - embryos are already viable in week 23 and giving how quickly neonatal care is progressing that's going to get earlier and earlier."

You could make the standard something more like "when the baby can survive on its own given warmth and milk, but not necessarily given intensive neonatal care, surgery, breathing machines, etc." Still, its a tough line to draw.
Jan 19, 2011 vitaminwater commented on I Hope This Doesn't Undermine My Pro-Choice Cred....
@21 - Sounds like the difference is that he wasn't running his practice in a safe way. Kind of like the difference between a normal dental surgeon, and one who injects his patients with dangerous amounts of sedatives and leaves dangerous infections in their teeth through shoddy work, but targets poor immigrants who can't complain properly about him. The second case wouldn't mean that dentistry as a whole is wrong or that every dental surgeon is immoral, but it would still mean that that particular dentist is dangerous and immoral.
Jan 19, 2011 vitaminwater commented on I Hope This Doesn't Undermine My Pro-Choice Cred....
@13 - I know its not popular to say, but personally I DO think that late term abortions should be legal. I don't like the idea of them without extenuating circumstances, but I don't think its the business of the state to decide what extenuating circumstances are good enough. I'd rather have someone get a late term abortion even though I disapprove of their reasons, than have someone else denied a late term abortion when they need one for reasons I care deeply about.

For example, sometimes a woman finds out late in the pregnancy that her fetus doesn't have a brain, and will definitely die immediately after birth. The idea of being forced to continue for another 2 or 3 months being pregnant in that case seems like a nightmare to me. You'd be forced to risk your health and your life for a baby that can never live, and you'd have to endure the psychological torment of knowing your baby is essentially dead and having strangers continue to congratulate you on your pregnancy. That sounds incredibly wrong to me. Now, maybe a different woman would want a late term abortion for a reason that I don't find as resonant, but I don't think its my business to impose my feelings about that on other people. And I don't believe that many women have late-term abortions without any serious reason, but even if they do, I think that is a lesser evil than the state trying to control the bodies of all those other women (and the few that do want to have late term abortions for no reason are probably completely unfit to be mothers in the first place).
Dec 10, 2010 vitaminwater commented on This Is Why People Pirate Movies.
I don't see anything wrong with making rental versions of DVDs that don't have special features, as long as that information is shown when you decide to rent it (e.g., on the box, or on the info page if you're choosing rentals online).

Removing captions IS bad, since it seems like picking on disabled people. At the very least, though, it should be clearly labelled ahead of time so you know what you're getting.
Nov 28, 2010 vitaminwater commented on Real-life human centipede—of one. (Or something. Whatever you want to call it, your brain is going to hate this.).
Wait, so this happened before WWII? Might want to make that clear at the top -- at first I thought this was something going on NOW, in China.
Nov 22, 2010 vitaminwater commented on A Midwesterner's Snow Shoveling DOs and DON'Ts For Clueless Seattleites.
Dude, if you don't want to read random people's opinions, don't read comment threads ;-)

I thought this was interesting, but I'm done with the internet for now, so don't worry, you're free of it (even if you decide to keep reloading this comment thread).