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Feb 25, 2015 Erstegeiger commented on Shitty People In Shitty Places Working to Make Shitty Places Shittier.
Hey now Dan! Lay off the aspersions. I realize you want hits and people to jump on the bashing bandwagon. I also know Arkansas is not ideal but I have become an apologist for Arkansas since moving here in 2002 by way of MO, NC, NY, Germany (just like you) and AZ . Yes, it's horrible what they did, yes we are behind, but we are making progress. We do have further to go on some things, but I love my town (Little Rock) , and my job and the circle of friends I have here. I have built a life here, been lucky enough to meet a man I love, get married (Yes I know we had to leave the state to get married, but you did too the first time you got married) since moving here. We are living a life here that is both challenging and fulfilling. It is beautiful here. We in AR do hope you guys out there where things are more progressive can help. Make aware, don't trash talk. Come visit and see, experience and enjoy.

It will need change and will take time, but it is not Shitty. Some of the people here are Shitty, but it's not and to borrow a phrase, "It gets better!"


Drew (In AR)
Apr 24, 2013 Erstegeiger commented on Goodbye to the Tokyo.
Thanks for this!!!!



Feb 6, 2013 Erstegeiger commented on Does This Anti-Tank Weapon Make Me Look Fat?.
Wait!!! Goldy is a man?!?!
Jan 2, 2013 Erstegeiger commented on The Blue Danube.
Vienna Phil now has a female concertmaster (one of 4 concertmasters I believe) and thought they had a female clarinetist. The (2nd?) harpist they had was always hidden behind a wall of flowers for years. I think that has changed too, but not 100%.
Aug 30, 2012 Erstegeiger commented on If You're Gonna Say It, Say It Right.
my fav! Tear of joy and laughter from this for about a year now!…
Aug 20, 2012 Erstegeiger commented on Monday Morning News.
Diana actually had squalls with winds up to 14 knots last night, no mention of jellyfish on the second night. Just check her blog, not NBC News webpage. Glad you are cheering her on, I am too! Also, there is a map showing her progress so far.

I hope she makes it!

Aug 13, 2012 Erstegeiger commented on David Rakoff's Last Dance.
Beautiful!... RIP David and thank you for your words and your gentle searing wit!

Aug 12, 2012 Erstegeiger commented on The Sunday Morning News.
Ironman is one word in this case


Aug 1, 2012 Erstegeiger commented on Happy Chik-Fil-A Day!.
even better is Randy Rainbow's C-F-A vid



Dec 19, 2011 Erstegeiger commented on Help Me, Slog.
Only keep it if you plan on staring in and releasing the 70's era porn that goes with it.